A/N: Here it is – the end of our epic tale, not really necessary but I thought it was cute so I added it anyway.



There was something different about Lassiter's house, not too different but noticeably different. There was colour!

Bright red throw pillows had been laid on the couch, a matching area rug now in front of the television. Even curtains had been hung to match the theme, though they were held open by rope letting sun pour in. The rays stretching across the place, only stopping once it hit a ceramic monkey. The monkey's penis currently spilling juice into an open glass.

"Juice, juice, juice is delicious, as yummy as can be…"

Shawn sang in the tune to George of the jungle as he rounded the table and sat – the world's most fattening meal placed before him. Putting his glass down Shawn grabbed for his fork. Lassiter who was sitting across from him with a salad no less looked absolutely appalled.

"There's no way in hell you're eating all of that." Lassiter said.

Shawn grinned "challenge accepted."

Lassiter face palmed, Shawn was a pig. That was it. He was a pig.

"Aren't you at all concerned about your health?"

Shawn laughed "Maybe, but its been forever since I've been hungry enough to eat anything remotely close to this – so just sit back and enjoy the show." He shovelled a forkful into his mouth and began to chew. "Besides, at least I don't take 4 sugars in my coffee, like someone I know."

Lassiter grumbled something about Shawn's eating habits before carrying on with his own meal "you're going to get full before you finish." Lassiter said.

"Hey" Shawn said between bites "how about – we make a bet. If I finish – you have to let me spend the night tonight."

"You spend the night all the time" Lassiter said.

"Never two nights in a row" Shawn argued "More then one and you risk getting distracted or being late for work. Your words."

"Alright got me there" Lassiter said "And if you do finish?"

"If I don't finish" Shawn's eyes twinkled a bit "I'll do that thing you like before heading out."

Lassiter was game. "Alright" Lassiter said "Carry on Spencer."

10 minutes later Shawn was done.

"Dear god…" Lassiter was stunned.

"Yes!" Shawn was victorious he then jumped up from his seat and chugged his juice in victory.

"Alright a second night, I'm weirdly impressed and grossed out by what you just did." Lassiter frowned. Shawn's response was to come back around the table and grab Lassiter for a kiss. It hadn't been very long since the two had become more then just friends but Lassiter was surprised how easily kissing Shawn had become second nature.

"Be impressed," Shawn insisted "Its just one of my many quirks."

"Well" Lassiter thought about that for a second "Quirk yourself over to the bedroom then."

"It's not sleepy time" Shawn said, but Lassiter was insistent and standing he grabbed the scruff of Shawn's shirt and started guiding him there.

"Nope not sleepy time" Lassiter repeated "however I've decided you're doing that thing I like whether I lost the bet or not. Now march."

"What if I resist?" Shawn played with him, and Lassiter's response was to happily push Shawn against a wall there was a thud and a picture frame shook a bit. Lassiter proceeded to frisk Shawn – checking everywhere at least twice, and then Lassiter cuffed him.

"Then you're under arrest." Lassiter joked.

"Oh – oh dear" Shawn said "Now what detective?"

"Well – now you start serving hard time Spencer."

"Right now?"

Lassiter nodded "Right now."

He pushed Shawn into his bedroom then, slamming the door behind them.