Chapter 36: Shout It Out

"Wait, what happened? What did I miss?" said Drakken as his directed the hovercraft to Shego, Kim, and Ron's location.

"I don't know, but I think the sidekick just stepped up, monkey style," answered Shego.

"Monkey style? Heh, what's that?" Drakken retorted.

"You had to be here," replied Shego in disbelief.

Drakken looked at the surreal scene of the embracing teen couple just ahead of him and Shego. An evil grin appeared on his face. "Well now this whole alien thing is over, let's finish the job. Flower, take out those two teenagers." The vine from Drakken's neck shot to the side then came at the embracing couple with amazing speed from behind Ron. Right before it reached the two teen crime fighters, Kim opened her eyes as she stayed in Ron's loving embrace and saw the flower coming straight towards Ron's back.

"Ron!" exclaimed Kim. She felt Ron tighten his embrace reassuringly as the mystical blue aurora immediately reappeared around them as bright and visible as ever. When the flower hit the aurora it immediately shriveled up and fell harmlessly to the ground. The two teens turned their heads to the side to glare at Drakken. Drakken was absolutely speechless at seeing this blue aurora appear and utterly defeat his killer plant.

Shego actually said nervously, "Uh, Dr. D, that would be a little of that monkey style I mentioned to you." Shego knew that she was a great fighter, but she also knew that she wouldn't have been able to fight both the aliens by herself with the ease Kim's boyfriend had. While her outside demeanor still showed a great sense of calm, inside she was trying to figure out how to get her and Drakken out of this without being on the wrong end of that blue aurora. Shego saw Ron pull Kim affectionately close and whisper something in her ear that caused Kim to grin mischievously.

"Say, Shego, Drakken?" Kim started to say in a tone that indicated she was about to make some kind of offer."

"Yes," Shego replied as she raised her eyebrow.

"Ron and I really need to get back to graduate before some other major disaster strikes. So we're willing to let that little flower attack bit go if you do us a few favors."

Drakken had pulled the hovercraft right next to Shego and started to say, "Why should I oomph." He was stopped by Shego elbowing him in the gut. Shego then asked showing equal parts annoyance and willingness to listen, "And those favors would be?"

"First you keep quiet about Ron's…monkey style, as you put it. Now that will require everyone thinking your…umm…special plants defeated Warhawk and Warmonga and not just the giant machines of destruction, but I think that will be okay," Kim said.

Ron continued, "Second, Drakken and you get cleanup duty."

Kim then said mischievously, "Third, you get out of the world domination business for a while. The killer plants show that you've just about reached the end of your idea rope and Ron and I wouldn't mind getting a little vacation from you two again like we did while you were in prison after our Junior Prom." Kim thought for a second and an idea struck her. "Maybe you could get into the security business."

After grumbling a bit at getting stuck with clean-up, Shego replied, "Okay the first two are fine, but I am not going to become some security guard," trying to only get stuck with the first two favors. Ron then sarcastically commented.

"What you want people to hire you to try to break into their homes and businesses? Get paid for showing someone all the flaws in their security system?" Ron shuffled his feet a little as Kim and Shego stared at him. Shego seemed to seriously contemplate what he had just said.

Shego grinned and said, "That's not too bad of an idea monkey boy." Shego shrugged her shoulders. "Eh, I guess it's better than getting beat and stuck with cleanup duty." Returning more to her usual sassy demeanor, Shego added, "Now you two get out of here before you make me hurl with all your lovesick antics."

The teens smiled at each other as Ron picked Kim up bridal style and blasted off in the spacesuit. As he carried her, she kissed him and said, "Thanks for saving me, but are you sure about not getting any credit for this?"

Ron smiled and replied, "Yeah, we did promise to keep Yamanouchi a secret from everyone but our friends. I would have drawn too much attention if I got the credit. Besides, I've got all the thanks I need with you being here with me." Kim gave him a very deep kiss for that comment. Both of them closed their eyes savoring the profound kiss. After they broke the kiss Ron opened his eyes and said, "WHOA!" as he dodged a light pole they had almost flown straight into. "Uh KP, maybe you should hold off on the thanks so I can watch where I'm flying." Kim giggled and replied with a mock pout.

"Alright, I guess I can wait until later."

The sun rose on the day after the Lorwardian defeat after a cloudless, star filled night. Slim and Nana Possible were able to find a hotel to check into for the previous night and would soon be joining their relatives to help scavenge the wreckage of their destroyed home. The rest of the Possible family had taken up residence with the Stoppables until their home could be rebuilt. Mr. and Mrs. Possible slept in the guest room. Jim and Tim slept on the sofa pull out bed in the living room. After agreeing to certain conditions regarding bedtime clothing given to them by both their parents, Kim and Ron slept together in his bed. This particular morning both sets of parents were up early and chatting at the Stoppable dining table drinking coffee.

