Chapter 7

this is the final for this story!

Mizuki's point of View
I put on a red strapless, bare back dress. The ball was a masquerade so I called James and told him to go ahead. Within a few minutes after the call I got there and out on my mask. It was beautiful! I started to look around and found the team expect for James.

"May I have this dance?" asked Kutner as he held out his hand

"Why of course" I said taking his hand

"You do know how to dance don't you" he asked

"Yea I learned both steps for a woman and a man during high school" I said. As soon as we arrived at the dancefloor we began dancing. He made a few mistakes but it was mostly unnoticed.

"May I steal her for a moment" said Taub

"Of course" said Kutner. We began to dance along Forman who had a date. The dance was sweet and nice.

"May I cut in?" asked James and my face lit up. I took his hand and we began to dance so gracefully. We took one step at a tome one after the other.

"So this is your date" said House both James and I looked at him and smiled

"House you should ask Cuddy to dance I think she'd like that" i told him

"Have we met?" he asked

"Yes you have" said James. House got close and took off my mask and looked at me in awe.

"Ashiya you're a chick" is all he said

"Yea took you long enough" I said playfully

"so how long have you been..." he said pointing at me and the at James

"A few month" answered James

"You should as Cuddy to dance" i told him again

"I would but can't find her" he said

"then look behind you" said Cuddy. House turned around

"Can I have this dance?" asked Cuddy. He just took her hand an began to dance. A few more dances with the whole team-and yes House too- and James and I went to the bar.

"Mizuki-chan" he said

"Yes" I said. I looked at him and he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring

"Mizuki Ashiya will you...marry me?" he asked
My eyes let tears of joy flow out

"Yes!" I said he put the ring on my finger and we kissed.

That ended the best day of my life.

5 years later ~

"Jennifer! Come down to say goodbye to your daddy" said Mizuki Ashiya

"Hai! Mama I'm coming" said a four year old with London blond-brown hair. Mizuki carried her precious daughter.

"Bye Jenny. Bye honey" said James giving each of them a kiss on the cheek

"Will you be here for dinner?" asked Mizuki

"Will Uncle House cone too?" asked Jennifer eagerly.

"Yea he will and so will I" bye he said opening the door to leave

"Bye we love you!" yelled both Mizuki and Jennifer Wilson