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Chapter 1: The Devil's Lair


I groaned internally as my private plane, courtesy of Abe Mazur, touched down on the runway. As punishment for my role in harboring a fugitive and her accomplice I was being exiled. My superiors had at first wanted to send me back to Russia to work in the basement of a compound where I'd have been buried amongst never ending mountains of paperwork. It would have been dank and dull and I never would have survived it. Luckily, but unluckily for me Abe Mazur still had pull with someone in our office and had highly suggested, which means he threatened someone or paid someone off to get me transferred instead to the Royal Court. I would be working in pretty much the same capacity I'd been working in cleaning up after Strigoi messes and such and transferring pertinent information from the Moroi to the alchemists, but I'd be doing so from the devil's lair. There was nothing I'd feared more than having to live amongst the evil creatures I was taught to abhor. I fingered the cross around my neck nervously. At least I had a few people I could trust here I thought with resolve.

Rose would be here and her ex-strigoi boyfriend Guardian Belikov. I also figured that Queen Vasilisa must be trustworthy or Rose would not have thrown herself in front of a bullet for her. I'd been truly aghast when I'd been informed that Rose was being rushed to the emergency ward of the clinic having been on the receiving end of a bullet meant for the princess. I'd waited on pins and needles for word from Abe that she's survived.

"Who'd have ever thought I'd care so much about the well being of an evil creature of the night?" I muttered to myself as I was informed that I may now disembark from the plane to meet the Guardian's who would escort me to my room. In truth Rose was the closest thing to a real friend I'd ever had. Sure I'd had my sister growing up, but I'd always resented her for shirking her responsibility and allowing it to fall on my shoulders. I'd deny it if anyone ever asked, but I really was quite fond of Rose.

As I descended the stairs onto the tarmac my hair, which I had neatly coiffed earlier was blown wildly out of place by a steamy puff of hot August air. Much to my surprise my entourage consisted of a few friendly faces.

"Hey Sydney, how are you?" asked Rose smiling politely standing several feet away from me. Damn she looked good for just having recovered from a severe gunshot wound to the chest. I knew she was trying to respect my space by standing at a distance and it was funny to see her show so much restraint. Next to her was her partner in crime Guardian Belikov. He stood as tall as ever and looked absolutely frightening in his Guardian attire and long cowboy duster, which he wore despite the heat. The look on his face was typical for him, devoid of any emotion. If I didn't know that he was a good guy I would be shaking in my black leather boots.

"Don't hold yourself back on my account you evil creature. I suppose a hug is in order since you nearly died and all you silly girl," I told her. I knew she was dying to hug me. That was something I'd yet to get used to. Rose was a hugger.

Without a second thought she rushed forward and crushed me with the force of an elephant.

"I'm so glad to see you. I thought for sure you'd be in huge trouble after everything."

"You don't call being exiled to live in a highly protected fortress with thousands of evil beings trouble?" I asked dryly.

She pulled back and I could see a smile tug at the sides of her mouth.

"You know you love me," she teased.

"I certainly must for the situation I've gotten myself into," I said rolling my eyes as Guardian Belikov grabbed my two large suitcases and nodded a quick greeting. He loaded them into a court vehicle and we were off.

I thought that they would show me to a room in guest housing like the one I had stayed in the last time I was forced to visit this dread place. However when we pulled up to the royal palace I was stunned to say the least.

"Surely I am not meant to stay here?" I asked slightly confused.

"Well we can't have an alchemist flitting about the Royal Court now can we?" Rose said sarcastically.
"You're what one would call conspicuous," she continued pointing at my tattoo. "Not to mention the fact that you are human, besides the Queen would like to see you."

I nearly lost my bearings at her last statement.

"What for?" I asked truly hoping she'd been mistaken as highly unlikely as that was. I was hardly fit to meet the Queen with my hair all in turmoil and just having just been on a plane for six hours.

"Don't worry so much. Lissa's nothing like our last Queen." I could hear the distain dripping in her voice as she mentioned the former Queen Ivashkov. I had met her once and it was a truly horrifying experience.

