Chapter 5: Poseidon's Rage

When Ashley and I were done packing up certain rations that we both needed, Athena allowed us to take a Pegasus.

Athena: "This Pegasus should be able to take you straight to Poseidon, or at least most of the way there. I trust you both will be safe?"

Kyle: "Yep. We should make it there no problem."

Ashley: "I'll be fine, Mom. I trust him more than anyone else here." I looked at her, still wondering why she showed so much affection and kindness towards me compared to mostly everyone else here.

Athena: "As long as you come back safely, I won't worry about you."

Kyle: "I swear, on the Blades of Chaos, she'll be totally safe." I jumped on, taking the reins on the Pegasus. It neighed, and almost took off.

Kyle: "Down, boy! Down!" It wasn't listening to me, unfortunately. Stupid horse!

Ashley: "Whoa! Whoa!" The Pegasus calmed down, getting on its legs. I sighed in relief, happy I chose Ashley.

Ashley: "Kyle, you say whoa to a Pegasus. Not down." She giggled after that. Man, I'm good at this girl thing, I suppose.

Athena: "Poseidon expects you to be there by the end of the day. Don't take too long out there." Hercules walked in to see us, still wearing his Nemean Cestus, as for usual. I just now figured out the name of those. He won them in his first labor out of all twelve of them.

Hercules: "Kyle, Ashley, I just stopped by to say good luck out there."

Kyle: "Thanks, Uncle Herc. It's what I do. I run on the God's errands now, apparently."

Ashley: "If the Gods choose you to do something, it's hard to say no, isn't it?"

Kyle; "I'd say so."

Hercules: "If only it was always that simple."

Athena: "Hercules… we've been through this…"

Kyle: "Uncle Herc, is there something you want to tell me?" My concerned look appeared, and Athena looked confused.

Kyle; "What? I can't be worried about my Uncle Hercules?"

Athena: "You do know you're the son of the God of War, correct?"

Kyle: "I know all about Dad. He's the God of War, used Pandora's Box to kill Ares, used to be a mortal, I know about his history!"

Athena: "But, why do you show concern for people? Aren't you the…"

Kyle: "Let me get one thing straight with you and the other Gods of Olympus. One, yes, I do respect and love my father, Kratos. But number two, I can't be anything like him in personality. I'm sorry I'm not a fighting happy, gut-wrenching, bloodthirsty killer like my father is. I may be a Spartan by heritage, but not by my upbringing."

Ashley: "Kyle…"

Athena: "So, you are not the Spartan he says you are?"

Kyle: "He's been lying to you guys if he's said anything about that. But I am not to be underestimated. I am very capable of holding my own in a fight against anyone."

Athena: "I did not doubt that for one second."

Kyle: "Thanks, Athena." Athena seemed so understanding and forgiving to me. That must have been what made her help Dad get Pandora's Box way back when. Good enough for me.

Athena: "But you should go. Poseidon doesn't like it when people are late to his call."

Ashley: "Yes. He tends to go off of the deep end." I widened my eyes.

Kyle: "Then what are we waiting for, Ashley? Let's go!" I took to the front while Ashley got behind me, and we took off into the sky. But as soon as we got high into the sky, the Pegasus was again out of control.

Kyle: "Whoa! PEGASUS! WHOA!" It was doing uncontrollable loop-de-loops, dive bombing occasionally, and raising back up. I couldn't hope to get it, and Ashley moved in.

Ashley: "Move over! I've done this tons of times, Kyle!" She grabbed its reins, and regained control of the Pegasus while I took the rear.

Kyle: "Oops."

Ashley: "I thought we were over this in Pegasus riding class. Grab the reins after the Pegasus takes off-"

Kyle: "I did!"

Ashley: "AND after you set a course for the Pegasus to fly for using the reins! If you don't, it'll fly in an insane, uncontrollable pattern! It's in their nature!"

Kyle: "I didn't fully read your notes. Sorry."

Ashley: "We're so making you restudy when we get back."

Kyle: "The good kind, right?"

Ashley: "Of course, Kyle."

Kyle: "Under the usual tree?"

Ashley: "Uh-huh."

Kyle: "Thanks. I'd love that." Ashley smiled to me, but still sighed to herself.

Ashley (thinking): "He inherited Kratos' inattentiveness I take it."

Kyle: "So, what's Poseidon look like?"