"We bought a very encompassing insurance policy for the house so we could be covered with all the damage Jim and Tim do. It won't be that much trouble to rebuild it," said Mr. Possible.

"The only question will be how long the construction crew takes," added Mrs. Possible.

"Well we have nothing in our garage except for the garden gnome, so feel free to store anything in there that you need while they are rebuilding the house," replied Mrs. Stoppable.

"Our home is your home. Just make sure your boys don't blow anything up here. I don't have the insurance to cover it," commented Mr. Stoppable. At that point, sounds of metal being cut with a blow torch could be heard from the garage. The four adults went over and opened the door to the garage to see Jim and Tim taking the roof off of Kim's car.

"Boys, what are you doing?" Ann Possible inquired.

"It's our graduation gift for Kim," said Tim.

"We're adding a convertible feature to the car. It's almost done," added Jim.

"Yeah, the roof can come down like a convertible car, but…" started Tim.

"…we're still working on a stealth mode where a holographic projection will go around the car so it can convert its appearance to look like other vehicles," finished Jim.

"And the parts to Ronald's scooter in the corner?" asked Mr. Possible.

"That's so we can rebuild it with all of the special features we designed," stated Jim.

"Including a supercharged bubble horn," added Tim.

Their mother then said, "Okay boys, but remember this isn't our house. No volatile experiments or activities understood."

"Yes Mom," they replied in unison.

"I see my grandsons are as clever as ever," said Nana Possible as she walked up to the house. She looked at her son and said, "James, your brother had to leave early this morning to get back to the ranch. Old Tornado apparently got a glitch and started to cause trouble in the town during the invasion. He's sorry he couldn't stay longer, but I told him you all would be alright."

"Well if he had to go, then he had to go," commented Ann.

Nana then asked, "Where's my granddaughter. I thought we were going over to the house today to find what we could in the wreckage. That and I think she wanted to spar too."

"I think she's still sleeping upstairs with Ronnie," spoke Mrs. Stoppable.

Nana smiled as she replied, "I'll just wait then. Those two had a big day yesterday."

"Come on in then," Mrs. Stoppable invited. "I'll get you a cup of coffee while you wait."

In the woods outside Middleton, two nine foot tall green bodies were starting to regain consciousness. They sat up and rested their backs against some trees.

"To be so effortlessly beaten in direct combat, it's shameful," muttered Warhawk.

"It's as if he was controlling some special force that we were powerless against," added Warmonga.

"I felt some of that force when he pushed me back without touching me. Right before he turned blue and levitated."

Warmonga's eyes went wide. "That's right, he turned blue." Warhawk's eyes now went wide. They looked at each other and said at the same time, "The Great Blue!"

"But the Great Blue was supposed to reach out to us and lead our people in conquest," commented Warmonga.

Warhawk sat on the ground thinking. Then he spoke, "That is what the ancient scholars have said. Still, I can't see the two most powerful warriors losing to a mere boy. He must be the Great Blue."

"Then we should seek him out and learn how to make Lorwardia stronger," replied Warmonga.

Kim started to stir as the sun started to shine through Ron's bedroom window. She opened her eyes as she stretched a little. Her stretching had caused Ron to stir from his sleep as well. Kim watched him as he opened his eyes and looked at her face. The smiled at each other and snuggled as they shared a tender kiss. "Good Morning," Kim said softly.

"Good morning to you too," Ron replied. "You ready to get up?"

"Mmmm…not yet, I'm enjoying snuggling here too much to want to get up now," she replied as she rested her head in the crook of Ron's shoulder. Ron gently wrapped his arm around Kim's waist and stroked her head with his other hand. Kim let out a purring sound conveying her enjoyment of Ron's caresses. Ron turned his head over to the side and saw on his clock that it was almost nine o'clock.

"Hey KP, what time was Nana coming over here this morning?"

With her eyes closed as she enjoyed the petting, Kim replied, "Eight o'clock, why?"

"It's almost nine."

Kim groaned in disappointment of having to the leave comfortable position she was in. "I love my Nana but…"

"You'd rather stay in Ronald's arms all day," teased Nana Possible from the top of the stairs leading into Ron's room.

"Nana," Kim said in shock. Ron just asked, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to see my granddaughter purr like a spoiled kitten," replied Nana. She then continued, "I came up here after having some coffee to see if you were ready to go back to the house and look around. That and to see if you still wanted that rematch your always asking me for Kimberly Ann."