The inside of the palace was truly magnificent. The intricate design of the architecture fascinated me to no end. Each corridor was adorned with the most beautiful arches and sculptures. There were indoor fountains and the marble floor was so well shined that one could see their own reflection. I marveled at the way the lavish old fashioned chandeliers mingled perfectly with the more modern effects and furniture.

I guess I must have been lost in thought because Rose's voice dragged me back from wherever I had been.

"I knew she's like it." I heard Rose say.

"I think she's awestruck," responded Guardian Belikov letting out a slight chuckle. That was the closest to a laugh or a smile as I'd ever been witness to in his case.

"Sorry. It's just so beautiful." I noticed that we'd stopped and I had absolutely no idea how we'd gotten to this wing and would no doubt be lost later trying to figure out how to get back out.

"As I was explaining while you were spacing out," Rose continued.

"This is the Dragomir wing. The Queen's chambers are to the left," she said pointing down a long corridor.

"Dimitri and I stay in this suite," she said pointing to a room off to the right. We moved down a little further and stopped in front of a large door at the end of the corridor. "This will be your suite," she said unlocking the door and handing me the key.

Pushing open the door I gawked at the beautiful room I'd been assigned to. I never in my life expected to live so well, being is that I was on punishment. "The dining room is down the hall that way." She pointed down yet another hallway.

"Dimitri and I are just down the hall if you begin to feel you know uncomfortable and need someone to talk to," she said with a knowing smile on her face. She knew full well how nervous these Moroi made me when I had to see or talk to them for short periods, but actually living with them would be a truly frightening experience or so I thought.

"Thanks," I replied as Guardian Belikov brought my suitcases into the room.

"You are set to meet with Lissa later on today. I will come to escort you," Rose told me as she and Dimtri left me to settle in.

I sighed and glanced around the large room. There was a double four posted bed with gold and red bedding. There was a sitting room with a couch, some chairs and a television. There were bookshelves lining two of the four walls and there was a small kitchenette and bathroom off to the right.

I flopped down into one of the chairs thinking to myself that it could have been worse and to thank God for small mercies. I had a feeling this was going to be a long assignment.


"She sure seemed twitchy," Dimitri commented after we'd left Sydney in her room.

"She was raised by bigots. This place terrifies her. You remember how she was around us at first," I told him as we headed towards our room. Ah our room how I loved the sound of that. It had been a little over two weeks since I'd been shot and since Lissa had been crowned Queen. I'd say things were getting back to normal, but who was I kidding? Things were never normal around here.

For one, I was living in the royal palace with my seven year older ex mentor ex strigoi boyfriend. Lissa had made sure that we had one of the nicest suites in her wing. She said she wanted us close and comfortable. Who was I to argue? Being best friends with the Queen had to come with some perks. Our suite had a large master bedroom with a built in bathroom. It had a shower, a double sink, and a Jacuzzi tub. I was dying to try that out, but Dimitri said the risk of infection to my wound was still too great. Damn him and his Zen lessons.

We had our own kitchenette complete with full sized appliances, a breakfast nook and room for a dining room table, not that we would ever use it. The bedroom had a king sized four poster bed draped in blue and cream. There was a sitting room as well complete with a full sized couch, two armchairs, a coffee table, fireplace and a large flat screen television. I'd never in a million years dreamed that I'd live in such luxurious accommodations let alone in the royal palace with my best friend as Queen. Not only that, I was head Guardian to the Queen and living with my ex-strigoi boyfriend. How's that for all kinds of crazy.

I had imagined my life turning out much differently. I had envisioned Lissa and I moving to Court, me living in the Dhampir dormitories alone in a one bedroom flat and her living in a nice apartment or townhouse with Christian somewhere across the court. Alas, here we were living the dream at least for another week. At the end of the month Lissa and I and six of her other Guardians would be making the trip to Lehigh University. We would live there and fly home for royal meetings and banquets.

I was sad that Dimitri would not be coming with, but I was taking every opportunity to enjoy waking up next to him while I could. He was going to remain here in our suite and keep an eye on his charge, Christian.