Ashley: "Look for a guy with huge black dreadlocks and glowing blue tattoos. Can't miss him."

Kyle: "God of the seas? Hawaii's definitely a good choice for him, right?"

Ashley: "Better than the Sahara."

Kyle: "Definitely. The only good water is the Nile."

Ashley: "Poseidon can use any body of water he wants."

Kyle: "Fresh or salty?"

Ashley: "Yep. Doesn't matter to him."

Kyle: "Nice." We spent the rest of the time observing the beauty of the ocean by the time we got over California. I regret to say that we forgot to bring our swimsuits, though. I wanted to hang out in Hawaii for a little while.

Ashley: "Oh crap! I forgot about my black bikini…"

Kyle: "Oh crap! I forgot my black trunks with silver and red lining… wait… one or two piece?"

Ashley: "What do you care?"

Kyle: "Sorry! I was just curious!"

Ashley: "Whatever." When we landed, the Pegasus took off.

Kyle: "There goes our ride. How in Hades are we gonna make it back to Camp Olympus?"

Ashley: "The Gods do that to people. They don't send your method of travel back until your mission is done."

Kyle: "So…"

Ashley: "What?"

Kyle: "Did that stuff in Clash of the Titans actually happen, or is that really myth?"

Ashley: "Perseus is real, but I would say Clash of the Titans didn't happen. The Krakken's still alive, not stoned."

Kyle: "Oh." Dang, my mortal world has a lot to learn about the Gods of Olympus, in that case.

Ashley: "Let's find Poseidon, and get this mission over with, then, okay?" She didn't get a response.

Ashley: "Kyle?"

Kyle; "Ashley… this place is so… so… beautiful! ALOHA!" I ran towards a restaurant, and immediately started ordering some food.

Kyle: "Yes, can I have the…"

Ashley: "KYLE! We don't have time to play around! Mom said not to keep Poseidon waiting!"

Kyle: "What about the Hula Hula Waikiki?" She immediately found me wearing a Hula skirt.

Ashley: "Where'd you get that?"

Kyle: "I got it while you were talking about Poseidon and the mission being over with."

Ashley: "We need to go to Poseidon before we can start playing around."

Kyle: "Can I keep the hula skirt?"

Guy at restaurant cashier stand: "So, are you ordering poi, or not?"

Kyle: "Not right now. Sorry, sir." I walked with Ashley away from the cashier, and left the restaurant.

Ashley: "That skirt makes me be reminded of your father's toga."

Kyle: "That ripped up red thing?"

Ashley: "Definitely. It doesn't look too bad on you."

Kyle: "Speaking of playing around, though…"

Ashley: "LATER."

Kyle (while dancing like a hula dancer): "Hula Hula Waikiki… remember?"

Ashley: "We'll go to a luau AFTER we're done."

Kyle: "Yes, ma'am." We walked down to a beach, expecting Poseidon to be easy to spot.

An hour later…

Kyle: "How can a guy in huge dreadlocks be so hard to find!"

Ashley: "Especially with glowing blue tats."

Surfer: "Look up, dudes! It's the big one!" No kidding! This wave was at least 100 feet tall!

Kyle: "And we're just going to stand here? RUN!"

Surfer: "It's okay! The surfer god is riding it!"

Kyle: "The surfer god?" Ashley looked up to the top of the wave, seeing Poseidon on it. Black dreadlocks, glowing blue tats, the works. Wow.

Ashley: "What's he thinking? He could splash the whole coastline!"

Surfer dude: "It's okay, bra. He can stop it." He was right. In one clap of his hands, the tsunami just disappeared, going the other way down the ocean. He landed feet-first, and threw his hair through the air. He gave everyone a thumbs up. They all clapped. Even Ashley and I. We were so astounded by this feat, that I nearly pissed myself. Poseidon found me almost immediately after, and saw the Blades of Chaos hanging off of my back. He walked over to us.

Poseidon: "The Spawn of Sparta! I've been waiting!" He gave me a noogie! A big one! I simply took it, holding on to both of his arms playfully, like he was my uncle I knew forever. I laughed.

Kyle: "Glad to meet you, too, Uncle Poseidon!"

Ashley: "Poseidon, we've come to accept your request." She walked right up to him, preparing to shake his hand, but he embraced her after letting go of me.

Poseidon: "Ashley, It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Ashley, startled by this, hugged him back, but in a confused way. He set her back down.

