Adventures of Super Peen and Wonder Cooch

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Dear Super Peen and Wonder Cooch,

Hi. I am a Catholic girl. Graduated from an all girls Catholic private school. I am a good friends call me a prude, hell even ex-husband called me a prude. I will admit that I once was a little prudish. However that is far from the truth these days. In the two years that I have been divorced, I have learned a great many things while dating.

I am a little embarrassed that I am even writing this letter. But, I might as well get to the nitty gritty. I was very lightly choked last night. My 'friend' and I were in the throws of some of the dirtiest sex I have ever had and while behind me, he reached up and applied pressure to my neck. It didn't hurt, but it sent off bells and although those bells were firing, I had one of the best organisms ever.

Is something the matter with me? I shouldn't like or want to be choked...right?


Prude No More






Dear Prude No More,

I understand your questioning. While you have been raised to believe and think one way, your body is telling you something else. If this helps you process this new information, scientifically the lower supply of oxygen to the brain enhances your sexual sensations, which makes it easier to orgasm.

From a "releasing of control" aspect, did you trust this 'friend'? You must have, because to be in that position requires a level of trust and understanding. I do not recommend letting just any 'friend' have that control, but if you are comfortable and trusting of your 'friend' then by all means it is a sensation that is not easily achievable outside of the bedroom.

Be safe,

Wonder Cooch

Okay...I gotta say kudos to fucking you! I am very proud that you are exploring your sexual desires and reteaching yourself what is acceptable in a mature responsible relationship.

There are times that the Cooch has grabbed my throat. It is fuck hawt awesome. I get this huge adrenaline rush, my cock grows 10x bigger, and cum all over the place.

I am very interested to hear what other new experiences you have learned. Do you like being spanked? What about dirty talk? You must write us again.

Carry on with your fucking! You are doing anything wrong...

Peen Out


Any type of Asphyxiation Play is not something I would recommend experiencing without having a very clear understanding with your partner.

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