Speaking of Sparky, I wondered briefly how he was holding up. I hadn't seen much of him since the coronation. He'd been visiting Tasha in the holding cells. Ironically she was in the same one they'd had me in. Things had been rough on him to say the least. The Ozera's were already living in shame and ridicule thanks to his parents willingly turning Strigoi, but now with Tasha having killed Queen Tatiana that brought a whole new wave of humiliation upon the name Ozera.

Christian was taking it especially hard since she was the woman who raised him and the only real family he had left. She hadn't yet made it to trial where her fate would be determined. It was possible that she'd only receive life in prison due to the fact that she is a Moroi and a Royal at that, but there was always the chance that the Ivashkov's would push for her to be sentenced to death. I could only pray that Lissa would overrule that sentence.

Not that I had warm fuzzy feelings for the woman who murdered the Queen, framed me for it, tried to abduct Mia Rinaldi, fired a gun at Lissa and ended up shooting me instead. However, I did have a fondness for her nephew. I couldn't believe that she had tried to frame me because she wanted my boyfriend. I could honestly say the woman was insane and I disliked her very much.

I also couldn't watch her sentenced to death because of what it would do to Christian. He was my friend and I cared about him a lot. I never wanted to see him hurt. When I'd first figured out it was Tasha who'd murdered Tatiana and not Daniella Ivashkov I was relieved to say the least. I hadn't wanted to find out what learning his mother was a murderer would do to Adrian's already fragile psyche. I didn't quite realize that I was trading one man's sanity for another when I'd announced that Tasha was the killer.

Adrian. I hadn't seen him since he'd screamed at me the day I'd told him I'd been unfaithful. I didn't blame him for being upset, however the things he'd said to me were uncalled for and unpleasant to say the least. He'd pretty much blamed me for everything that had gone wrong in all of my friends' lives. At first I took what he said to heart and was absolutely distraught because it seemed like everyone's lives were in chaos and it was all my fault. Thankfully Dimitri hadn't allowed me to wallow. He said everyone had made their own choices and they had to live with the consequences.

It was true after all. Tasha had made the choice to kill the Queen and frame me. Eddie had killed the Moroi that had been working for Tasha in defense of Lissa. Sydney had aided us in our escape because she was indebted to Abe for God knows what. Lissa, Adrian, Eddie, Christian and Abe had helped me escape so I could avoid a death sentence for a crime they knew I didn't commit and Jill had decided for herself to come to the Royal Court to help her sister take her place on the Royal Council. It was a domino effect all set off by Tasha killing the Queen. If anyone was to blame then it was her.

I tried my best to forgive Adrian for his harsh words. He was hurt and upset and a little mad with spirit at the time. I knew deep down he would feel regret for what he'd said and that right now he was probably wallowing in self pity and drowning himself in the bottom of a bottle. Underneath all that mess was a really good man. He just needed to find himself. I was sad that I'd hurt him so much with my betrayal as that was completely my fault.

I felt truly horrible about what I had done to him. He'd never been anything but kind to me. He'd been faithful and he'd given me his heart. I had broken it of my own choice and now I had to live with the consequences. He would probably never speak to me again and that was something I didn't know if I could live with. I did love him and I still do, but not in the way he wanted and that's what was killing him. Deep down I knew he'd always known that my heart just wasn't in it, but I think he hoped that if Dimitri kept rejecting me I'd move on. The sad thing was that I'd known all along that even if Dimitri had continued to reject me, I never would have stopped loving him and for that I felt guilty. I'd been hoping that he would come to me in my dreams so we could make up and be friends, but it was definitely too soon for that. He was hurting and I felt the best thing to do was to leave the ball in his court. His parents of course were beyond delighted that he was no longer associated with me.

"What are you thinking about Roza?" Dimitri's voice brought me back to reality.

"Just thinking about how happy I am right now and how sad I am going to be when I have to leave next week," I pouted.

He set down the western he'd been reading and crossed to room so he was beside me.

"It is only temporary and you know that I will visit. Christian can't be away from Lissa for more than a few days without going crazy and as his Guardian I will have to go wherever he goes," he said with a wink. That was the beauty of him being Sparky's Guardian after all.