Ashley: "What are you doing here?"

Poseidon: "I always come here on my days off. Wettest place in the world. My kind of mortals, you know. The works."

Kyle: "Uncle Poseidon, my name is Kyle. I prefer being called that."

Poseidon: "I'll most definitely remember."

Ashley: "Well, there was a reason you called us here, right?"

Surfer dude: "That guy's your nephew?"

Poseidon: "Great-nephew to be exact."

Kyle: "Not that I'm not enjoying your company, but I'm wondering…"

Poseidon: "Oh, the trouble. Even I can't do much about it myself. You see…"

Surfer dude: "Motoshandu is on a rampage!"

Poseidon: "I've told you people many times, it's simply a Hydra."

Kyle: "HYDRA? Ashley and I have to kill a Hydra?"

Ashley: "Really?"

Poseidon: "No worries! I've arranged for transportation to the Hydra's lair."

Kyle: "Really? Is it a Nyad?"

Poseidon: "Even better!" Poseidon took us to a boat rentals area.

Kyle: "You're getting us a boat? A BOAT? What about the simply beautiful and enchanting Nyad escorts I read so much about?"

Ashley: "I'm slightly confused myself, Poseidon. Why a boat?"

Poseidon: "You see, with mortals getting more technologically advanced as the years have gone by… well, we had to slightly modernize ourselves. Besides, Nyads would stick out like a sore thumb now."

Kyle: "I understand that now. Thanks." Poseidon set us up the boat, and managed to pay for it himself. It was a small speedboat, though. Nothing large.

Poseidon: "There is no time limit to this mission, but I'd prefer it to be gone sooner. My surfer friends are losing their laid back attitudes."

Kyle: "Don't worry. We'll have it gone before you can say… um…"

Ashley: "We'll get it."

Poseidon: "Oh, Kyle, I need to give you one more thing."

Kyle: "What would that be?" Poseidon grabbed both of my arms, and sent electric currents through my arms. Ashley almost jumped out to protect me, but the current didn't hurt at all, so I made her stop. I actually felt more strength surging through me. I felt… like more of a God! As soon as he was done, the currents were still slightly going through me, but they ended soon after.

Kyle: "What was that… amazing energy?"

Poseidon: "That was my magic surging through you. I have given you the ability to call down a lightning bolt made of my power to shock your enemies into submission at close range. Kratos had called it Poseidon's Rage. A fitting name, I suppose."

Kyle: "Wow. I feel invincible! I want to go fry that Hydra!"

Ashley: "Well, if everything's out of the way, let's go get that Hydra!"

Kyle; "Wait until it gets a piece of this RAGE!" I jumped into the passenger seat, and Ashley started up the boat, making it zoom off at its max speed.

Poseidon; "But wait! I forgot to mention…" We were gone, and out of his hearing range by the time he remembered.

Poseidon: "Um…oops. He'll figure it out eventually."

With us…

Ashley: "Poseidon's Rage, huh?"

Kyle: "I can't wait to show that Hydra the strength of the GODS!"

Ashley; "What do you think Poseidon was going to say before we bolted off like that?"

Kyle: "Who cares? It probably wasn't too amazingly important!"

Ashley: "But the Gods' advice should always be listened to. We may have missed something."

Kyle: "I'm sure I'll figure it out when I start using it. Who knows?"

Ashley: "Just be careful with it! I don't want you to get hurt!"

Kyle: "No worries, Ashley. I can protect myself." Little did I know, I was only half right. We landed very soon after I said that, in a shipwreck, where Poseidon's Rage told me to go. I know it sounded crazy, but Poseidon just transferred that knowledge into me while I was receiving his power.

Ashley: "Seems about right. I suppose a Hydra would shelter itself here."

Kyle: "Who knows? Hydras are huge." I waited for her, and helped her out of the boat. I was happy to. Anyway, as soon as we started to step into the ship, a giant head rampaged at us, while I caught both of its jaws in between my hands, pushing against it as hard as I could.

Ashley: "Is this…"

Kyle: "Giant, snake-like thing? Definitely! Attack this thing while I protect the boat!"

