Title: Love Me (Like You Mean It)

Author: The Rockerbabe

Claim: Wolf Lake

Table: Buffet (10 Prompts at the community fc_smorgasbord on livejournal)

Prompt: #1 (Love me like you mean it, and while you're at it, mean it)

Rating: Teen

Summary: Sophia has survived the Flip, thanks to Luke. But now she has to set some things straight with him.

Warnings: Mentions of nakedness, Brief Sensuality

Notes: This is unbeta-ed. Please forgive any mistakes. Follows: "For The Child, I Will Sing"

Disclaimer: Wolf Lake does not belong to me, no profit is made

When Sophia Donner opened her eyes in the hospital room, it felt like she had been born again. She almost laughed at the thought, she technically had been reborn. She was now she was Other; now one of the Pack. She could feel the power that flowed within her, could feel the Wolfen instinct present in her mind.

She was dragged out of her thoughts as Lucas Cates shifted beside her. Instantly, she knew two things: one, he was awake and two, he was very, very happy to be next to her. His hand skimmed across her stomach and wrapped around her waist, pulling her close. Sophia held back a sigh of delight as their naked skin brushed against each other. She turned her head and met his amused stare with a glare.

"Can I help you?" She demanded

"Is that any way to thank the man who helped you through your Flip?" He faux-pouted

Sophia sighed out loud. He was right. She dropped the glare and opted for a small smile. "Thank you, Luke." She said sincerely.

His brought his hand up to her face and stroked her cheek with his thumb. "Any time," The he leered playfully at her, "Seriously, annnny time,"

Instantly, her hackles rose; irritated by the cockiness in his voice, she sat up and pulled the sheet up with her. Luke rose up on his elbow and watched her warily as he realized he may have crossed the line.

"I'm sorry," He apologized, reaching out and touching her arm.

"What happens now, Lucas?" She asked, "Do we go back to how we were before? Dancing around each other? One step forward, two steps back?"

He said nothing and looked down, not meeting her eyes. Sophia gritted her teeth as she was reminded of Presley's words: Once you Flip, the mystery's gone…and so is he…

"We had sex, Luke!" Sophia cried, "I was a virgin! It meant something to me beyond just helping me with the Change! I trusted you with my body, with my heart," She got off the bed in a quick, fluid movement, taking the sheet with her, leaving him exposed, "Tell me it didn't mean anything to you!"

"It meant something to me-" He floundered for the right words to say, but stumbled over them.

Sophia exhaled deeply and cut him off, "You have one choice. Love me like you mean it…" She headed toward the door and paused at the doorway. She cast a glance over her shoulder and gave him a grim smile, "…and while you're at it, mean it…"