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John Meyer? Now why did the name sound so infuriatingly familiar, a name like music to every prepubescent's ear?

Shrugging the question out the back of his mind, Q resumed his mind-numbing, gut-wrenching perusal of Helena's emails that he forwarded to himself last night (and like the super sleuth that he was he made sure to delete all traces—Sent messages addressed to his inbox, for example—of what had transpired). Some messages were from her classmates in boarding school. Judging by their slang—and background check that Q was simultaneously doing at the same time—many of them either dealt with drugs or resided in the rehab center.

Luckily for Q, Helena always retaliated with a 'fuck off' and a virus that Q unsuspectingly gave to her when she asked for it months ago. That's my girl. Even on her emails, she sounded like the Huntress, the bearer of fear and doom.

On the other hand, there was a minority whom she tolerated and responded with care. Most of their messages, however, were one-liners containing spelling and grammatical errors. Either they skipped college or they were dyslexics. In fact, there was a sender by the name of Marcus who needed Helena to come over to his house this afternoon. He also claimed that his parents were over so dinner was on them.

"Meeting the parents now, are we?" Q said under his breath.

Another email caught Q's eye. It came from John Meyer.

'Hey Lena. Sorry about last night—got distracted. Let me make it up to you. How does tonight at 8 sound?'

"8 sounds perfect," Q mumbled to himself.


Q glanced at his watch. It was half past three and a crowd of midgets with crooked smiles and dimpled cheeks dispersed out of the building. Some ran straight for the playground. Others bid their friends goodbye and hopped into their parents' SUVs.

This was going to be a long wait.

Two hours later, a svelte figure finally emerged from the school's main entrance. She was carrying the remaining stack of papers left for grading. She headed straight toward her car and gunned the engine as soon as her legs were tucked in safely. Slamming her car door shut, she revved out of the parking out and onto the street, merging into traffic in one minute's time.

She was obviously in a hurry to leave. And Q knew where the first stop was going to be.

He followed her along one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Star City. Past tall palm trees and gated mansions, her car made a beeline toward an adobe-style house with orange tiled rooftops, much like those seen in Italy. Or Stanford University. Instead of barricading trespassers with a titanium gate like its neighbors, the house was preempted by a roundabout driveway with a fountain in the middle. For security measures, a couple of surveillance cameras guarded the entryway, an entryway that should have been occupied by a gate, Q kept insisting to no one else but himself.

Helena drove through the entrance without hesitation. Q thought it would have saved them a lot of money; including the guards' time, if they just had gates rather than making security watch every passerby in the vicinity. Sometimes the mentality of rich people was just too damn strange, that complicated schematics and expensive equipment both outweighed common sense any day. Seriously, what would prevent a burglar from slipping in when there was clearly nothing to hinder them? Unless the security cameras administered electric shocks at trespassers, there really was no point in installing them.

Q parked on the street across from where the blundering rich folks lived. Taking his aerosol from his coat pocket, he sprayed himself while he unzipped his gym bag. He glanced around him to see that no one was walking by. When the coast was clear, he began changing out of his suit and into something more… common.

When he was finally done, he capped his fiery-red hair and grabbed his toolbox. Crossing the street, he moved quickly to the wall before the camera glanced in his direction. He then planted a device on the wall that would momentarily disable the cameras and its source connection from the inside. And he made a mental note to thank the Batman for lending him one of his gadgets.

Q pocketed the device and took out his phone. It was ringing and the number was unknown. Intercepting the phone lines was easy.

He picked up after the third ring.

"ADT. What seems to be the problem, Sir?"

"The security cameras suddenly stopped working, and some of the computer screens are busted. Oh wait, the boss just called and said that some areas in the house blacked out."

Wow. The stuff's even better than I'd hoped.

"We have someone on call who's already in the area. He just finished so he'll be there in five minutes tops."

"Alright, thanks."

"No, thank you." Q walked to his car and waited.

When six minutes passed, he sauntered toward the entrance and pushed the doorbell. He spoke to the mouthpiece and said, "ADT. You called earlier about a problem with your cameras and computers?"