Ashley: "Okay!" She jumped up onto the Hydra's head, and started to stab at its nose. The Hydra roared, throwing her off, while I threw one of my Blades towards her. She grabbed it, and I whipped her back onto the Hydra's face. She started jamming her new blades into the Hydra's nose, while I started slashing at its mouth. The Hydra refused to take that abuse however, launching itself back at me. I used the Hades Reverse block to throw its head away, making it miss me entirely. Ashley jumped off of its nose, and slashed at its eyes. The hydra threw her up into the air, and attempted to swallow her, but I got the Plume of Prometheus on it, stunning it long enough for Ashley to land on its nose again, and start jabbing away at it. After a few stabs, the Hydra had sneezed her off, and charged at me. Big mistake. I launched both of my blades into his mouth, and reeled myself in. Its mouth shut, and while it thought it had won, I severed the neck area, launching the head right off. The whole neck then retreated into the boat out of sight from us.

Ashley: "Are you okay?"

Kyle: "Am I okay? Of course I am. Are YOU okay?"

Ashley: "Uh-huh." She lowered her head to look at my new hula skirt, and kinda laughed.

Kyle: "What?" I noticed it was stained in the Hydra guts.

Kyle: "Aw man! Now my hula skirt's ruined!"

Ashley: "I'm sure it won't matter. It is made of leaves after all."

Kyle: "Giant palm leaves, I'd bet. Anyway, the best way to keep going is forward. That Hydra isn't gonna give up just because one of it's heads is toast, right?"

Ashley: "No, I don't think so. But that Hydra seemingly just sensed us coming. Is that strange to you?"

Kyle: "Animals work like that, don't they? They have a sixth sense for that kind of crap. Come on." I ran ahead. Ashley sighed, shaking her head, and ran through with me. We simply navigated our way through to the top of the ship, which was still not submerged, and a second Hydra head ambushed us, and swallowed me whole.

Ashley: "KYLE!" The Hydra roared so that its head was facing up towards the sky, and a giant blue lightning bolt fell down, right through its mouth. Ashley wondered what that was, then said to herself, "Poseidon's Rage! That's it!" It shook spastically for a few seconds, then I climbed my way up its long throat, and jumped out, whipping both of my blades into its face. It fell to the ground, and I landed on both of my feet, giving it my 'death' stare. It got up, shaking off some of the remaining shock, and roared.

Kyle: "I have had ENOUGH of these Hydra heads ruining my clothes!" I launched one of my Blades of Chaos onto its snout, then pulled myself in on it, stabbing it repeatedly. It roared on each stab. I then climbed up while it was flailing around, trying to throw me off of it, but I was pretty prepared for it by now. I ran to its eyes, and stabbed the left one over and over again. Blood was spurting everywhere around the deck. Ashley decided to take advantage of its being distracted by me to land some strikes on its neck. It tried to go for her, but I was simply too strong for it. I pulled up on its snout, pulling up on it, literally ripping it off after a few seconds. I then decided to finish it off with a bang.

Kyle: "I AM THE SPAWN OF SPARTA!" The lightning bolt from Poseidon's magic fell down on me again, shocking the Hydra at its maximum voltage. I yelled louder, and made the Hydra head actually explode with the power of the shock. I landed on both of my fee again, with that look I had when Dad first forced me to fight some of his monsters. Except I had a sick smile on my face.

Kyle; "Who's next?"

Ashley: "Kyle?"

Kyle: "WHAT?"

Ashley: "What's going on? You're… different now."

Kyle: "Yes. Sure am. I want to kill the big head!"

Ashley: "We can find it now if you want."

Kyle: "Then let's go!" I ran forward again. Ashley sighed, then shook her head.

Ashley (thinking): "I kinda take back what I said about him not being like his father. It seems he needs to be really excited for it to work." She followed me down another corridor of the ship. She saw me randomly poking my head around for a Hydra head to ambush us. She stopped each time. Especially when I spun out one of my Blades of Chaos to hit something. She ducked under them a few times. Man, she was slightly scared of me right now.

Kyle: "It could come flying out any second! I can just taste it! Mmm… Hydra blood…"

Ashley: "What about that stuff about not being like your father?"

Kyle: "Heh."

Ashley: "I expect a response, you know."

Kyle: "I don't have one."

Ashley: "Kyle…"

Kyle: "Stop asking me questions, woman!" She gasped. I just now lost my sick, bloodthirsty smile and came back to reality.

Kyle: "Ashley… I'm so sorry, I…"

Ashley: "Woman? Really?"

Kyle: "But… Ashley, I…"

Ashley: "It's clear to me now that your caring looks were just an act. You were merely trying to win me and my friends over to help you get more popular."

