First off, I would like to say, I am sorry for not uploading this, I haven't had time to update, and I had seriously bad writers block! I am really sorry, but I will try to put up more chapters! Also, this is going to be a short chapter. Anyway, let's go back to the story!

They looked up Arai, "Oh great," Asami said, "There are twenty pages! They also seem to be in a random order, no logical sense what so ever!" Asami shook her head; she started to read all the names.

"Asami, let's split the page in half, I read the left half, and you read the right half." Asami nodded, and kept reading.

After a while, they couldn't find her name, "Chiaki, let's go to your name now." They went to the Mamiya section; there was only one name. Chiaki and Asami stared with disbelief; there was a wanted sign! Anyone with the last name Mamiya was wanted, but only one person couldn't be found, Chiaki.

"Oh even better! They don't know where I live, now we can't find myself!"

An old lady came up, she was wearing all gray, "excuse me, but do you need to find Chiaki? I know where he is." She led them away from all the streets and people.