Static permeated the air before a deep voice replied, "Come on in."

Q walked down the cobbled driveway, marveled at the nude mermaid pouring water over herself, and found himself standing wide-eyed at the mahogany door looming in front of him. After a couple of knocks, a butler welcomed him in. He immediately led Q to an elevator that was located between a wide set of staircase—two of which started at the bottom, winding its way up from both ends of the large room and converging on the second floor.

The butler waited for him to step into the elevator. After doing so, the old man hit the 'Down' button. As soon as they landed, the doors slid open to reveal a room housed by two guards and several computer screens. It was the usual security equipment every billionaire from Star City would have. Q then asked the butler which rooms needed some repair.

"Besides the security cameras and the computer screens, just the East Wing," the butler said coolly.

"Oh, anyone residing in the East Wing?"

"The library and Master Marcus' bedroom. Now, if you'll excuse me," he bowed ever so slightly before re-entering the elevator.

"Hey ADT guy. Mind doing your job? Both our jobs will be on the line if you don't hurry up," one the guards growled at Q.

"Bad day?" Q asked calmly. He removed the main plug from the system to reboot and took out Batman's device from his pocket.

"Dumb generator must have gone bust or something. Fried part of the system."

"Hey, Rocky. Gonna be on the lookout outside. Call me when everything's all done." The other guard was heading toward the elevator when Q stopped him.

"That won't be necessary." Q hit the power switch and the system started running again. He immediately pocketed the device.

"You guys are getting better," the guard smacked Q's back. "Thanks, man."

"It would have been a lot easier if you just get a gate," Q said.

"Tell me about it. Damn rich people have a mind of their own," the guard admitted.

"Well, there's still the East Wing that needs to be checked on. Have a good day," Q tipped his hat and sauntered to the elevator.

"Hey!" one of the guards exclaimed.

Q turned around.

"You forgot your toolbox," the guard handed it over.

"Thanks," Q said. He stepped into the elevator and hit 'Up'.

Next stop, the East Wing.


"Okay, Ms. Bertilleni. How about this one?"

"Now, Marcus. What did I just tell you about asking for help after you have read and tried solving the problem?"

"But Ms. Bertilleni… look at this question. It's like super long. And like, super hard."

"You don't know that. You haven't even read the question," Helena ruffled the boy's hair. "And what did I say about using the word, 'like'?"

"Use it only when describing things. I get it. But like—" Marcus stopped mid-sentence when he saw Helena squint at him. "Sorry, Ms. Bertilleni. So can you help me with this one? Please…"

"Alright, read me the question. And make it quick. It's getting dark outside," Helena said, looking out the window as the sun began to wan. Despite the sudden blackout, the library was staring right at the sunset so there was enough illumination—at the moment. But with each passing hour, Helena made the suggestion of moving to his parents' study. Marcus quickly declined her offer, told her that he was prohibited to disturb his parents while they were working.

"What about the kitchen? I'm sure your parents wouldn't want their son to go blind."

"Well, they wouldn't want me to disturb the chefs," Marcus sighed.

"Who said anything about disturbing the chefs? In fact, you'll be enlightening them with your excellent problem-solving skills."

"Please…" Marcus rolled his eyes as Helena nudged him to continue reading the problem. Marcus resumed reading, "Al's father is 45. He is 15 years older than twice Al's age. How old is Al? Karen is twice as old as Lori. Three years from now, the sum of their ages will be 42. How old is Karen?" He looked at her expectantly.

"I'm not answering the question. You are," Helena said sternly.

"But Ms. Bertilleni…"

"Marcus, read the question. Think. Read it again until it makes sense. You're not trying to understand it. You're already giving up before you've even tried. C'mon, that kind of attitude isn't helping you. And I'm not silver-spooning you."


"You know what I mean," Helena lightly touched his strawberry-blond locks. Without thinking, she stared at it, almost mesmerized, as it reminded her of someone's darker shade…

"Ma'am?" A soothing deep voice woke her from her reverie.

