AN: Wow. Wave of reviews. Thanks everyone! Like I noted in my other story, yeah, I have an issue when it comes to spacing and paragraphs. It's important and all but I don't stress over it because 98 % of my writing is essentially drabbles and stuff I just need to bang out on digital paper otherwise I don't get sleep. I'm basically a writing bum, meaning I just write out stuff and I do a quick spell/grammar check before sending it out into the world. I apologize for the confusion my lazy spacing and paragraphing may produce. I also rarely put deep, deep thought into what my plots are. I do plan it out, I do….it's more like my reviewers point something out and I'm like "Ooh…I completely didn't see that! :S " It's atrocious, I know. Anyways, thanks a bunch for the reviews and for reading this story.