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Chapter 1

"I now pronounce you spouses for life. You may now kiss."

Clapping rang throughout the chapel as the pair on the alter kissed. They were a truly striking pair one could say they were opposites actually. The first was tall and light. Long pale blonde hair hanging free to his trim waist, pale aristocratic features set in a gentle smile as bright blue eyes looked down at the one before him, and his strong form clad in a white suit as he leaned down to kiss his new spouse. The other short and dark. Deep black hair hung freely tips just brushing the slim shoulders gently, naturally tanned features gentled slightly, deep black eyes looking up at the one who had persued him for so long as his lean but strong form clad in a sleek black suit leaned up to accept the kiss.

They were opposites in almost every way, their friends would say. One fiery, hot tempered and passionate. The other calm, even tempered and relentless; as seen by the nearly six years he had chased the other. But despite all that they seem balanced. And if that wasn't enough for those they called family to bless the union of the once enemies than the pure and simple fact that they understood and loved each other enough to ignore those differences was enough for them.

…Well…most of them. But then again, they protected their own so the threats were nothing to worry about.

Zechs Merquise and his new husband Wufei Chang parted slowly to the cheers and wolf-whistles of their loved ones. Smiling down at the silently embarrassed but obviously pleased face of the twenty-two year old Chinese former Gundam Pilot the former OZ Lieutenant pulled back slightly to look around the room.

Though they were both rather important; and famous/infamous, depending on who you asked; they had wanted a more private wedding. And so their friends had come through for them. There to witness their marriage were only the people they held closest.

Lady Anne Une had definitely been a huge help in keeping away the press and politicians both. As had Quatre Winner and the scowling mass of muscle he called a bodyguard. Heero Yuy was one intimidating bastard, and the press knew that well. Then again the threat of Shinigami and his silent partner didn't help matters much.

Catching the stern but still pleased blue eyes, darker than his own, within the group of people waiting to congratulate them Zechs nodded solemnly as he began to lead his partner down. He read exactly what the former Perfect Soldier wanted to say to him. And glancing down at his side where his dark haired dragon was trying to fend off the enthusiastic hugs from both the mothering Quatre and the excited Duo he knew he would do his damndest to make sure that gentle smile stayed on his dragons face for as long as possible.


"Do you mind if we take a side trip?"

The softly spoken question sounded almost hesitant, even to his own ears but for once Wufei couldn't find it in him to care about appearances. Glancing over at his new husband, still clad in his pristine white suit Wufei watched as the surprise passed over that beautiful face before confusion settled in.

Zechs glanced over at his petite husband, studying the rather closed off features for a moment before turning his attention back to the road before him. They had just left the chapel; leaving to their week long honeymoon to the beautiful mountains of Sanq, and Zechs was quite looking forwarded to spending the time with his long time interest now husband. But something was obviously bothering the smaller male, he could see those deep black eyes watching him through the still loose fall of midnight hair but the other seemed to refuse to look at him.

"Where to?"

Wufei took a breath, trying not to fiddle nervously with the hem of his suit jacket. This was necessary; he reminded himself. After so many years of trying to keep this man at a distance; despite the others obvious interest as well as his own; it was time he came clean about everything. Time he bared the wounds that had sat open and still bleeding on his soul and heart for so long.

"The Lan Fan Memorial Gardens."

Zechs blinked for a moment but said nothing to allude to his confusion, catching onto the obvious nervousness of his partner.


He knew where the gardens the former Altron pilot was talking about were, though it had been years since he had been to see the lush oriental gardens located directly on the boarder of the Sanq Kingdom. He wasn't sure what was going on; what was making one of the Preventers best lawyers hesitate when normally the hot tempered young man was so sure of himself; but he knew he would do anything he was asked in order to help his dragon. And so he pulled off the main road onto the dirt path that he knew would lead around to one of the entrances to the secluded garden.


Wufei breathed deeply as he walked slightly in front of his husband through the winding paths that made up of the beautiful oriental styled gardens. It had been during the first war that he had found this place as he had camped out between missions. He had come back here often after that. This place was; comforting in a way; it reminded him or…him after all.

Sakura trees swayed gently in the evening breeze as Wufei looked around slowly, reaching up a small naturally tanned hand he pushed his still loose hair behind an ear, idly wishing for a hair band. Stopping by the river that ran through the middle of the beautiful garden Wufei glanced back over her shoulder. Meeting clear blue eyes Wufei could see the confusion there and, with only a moment's hesitation he held out his hand.

Zechs watched the other for a moment before taking the small hand in his own large one. As he slowly stepped towards the younger man Zechs took a moment to observe the changes the last six year had brought. Where he had been nearly done growing by the time they had first met, only adding a couple of inches in height to reach a full 6 feet and had fairly sure of who and what he was, Wufei hadn't even been close.