His face was masked by the early shadows in the room. Purple-pinkish rays inaugurated the moon's nightly appearance. Helena noticed Marcus squinting his eyes in the looming darkness.

"Marcus, let's move to the kitchen. You can't read in the dark…" Helena pulled the boy up when Q interrupted her.

"It's alright, Ma'am. The lights are operational." He switched on the lights from where he was standing at the threshold.

"Finally," Helena breathed a sigh of relief. "Took you long enough…" She turned around but found no one standing at the doorway. She rushed to the foyer and saw the butler bidding adieu to the evasive repairman. Hmmm… strange.

"Ms. Bertilleni?" Marcus was standing right next to her.

"What is it, Marcus?"

"That guy didn't even say goodbye."

"Yeah, don't be like him," Helena couldn't help but smile.

"As if I want to be a repairman someday," Marcus went back to his chair with a frustrated sigh. "Please, Ms. Bertilleni, I really don't get this."

"You keep this up you'll end up like that repairman. Now, I'll read the question with you. And listen carefully," Helena sat back down. She quickly glanced at her watch to check the time. She had an hour and a half to go.


Q was munching on his sandwich when he noticed Helena's car driving out of the mansion. It was already a quarter past eight and Q could tell that Helena was running late to her next appointment. The phrase pedal to the metal was literal in the current situation. Q had to make sure that he didn't lose her.

En route to Bludhaven's relatively safer neighborhood, Q knew where her final destination was going to be. It was the same yellow house, the one belonging to dear old John Meyer.

Q was prepared for this particular visit. In the mansion, he planted a bug on Helena's jacket. When the butler first admitted him in, Q noticed that the door of the coat closet was ajar. After fixing the computers downstairs, Q had made a beeline toward the closet and bugged Helena's jacket.

And now, as John Meyer welcomed Helena into his arms, Q waited patiently, anxiously, for what would come next.


"You're late," he said, kissing her on the cheek.

"Sorry, John. I have a student that needed help with math. His parents ignore him and his last tutor was caught drinking their best cognac," Helena returned the gesture before being led upstairs. "How's Tina?"

"She's out with some girlfriends," John said, ushering her into his study. "And that only means we have the rest of the night to ourselves."

"That we do," Helena chimed in. She sat on the futon and laid down with her hands folded atop her belly and her head gazing at the ceiling.

She waited for her therapist to start their session.

"I have to apologize for last night. Dylan hasn't wet the bed since he was 2," John started.

"John, it's fine. Really. In fact, I have great news to share with you after I came home last night," Helena could not conceal the excitement in her voice. John urged to say more.

"When I came home after last night's session, I was just exhausted and angry and just, damn miserable. Q was just so dense, so unresponsive to the advances I make. The guy's literally a Popsicle when I don't rub my legs against his dick. He doesn't make a move and he assumes that I will always be there for him. Well, I'm not. I have my own life to take care of. I mean, sure, it was great at first. After the car accident, Vic was more open to me. He even told me that I was the first girl whom he trusted the most." Helena paused for a breath. "I honestly do care about him. He's the first decent guy who did something not because he wanted to get into my pants. Well, maybe he did as an afterthought, but I could tell that he really cared and that's why I fell for him. But now… I don't know what to think anymore. It seems like all he could think is work, work, work. And I am just a side dish left out in the cold."

"But…" John could sense a twist in the story.

"But, just when I was getting ready for bed, I hear a noise outside my window. I go to check it out and end up finding Vic, spying on me. At first, I felt embarrassed that I didn't suspect his presence. But that got me thinking. The normal Vic would have been at work, slaving away with his newspaper clippings and computer data. But as I looked at him, he seemed vulnerable and just so damn cute. I just had to kiss him." Helena blushed like a little schoolgirl. "Last night was the best sex ever."

"Ever?" John raised an eyebrow.

"I don't want to admit it, but it's the best damn makeup sex ever!" Helena covered her eyes in shame.

"You two apologized to each other?" John asked.

"Well, it was implicit…" Helena trailed off.

"Uh-huh. So none of you apologized but it was the greatest makeup sex you've ever had." John scribbled something in his notes. "Interesting."