Kyle: "No. It's… just… I'm…"

Ashley: "What is it, then?"

Kyle: "I noticed it when my Dad, Kratos, first started training me to be a warrior."

Ashley: "That psychotic side?"

Kyle: "Yes. It takes me over when I fight people too frequently. It makes me really want to satisfy some sick pleasure for blood. I guess that's what I get for being the son of a God of War, huh?" I didn't know how else to explain it to her. It always seemed like I had some split personality thing going on in me, since I discovered my powers. I was hoping she'd never have to see me act like that.

Ashley: "Considering you mean well, I'll forgive you this one time."

Kyle: "Thanks." I had to hug her for some reason. She started blushing while I did it, but didn't protest. I thought she would. I've always been a huggy person. God of War + huggy =weird. I probably humiliated my Dad by doing that just now, but… I hope he'll understand, to a degree. I let go, seeing the look in her eyes. She was just shocked.

Kyle: "That was probably stupidly embarrassing of me, Ashley, considering I'm Kratos' kid."

Ashley: "I didn't mind. I actually kind of liked it." She was still blushing. I was amazed she was. I have this violent air about me, as I've noticed some of these past months while at camp, I thought she'd still think I was acting. I suppose not. Huh…

Kyle: "Then, can we keep moving?"

Ashley: "Of course…" I ran ahead, hoping she'd instantly continue behind me. She was just amazed with my capacity to care and love, despite my heritage, I guess. I like that about her. Sees beyond the family, goes for the person before her. She was still behind me, following with her fastest running speed, like I was. We came to another dock, after searching through more of the ship's insides, and a Hydra head ambushed us again. Just as I knocked it back, another one flew out at us. Ashley slashed at it, knocking it back, too.

Ashley: "Two at once. You go for one, I'll kill the other?"

Kyle: "Sounds okay to me." Two on two, huh? Fine. Let's go for it. We split off in both directions, hoping they'd go for us individually. They did. Fell right into our plan. But now I was running a little slower than normal, because this Hydra had me in its mouth before I really took three steps away. I slashed my way out of its mouth, landing on my feet again, and I felt more weighed down than normal. My legs refused to move fast. I started to worry I was done for, but I wasn't. I slashed at my Hydra head like Ashley was doing, but she was moving faster and dodging faster than I was. Was I more tired out? Made sense. I tried to do most of the damage to them so far. It's been working, good, but I didn't think I'd be this held back. The Hydra I was fighting roared, and attempted to snap at me. I retaliated with a Hades Reverse like before, but I was still worn out. I used the Plume of Prometheus on it, knocking it back. I then shot my blade into its face, and pulled myself in. Even it was moving slower than before! The Hydra knocked me into a pile of boxes. I shot my other blade into its face, and started pulling on it. It pulled me back, and ate me up. WHAT IS WITH THESE HYDRAS EATING ME?

Kyle: "POSEIDON! GIVE ME THE STRENGTH!" The lightning bolt flew down, shocking the Hydra, and forcing it to spit me out. I landed flat on my back, and my butt at the same time, skidding through the floor, hitting a wall. I felt even more worn out. Wait. That's it! Using Poseidon's Rage is slowing me down considerably now! I use a lot of my own energy to get it to work, I just noticed. It should only be used in emergencies, not constantly! Darn it! Why hadn't Poseidon told me sooner?

Ashley: "Kyle! Are you okay, still?"

Kyle: "Just worn out is all! Stupid Poseidon…"

Ashley: "He didn't tell you his magic would wear you out?"

Kyle: "No, he didn't. Man. I wish I'd have known it sooner." The Hydra roared. I was its plaything now. I can't do much to it anymore. I relied too much on it. How am I going to…

Ashley: "I got an idea! Kyle, hold steady! Keep the Hydra at bay for just a little longer!"

Kyle: "I can try!" I readied my Blades of Chaos, and started just launching simple light attacks on it. I didn't have the energy for much else. I used a Hades Reverse every so often to knock away its bite so I could whittle it down, but I don't know how long I can do this! I heard a second Hydra roar, and Ashley's blades stretched, latching on to my Hydra, and she pulled it towards hers. Her Hydra bit mine, and they kept fighting each other until they killed each other.

Kyle: "About time, Ashley. I can't go on…"

Ashley: "Yes you can. You're still standing, aren't you!"