"I guess I can get up," Kim retorted. She quickly bolted upright as Ron startled to tickle her. She rolled out of the bed taking some of the sheets with her.

"Well I guess it'll be easier for you to get up now," Ron said sarcastically.

Kim smirked and replied, "You're right, especially since you're not getting away that easily." She quickly jumped back on the bed and tickled Ron he was tickling her. Nana Possible grinned as she watched the tickle fight as it quickly ended in a draw with the two of them falling off opposite sides of the bed. Before anyone could comment, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim got up and grabbed it off the nightstand next to Ron's clock.

"I'll see you downstairs Kimberly," Nana said as she headed down the steps when Kim answered the incoming call.

"Hey Kim, remember how you told all of us what happened yesterday with how Ron rescued you and everything?" asked Wade.

"Yeah, if I remember right Ron and I told my parents, the Tweebs, Ron's family, Felix, Monique, and you. Why?"

"Apparently after Ron threw them, they went unconscious when they hit the ground. Currently they're not causing any trouble, but they are sitting in the middle of Lowerton Park."

"Do we know what they want?" Kim inquired.

"They want to meet with the Great Blue who defeated them in battle yesterday. I don't think they mean Drakken."

Kim closed her eyes for a moment as she thought. Ron did get that blue aurora around him yesterday. How can Ron meet with them but not let the world know about his Mystical Monkey Power? Kim then opened her eyes. "Wade, can you get me in touch with Shego?"

"Uh, sure. Given that their latest Alpine Lair was destroyed, the chances are good that Drakken and Shego are in their primary lair in the Caribbean."

Shego was watching the news report about the Lowardians in the Lowerton Park in Drakken's main lair when the television screen suddenly went blank. A second later Kim face could be seen on the screen. Shego then said, "Let me guess, this is about Drakken's nine foot tall friends in the park."

"Well, that saves me a lot of explaining. Where's Drakken right now?"

"Still sleeping, why?"

"Good, he won't accidently screw this up. I need you to pick up Ron while I head over to the park. I'll bring them back to the lair so they can talk with their Great Blue, but not have Ron's…monkey powers become public knowledge." I just need to get the Tweebs to quickly take the roof off my car for the trip. The Lorwardians won't fit with the roof on.

"Pfft, fine. Let's just get this over with; this is almost getting as bad as a family reunion."

Kim just smirked as she cut the connection.

The Lorwardians blasted off into space from the spaceship Jim and Tim had built with parts they had taken from various inventions in Drakken's lair. As Kim drove away with her brothers and Ron in the car, she said, "That was a lot easier than I thought it would be."

"Yeah, they seemed to be pretty worried that I was going to destroy their world or something because they tried to destroy our planet," replied Ron.

"Ron sounded like some old, pacified martial artist on a TV show though," chimed in Jim.

"Yeah the whole, 'it's not about conquering, it's about protecting' bit seemed a bit cheesy," added Tim.

The Tweebs quickly clammed up seeing a glare from Kim in the rear view mirror that had a very tense warning vibe to it - one that seemed more dangerous than the other lines they'd crossed every now and then.

Ron, not noticing any of this, just said, "I guess someone like Sensei would have said something like that, wouldn't he?"

"You did everyone proud Ron. Although I have to say I was shocked when you said you didn't use any of the martial arts Yamanouchi taught you during your week there."

"Well, Kim, I never really did get any of that stuff. So, I just made it up as I went along."

"The Unpredictable Master," Jim and Tim said together like they had just given Ron a battle name.

Ron chuckled and said, "Hey that's a good description for my style."

"I guess it is. Hmm, at this rate we'll get back in time to help everyone go through the rubble at my house," Kim replied as she looked at the car's clock.

After getting back to the Stoppable House from getting stuff out from the rubble at the Possible Residence, Kim called Ron's and her friends to come over. Felix, Monique, Zita, and Wade were there a few hours later sitting around a table with Kim, Ron, Jim and Tim. Kim spoke first.

"I was thinking as we were going through the rubble this afternoon. With high school being over, I thought about redoing the website."

Wade replied, "Great idea Kim, but why did all of us need to be here?"

"Well, I was thinking about trying to turn it into a nonprofit group, instead of just being Kim Possible's website. I thought it could be renamed Team Possible," Kim answered squeezing Ron's hand under the table as she talked about the new name.

"What roles did you have in mind for all of us?" asked Monique.