"What should I do?" Helena asked after a moment's pause.

"What do you expect to happen next?"

Helena mulled it over. "I honestly don't know. I never even bothered to ask what brought him to my apartment. He just looked like a little puppy that chewed on its master's slippers. As soon as I saw him, I just lunged at him and forgot why I was mad at him in the first place."

"You give in so easily, Helena. Unlike your past relationships, you submit yourself so freely to this guy. You think that you've assumed the dominant position in the relationship through your advances, but Vic has the upper hand. He does nothing and yet it unnerves you. It makes you feel weak and uncertain. Vulnerable. He doesn't respond to you like most guys do, so that makes you feel uncomfortable. The only way you knew how to hide the fear and doubt was to retaliate with anger."

"Well, wouldn't you feel the same way if you were in my shoes?" Helena interrupted him.

"Yes, I would have, I won't deny that. But you have to realize, Helena, that in order for this relationship to work, you have to open the channels of communication. You've made the first move by coming here, but Vic…"

"Vic's the last person to admit that the relationship doesn't seem to going anywhere. He would just shrug his shoulders and turn back to his computer, ignoring me completely. I bet you a hundred bucks that urging him to go to a therapist would be like asking him to admit himself in a mental hospital. He's not going to admit that there's something wrong with him or with the relationship."

"You wouldn't know unless you give it a try," John encouraged.

"You're really wasting your words with this one, Doc," Helena said.

"Just trust me," John glanced at his watch.

"Our ten minutes are up?" Helena sat up after a moment's silence.

"Twelve minutes. Do you want to talk for the remaining three minutes?"

"And jack up the price? We're good for now. Thanks, John," Helena rose and hugged her friend. "I needed that."

"Well, you're always welcome, my friend," John said with an assured grin.

"I'll email you with any more developments," Helena said as she swung the jacket over her bare shoulder. "Oh, and give my regards to Tina and Dylan."

"I will." He followed her downstairs and out the door, bidding her goodnight as her silhouette faded into the darkness.


She slid the key into the lock and swung the door open, tentatively at first. The apartment was dark and unoccupied. The window was slightly open. Helena switched on the lights to confirm her former speculation. Q must have gone to work after all. Past the living room, she headed for his bedroom.

His minimalist décor somehow soothed her, and it ached her that she missed him immensely. She climbed into his bed and breathed in his scent.

"I wish… I wish I never asked for your help."

"If you did that, well, the League would have your head for eventually murdering the notorious Mandragora," Q was standing in the doorway with a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

"Q!" Helena jumped out of bed and into his arms. Q dropped everything as soon as she pounced on him.

"What are you doing here?" Helena asked, stroking his adorably red hair.

"Isn't it obvious?" Still carrying her in his arms, he managed to bend down and pick up the flowers. "I want to spend the rest of the night with my girlfriend."

Helena laughed, still skeptical. "Why the change of heart?"

Q walked toward the bed and set her down gently, sitting down next to her. "What you said two nights ago made me think a lot about how I've been treating you. And I agree, I haven't been fair. I always thought—believed—that you'd accept me wholeheartedly. That I didn't have to break a sweat in our relationship. But after we fought, I realized that just like any other link we have with humanity, each and every one of us has to work on making that bond stronger. And I especially am not immune to it. So, here I am, apologizing to the most amazing woman I have ever laid my hands on."

Helena couldn't help but smell the roses with a wide grin. She looked into his serious green eyes and touched his face. "Did anyone ever tell you that you have the greenest eyes?

"Just this once," Q said, moving in to kiss her.

After hours of nonstop lovemaking, Helena asked if Q was asleep. When Q responded with a snort, she asked, "Had fun touring around Star City?"

Q looked at her. "When did you find out?"

Helena leaned her head on his chest. "Even if you call me from Mars, I'd know your voice anywhere." She then sat up and rolled on top of him. "Which leaves me with one very important question."

And that would be…?" Q's big hands rested on her thighs.

"Are you free tomorrow night?"


"8 o'clock."



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