Since the age of sixteen the little Asian hadn't grown much, reaching a final height of 5 feet 6 inches. His hair had grown only slightly, but it was his character that Zechs felt had grown the most. During the first war Zechs knew the Solitary Dragon had been one to primarily work alone and had been obsessed with Justice. During the second he was confused; lost on what he should do, what he should be, now that the purpose as he was taught to believe was gone. But since then, he had found a purpose that no longer put him in the line of fire more often than not.

He chose to pursue Justice in a different way. Sure he sometimes ended up in the field when the case became too much for the normal Preventer Agents to handle, but more often than not he was using the education Quatre had insisted on funding to put those that he and other Preventers had caught behind bars. He was calmer and seemed almost; freer in a way. But now, standing there as he was, there seemed to be a weight pushing down on him. And old and very heavy one that the blonde could somehow tell had been there a long time.

Saying nothing Zechs came up to stand beside his lover and husband, knowing instinctually that the other wouldn't want more contact then what he himself had offered. Now all he could do was wait.

Wufei was grateful for the silence and the small touch as he turned back to look out over the water. He wasn't sure if he could take anymore than that. This burden was too large and too old. The grief had gone too long unshared. And the pain, the anguish and the suffering; were still to fresh.

"I found this place during the first war, on a break between missions."

Zechs glanced down at the top of the others head.

"It was comforting to me; reminding me of the home and…the people who I had left behind. But most especially of the ones I couldn't save."

Zechs brow furrowed but he said nothing, and for that Wufei was grateful.

"As you already know I was married once. An arranged marriage when I was fourteen years old. You also know that my wife; Meiran Chang; died not long before the war began, and that I took her place as Gundam Pilot."

Wufei took a breath, surveying the scenery around him in a bid for strength.

"What you didn't know…was that I had a child from that marriage."

Shock coursed through the former Lightning Count of OZ. This…was not what he had been expecting. Not at all. He knew a good deal about his husbands past, both the good and the bad. But while he had known that there were still things they had yet to share with each other, he also had thought that the larger things were out of the way.

Wufei turned to look at his husband as he began to lead the taller male through the garden and the pain in those obsidian eyes nearly caused the blonde to stumble.

"He was my pride and joy. I loved him more than anything in this world. At times it seemed that he was my only reason to live."

Wufei turned back to face front.

"Such a happy baby. Always smiling and laughing; he found joy in everything, despite the fact that his mother was too busy with her martial arts and the war; her justice, to spend any time with him. He didn't care, and neither did I really."

Wufei's jaw clenched and his hand tightened around the larger one still held firmly in his own.

"My clan had insisted on an heir. An heir for both the Dragon clan, and the Phoenix clan. It was the one and only time we were ever together in such a way and I'm sure we both hated nearly every minute of it. And while I regret it now; back then I didn't care. My son was my one and only concern and love, everything else was put on hold or blown completely from my mind."

Zechs squeezed the hand in his tighter.

"What happened Wufei."

Wufei's breath hitched and he stopped, body stiffening.

"…He was killed."

Fire, burning as people screamed in pain and fear. Though the sounds of battle were finally fading there was still chaos to be found as the damage from the recent battle reached all the way to the major residential areas.

Onyx eyes were desperate, already clouded slightly by pain and grief as he raced through the crowds moving in the opposite direction as he. His wife was dead; and though they hadn't gotten along he would have never wanted this. But he hadn't stayed in that field of flowers with her cooling body long as some of her last words rang through his head.

"I didn't do right in my duty as your wife and heir to my clan but please…Please protect and love our son as I was never able!"

His son, his beautiful four month old baby boy; with his gorgeous and rare emerald eyes always sparkling with happiness and wonder from beneath his mess of deep black hair; a happy baby smile always on his face; was somewhere in what he could now see was his burning home.

But that never stopped him as he raced through the burning door, searching desperately. There was his father, buried beneath piles of burning wood; already dead. Running through to the hall he found his mother lying dead beneath a collapsed wall. And beyond that…

Flames…nothing but flames and collapsed ceiling. A scream tore through his throat at the sight of his baby's nursery; or what was left of it.

He had no idea how long he stood there screaming before he felt arms wrap around him and drag him from that burning wreck. But he knew in that time; everything had changed.

Zechs caught the smaller pilot as he collapsed in on himself, years of repressed grief finally seeing some light as someone else was let in on the burden he had held by himself for so many years. Burying his face into the soft midnight locks Zechs cradled his lover.

"What was his name?"

Wufei choked as he clung tighter to his lovers once pristine white suit.

"Hisashi; Hisashi Chang."

And looking up at where they had stopped Zechs' sad and understanding eyes landed on the young cherry blossom tree; planted by loving hands. But it was what sat at the base of the still young tree that caused the final flood of understanding to move through him. For at the base of that tree was a small plaque, slightly crude but made by young and obviously loving hands and weathered by the elements. And the words he had to read, for they said everything a young father who had lost so much in so little time could ever want; as it had been intended.

"May this tree grow as you should have; tended by loving hands. Rest in Peace Beloved Son, Beloved Flame. Hisashi Chang."


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