Kyle: "Yes."

Ashley: "If I remember from my history class, Spartans do not surrender, right?"

Kyle; "No. They don't. EVER!" I forced myself up on my two legs, and said, "I still got enough fight left in me for every one of you Hydras! Bring it!" A giant one came, and roared at us.

Ashley: "That's a big one!"

Kyle: "Must be the big mama. Hey, Mommy, your poopsies are toast! Now it's just you and us! Come on! Show us what ya got!"

Ashley: "I hope you're right." I hoped I was, too. I reckoned I at least had enough power for one more Poseidon's Rage, but I thought I should save it for the final blow, or if there was an emergency I couldn't get out of otherwise.

Kyle: "It's coming!" The head slammed the deck, and Ashley and I both rolled off to opposite sides. We launched both of our blades at the same time into its snout, and slammed it into the dock our way. The Hydra forced our blades off, and I had jumped onto its face, jabbing at its left eye like I did a few heads back. Ashley took this opportunity to launch a heavier hitting attack at its snout, making it roar in pain. I smiled in anticipation. The urge to use Poseidon's Rage to finish it off was actually kinda big, but I knew how much weaker I was after only three doses I wanted to use this last one right. It threw me up, and I was prepared enough to do a heavier air attack on it, then land on my feet. Man, I still had to muster a decent amount of strength to do a heavy blow.

Ashley: "Stay away from the heavy attacks. They're too big for you right now!"

Kyle: "But we have to bring it down faster!"

Ashley: "Let me do that. You just barrage it with lighter, faster moves so you can get away quicker."

Kyle: "But I need to…"

Ashley: "You do have enough for one more Poseidon's Rage, right?"

Kyle: "Only one. After that, I'm pooped."

Ashley: "I'll tell you when that time is. Just get back on it so you'll be safer."

Kyle: "I can try." I readied both of my blades yet again. This Hydra is proving to be quite annoying. I feel so crazy about trying to fight it. But, I'm a Spartan. SPARTANS DO NOT QUIT! I ran as fast as I could towards the Hydra, and it opened its mouth to bite me again. I dodged it, then launched my blade into its right eye, and reeled myself in while it was stunned. I was jamming my blades into it.

Ashley: "That's it! Keep doing that!" I nodded, watching her start using heavier moves more frequently on it. I jammed every blade strike into its eye until it hurled me off. I tried to get my grip back on the blades, but I missed them, and started falling while the Blades were flying in the air ahead of me. I landed into the deck backfirst, but I had been hit by worse by now, so I got up slowly.

Ashley: "Get back on it!"

Kyle: "I can't! It's blinded now, so there's no way we can get close to it without getting hit! Unless…" I thought of something, and got the last of my strength ready to run.

Ashley; "Kyle, KYLE! What are you… No! Not yet!" I let it eat me. She gasped in terror. While in the throat, I slid down to the bottom of the esophagus of the Hydra, then immediately channeled my energy into summoning one more lightning strike.

Kyle: "POSEIDON'S RAGE MAX POWER!" A huge lightning bolt came down from the sky yet again, and struck down the Hydra's esophagus. It roared in tremendous pain, then the shock spit me out. Ashley caught me while I was flying through the air by lassoing her blade around my chest, then holding me close to her, and she shielded me while the mama Hydra head exploded. Guts flew everywhere, getting her, most of the deck, and even the two deceased children heads. I smiled weakly to her, and gave her a thumbs up.

Ashley: "Don't you know how much you were risking in that last attack?"

Kyle: "It was either that or… we all die. I chose to take the instinctive route."

Ashley: "To what end?"

Kyle: "I wanted to protect you from getting hurt, like Athena said…"

Ashley: "I was totally willing to get hurt if I had to-"

Kyle: "Ashley, Athena said NOT to let you get hurt. Did you?"

Ashley: "No."

Kyle: "Then I did what I had to do. Mission accomplished… *cough*" I spit Hydra guts on her face, but she laughed.

Kyle: "Ashley?"

Ashley: "I'm a fighter now, too. I can handle myself. After all, you taught me. I learned from the best."

Kyle: "But what if it isn't enough? I have to be strong enough to…" Ashley kissed me on the mouth. At first, I was startled, but after a second, I hugged her back as best I could, accepting it. She was the best girl I ever met. To this date.

To be continued…