"I figured Wade would do his thing. The Tweebs would handle the car, help Wade with gadgets, and be a backup mission crew handling requests that Ron and I might not be able to get too. I thought Monique and Zita could team up with Felix as another crew. Ron and I would still handle most of the dangerous world-saving quests, but a lot of the other requests we get on the website are a lot less dangerous. Having some help with those requests would help a lot."

"Sounds like a nice plan Possible," replied Felix.

Kim then said, "Yeah, I've given it a lot of thought. I think we really have something special going here that helps a lot of people. I don't think we should lose that just because high school is over with. To help with things, I've looked into studying non-profit management when I go to college."

"So you've picked your college?" asked Zita.

"No, not yet, I've just narrowed it down a lot," Kim said hesitantly, knowing that college was a sensitive topic to Ron since he hadn't received any acceptance letters yet.

Felix, picking up on this, refocused the discussion, "Well, you can count me in. Team Possible should get off to a running start." Zita, Wade, and Monique quickly gave their commitment as well. Jim looked at Tim.

"Hicka-bicka-boo?" asked Jim.

"Hoosha," replied Tim.

Things were settling down at the Stoppable House later that evening. Monique had arranged to meet with Zita at the mall later to give some aesthetic touch to creating the Team Possible Logo and Trademarks. They left with Wade and Felix after dinner. Jim and Tim were putting the finishing touches on the convertible aspects of Kim's car before she and Ron left to spend a week at the beach. Ron and Kim were in the attic getting ready to sleep before the long drive to the beach tomorrow.

"I know I didn't say it at the meeting Ron, but thanks for helping fund all of this to get it off the ground." Kim said as she sat on the bed looking at Ron while he checked his email.

"I had to find something to do with the money KP. Dad is having me put all the royalty checks into some special savings account after I blew the first one in a week. An actuary Dad knows is on the Board of Directors of the credit union where we opened the account," he replied. Then getting out of the chair, Ron walked over, sat on the bed, and put his arm around Kim. "The important thing is I've gotta support my lady."

Kim gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Thank you. Curious, how often do you get those checks anyways?"

"Once a year, they'll probably fall between 90 million and 99 million dollars. I sometimes wonder how many of those nickels come from the nacos I buy. Dad said something about the interest being a high APR rate and it compounds monthly. That second check has probably been in there for about a year now. If only I would need some of that to pay for college I'd be a little happier right now," Ron replied.

Before Kim could give Ron some comforting words, Ron's dad spoke as he walked up the stairs. "Oh Ronald, I forgot to give this to you when you got back today." He handed his son an envelope. Then Mr. Stoppable handed Kim another envelope and said to her, "Your mother checked the mailbox at your house. Apparently they're still delivering mail to it since the mailbox wasn't destroyed. This letter was addressed to you." Mr. Stoppable then walked back down the steps.

"Thank you," Kim told him as he walked down the stairs. Then she turned to Ron and asked, "Who's it from Ron?"

"Northern Shore University," he replied. "Who sent you mail KP?"

Kim looked down at the envelope. She turned it around so Ron could see it was a letter from Northern Shore University too. Kim quickly opened her envelope. Upon seeing it was another acceptance letter, she put it back in the envelope and placed it on the nightstand.

"Another acceptance letter?" Ron asked.

"Yeah," Kim said casually as she really hoped Ron's letter was equally good news. She watched as Ron opened up his envelope and started to read. Kim couldn't see his face behind the paper as she sat on his bed. Lowering and folding the letter, Ron had a solemn look on his face. He walked over and tossed the letter on top of Kim's letter. He sat down on the bed and exhaled. Kim put her hand softly on his shoulder and started to say quietly, "Ron…"

He quickly spun around, picked Kim up, and shouted out happily. "BOOYAH! I'm going to college KP! I'm going to college!"

Kim let out a bit of a happy yelp as Ron sat her back down on the bed. She promptly pulled him into a very passionate kiss. As they broke the kiss, Kim rubbed noses with Ron and said, "I'm so proud of you." Then she added, "I think one of the colleges that accepted me just got the winning tiebreaker for having me go there."

"And what would that be?"

"Having a special someone there who brings more joy to my life than anyone else," Kim said as she kissed him again.

"You sure KP? I mean it's not like we won't be seeing each other. You can go somewhere a little…" Ron was silence by a finger on his lips.

"I'll get a great education anywhere I go Ron, but only one of those places has you there. That's all I need to know."

Ron pulled Kim into a tender embrace and thanked her by caressing her as his lips massaged her own. They settled down in the bed together and snuggled for a while longer. Soon after, Ron and Kim were sleeping peacefully, content that they would go through college as they had gone through so many other things in their life. They would go through it together.