I don't know how I trusted him, I gave him the poisoned knife and then, after he stabbed himself, I turned my back, running to Annabeth but Kronos had other ideas, he took hold of my hand, not letting me go. I watched as his eyes turned gold again and the next moment, he had stabbed me in my Achilles spot and I felt crumbling down, dying, as if I was about to die even though I knew I was.

"Annabeth," Was the last word I whispered, I wanted to tell her that love her, but I didn't had the strength

"Percy!" I heard Poseidon shouting. I saw Annabeth crying over me, she was suffering, I could feel it. My friends and even Athena were worried. I saw Apollo going to me, he examined me but he finally said:

"I cannot do anything for him Poseidon. He's dying."

"There's something you can do! He can't just die. You're gods! Do something!" Annabeth pleaded.

"There is something we can do... But, it hasn't been done in centuries." Said Zeus and that was the last thing I remember.

Then, everything was a blur. I woke up, I was in an infirmary, I don't know where but I just saw a sixteen years old girl, she had blond hair and curls that made her look like a princess. Annabeth, I thought, she was giving me big amounts of ambrosia and nectar. Couldn't I get burned in fire if I ate too much?

"What happened?" I asked her.

She shook her head biting her lips, letting me see her gray eyes. They were red. Because of crying, I guess. Then, she hugged me

"You were dying because Kronos had stabbed you in your Achilles spot. There was only one thing the gods could do and they... They..." She stopped herself, she was crying again.

"Annabeth, what did they do?" I asked her looking at her grey-storm eyes.

"You're a... A god." She finished. I was god? How? When? Basically, why?

"How? When? I mean... Why?" I asked her.

"You were dying, they, the gods couldn't do anything else if not you'd die... I'd rather have you as a god than as a memory." She said.

I closed my eyes, thinking about the pain I'd suffer watching my friends dying. I would stay alive, forever but: Annabeth, Nico, Grover, Travis, Connor, Katie, even Clarisse will die, and I'll miss them. I realized I was falling asleep, waiting for the beginning of my new life, as a god.