A/N: So it recently hit me that in less than six months, Harry potter will be over - no more books, no more movies, nothing else to look forward to. But I think that HP is something that we will remember forever, so I wrote this quick freeverse as a tribute to the amazing series and its amazing fans.

I'm glad to say I'm proud of being part of the Harry Potter generation.

It's our time away from Hogwarts that makes it so special. We're going to have to go back to the Muggle world, and they'll try and tell us that this wasn't real, that none of this happened, but you know what? It was real. And it did happen. We've spent time here, made friends here - and that's a part of us. Because Hogwarts is bigger than us, bigger than any of its founders, and it's going to be around long after we're gone. That's the thing about Hogwarts. No matter how long you're away from it - well - there's always a way back.

-Team Starkid, A Very Potter Sequel

once upon a time, in a fairytale, a boy discovered something magical. (and we discovered it along with him.)

he made friends; and enemies. (and they became our friends and enemies too.)

he played Quidditch (and we cheered for him) and went to school (and we learnt magic with him.)

and then when death and grief clouded the dream world, (we grieved with him.)

and all of a sudden there was no more Quidditch and no more school, just lonely journeys into the unknown. (but we were with him every step of the way.)

and maybe it wasn't a fairytale anymore; (but it was still magical.)

so when he finally triumphed, (the joy in our hearts was something real.)

and it's amazing how words (ink) on a page can change our lives so much.

it's a dream, a vision, a world that's shared by so many;

young, old, male, female.

it has taught us so much;

friendship, courage, strength, death - and love.

Harry Potter and his world; it's a part of us now,

and nothing can change that.

sure, we'll (m o v e on) eventually. (or will we?)

but we will never truly forget the amazing journey that we have all shared.

because the boy who lived will live forever in our minds and in our hearts and in our souls.

so maybe (of course?) this is all happening inside our heads;

but why on earth should that mean that it isn't real?