"I know," I said with a sigh allowing him to wrap his arms around me in a tight hug. He was still being careful not to reinjure my wound and it was really starting to annoy me. I told him to stop babying me. Dhampirs healed quickly and I was feeling great. I wanted to get back into the swing of things and he'd finally agreed, allowing me to resume my normal training routines. The past few days were like heaven. We'd go to the gym and spar like we did back at the Academy before everything went wrong. The only difference now was that I was a lot harder to take down. Even though he'd taught me most of my moves I'd picked up a slough of new ones along my journey.

"Is everything set at Lehigh?" he asked.

"Yes, on our visit last week our team checked out the residential housing and since most of the co-eds are human it will be easy for us to blend in." I'd decided we would live in a typical double dorm room in the tallest building on campus. I'd secured a corner unit that had a small sitting room and a private bathroom. We'd done security runs and checks on it. Being situated on the upper level and on the corner left only one real point of entry to guard. Two of Lissa's royal guard would patrol the entrance to the building; one would be lookout for the stairwell, another for the elevator. The RA on her floor would be replaced by none other than our own Eddie Castile. Lissa had been eternally grateful to him for saving her life and upset that no one wanted him for their Guardian. She'd quickly requested that he be one of her personal Guardians and being the Queen she got her way.

I was so happy to be working with such a good friend. I knew that all of the things he'd gone through for me and for Lissa would pay off in the end. He was thrilled with his new assignment and excited at the prospect of guarding the Queen. I would be staying in the room with Lissa posing as her roommate. We would have all the same classes. Eddie would be in her classes as well. His room was situated right next to ours for easy access and security purposes. The sixth Guardian was posing as a campus security Guard. He was assigned shifts based on wherever Lissa would be at the time.

We'd scheduled all of her classes between 8am and 3pm so that the sun would be up as she was crossing the quad. We'd be running on a human schedule which meant that it would be hard for Christian and Dimitri when they came to visit, but we'd agreed it would be best for Lissa's safety.

Lissa was paying for both Eddie and I to take classes and it was exciting because if we actually did well and passed our courses we would be able to graduate with a college degree. That was nearly unheard of for Dhampirs. I'd never really thought much about going to college, but now that I was presented with a golden opportunity I was going to try my best to make my parents proud. My mother was ecstatic at the thought of me paying attention to my studies for once.

Abe and Lissa had actually fought over who would pay for my tuition. It ended with Lissa ordering the almighty Zmey to submit to the will of his Queen. I'd laughed at the dumbfounded look on my father's face. I don't think he'd ever lost an argument before especially not to someone as meek and mild as Lissa usually was. He'd grumbled, but finally agreed to her paying and instead opened up a checking account in my name for any expenses I would incur while at university. It felt really odd to suddenly be able to afford things that I used to rely on Lissa for, like clothes. I'd tried to argue with Abe, but he'd put his foot down saying that he had eighteen years of missed birthdays to make up for.

The week passed by quickly and soon it was the day we were leaving for Lehigh. I woke early and lay awake reveling in the feeling of Dimitri's arms wrapped firmly around me. It was the last time I'd wake up with him for I don't' know how long and I wanted to savor every last second of our time together. I took the opportunity to watch him sleep. I didn't often get the chance as he was usually much earlier to rise than I. Last night though I'd been restless. The anticipation of today's events fueled my insomnia. He looked so much younger and worry free when he slept. I admired his strong chiseled features, his gorgeous brown locks and his defined muscular chest. Oh yes, I would definitely miss waking up to a naked Dimitri every morning. He was much easier to live with than Lissa. As if he could sense that I was staring at him his eyes fluttered open.

"Dobre Utro Roza," he said pressing a kiss to my temple.

"Morning Comrade."

"What time is it?" he asked.

"Early." I responded snuggling deeper under the covers pressing the length of my body against his. He was so warm and cozy. I smiled as memories of the previous evening flittered through my mind.

Last night had been absolutely perfect.


I'd just gotten off from my last shift here at the Royal Court before I would head off with Lissa to Lehigh tomorrow. I opened the door to our suite and was met with the most delightful aroma.

As I walked a little further into the room I noticed that the lights had been dimmed the dining room table had been set. It was covered with a silky red table cloth; there were two pillar candles and place settings for two. I smiled as I noticed Dimitri moving about in the kitchen. He was stirring something on the stove when he heard my audible gasp.

"What is all this?" I questioned excitement bubbling in the pit of my stomach.

"It's our last night together before you leave and I've realized something," He said.

"What is that?"

"I've never taken you on a proper date," he said his face relaxing into a warm smile.

If I'd been the type to blush I would have been red as a cherry tomato right now. My heart did skip a beat though. He wanted a date with me?

"I would have liked to take you out somewhere nice, but I thought it might be better to eat in as not to cause a ruckus," He said explaining why he was cooking.

I nodded in agreement thinking of the times we'd been seen in public since the coronation. Most people gawked at us and other were bold enough to approach us and ask for details of our adventures.

I had mostly learned to tune most of them out, but Dimitri was right. It wouldn't be romantic to go out in public.

"Your mother told me you could cook, but I didn't really believe her until just now," I laughed setting down my gym bag.

His brows furrowed at the mention of his family. It was a topic we'd yet to discuss since his transformation. I knew that Yeva had probably seen what had happened and I also knew being the stubborn old woman she was that she probably hadn't been forthcoming with that information to the rest of his family. Everyday I felt the guilt of not picking up the phone and calling them immediately to tell them he was safe and end their mourning. It was hard for me to accept that it was his decision when and if he would tell them or see them.

"Smells good," I said trying to change the subject. I didn't want to start an argument tonight.

"You should go change," he told me turning back to the stove. It was then that I became aware that he wasn't wearing his traditional Guardian attire. He was wearing dark jeans and a black v-neck sweater that hugged his muscular chest in all the right places.

I went to the bedroom and changed into some leggings and a short sleeved long red sweater with a cowl neck and a black belt. I dabbed on a bit of my Amor Amor perfume cursing myself after remembering it had been a gift from Adrian. I shrugged off the guilty feelings and slipped on some black ballet flats. I wanted tonight to be special.

Dimitri was just setting the food on the table when I arrived. It was lasagna, garlic bread, and what looked like a Caesar salad.

He pulled out my chair for me and then sat down across from me. I put my napkin on my lap and waited.

"You don't like Lasagna?" he asked looking slightly worried.

"No no of course I do. I was just relaxing and enjoying the moment," I replied picking up my fork.

I dug in and boy was it good. He certainly knew what he was doing in the kitchen, not that it surprised me in the least. The man was simply good at everything. I continued eating thinking to myself that it would be a shame if he ever had to eat any concoction that I had cooked up in the kitchen. We'd probably both end up with food poisoning.

"This is so good Comrade," I told him between bites.

"I'm glad you like it," he said digging into his food as well.

After dinner he cleared the table and went to the stereo. He put on some softy music that sounded Russian. He then surprised me even further.

"May I have this dance?" he asked holding out his hand for me. My eyes widened, but I placed my hand in his and allowed him to pull me to my feet.

We swayed to the soft rhythm of the music for what seemed like an eternity. It was the best feeling in the world being in his arms my head resting on his chest.

"Who knew you were such a romantic," I teased as the music stopped.

"Only for you," he said pressing his lips to mine with passion. The kiss started out soft and slow, but became more fervent. It took all of about ten seconds for him to sweep me off my feet into his strong arms and whisk me into the bedroom. Let's just say that when he claimed he was using self control he wasn't kidding. He finally let go and made love to me with wild abandon. Making love with Dimitri was like nothing else in the world. We fell asleep naked tangled together in bliss. My life was perfect. I had everything I'd ever wanted, two loving parents, a wonderful boyfriend, great friends, Lissa was Queen and I was finally free from her darkness. I had earned what I'd been working towards my whole life by being her sanctioned guardian and tomorrow I was leaving to be roomies with my best friend at university. If only I'd known just how far from perfect things would become.

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