Alright guys, this is a new story that might resemble a little bit of Aladdin and Prince of Persia but it's different. And when I finish 'Tis Dark magic most foul' and 'I know what you are', then I will post the first chapter to this story. But for now, you get a preface of what the story will look like. So please READ AND REVIEW!

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We were both from different worlds.

He was a prince and I was just a street rat, scum, trash… This man had everything he could ever want at the snap of his fingers while I had nothing. We were both just too different. And yet, everything seemed to fall into place. We were both perfect for one another. But… would it last? Would he see that I was just some common orphan that didn't belong anywhere but in the filthy Persian streets?

Part of my mind kept telling me that at some point, this perfect god would see through my obvious flaws and dump me back on the streets. We would just forget everything about me and return to his perfect fortress where he looked upon all of us common folk who could barely afford to buy an apple. The other part of me wished that our love would blossom even further, that we would look past the fact that he was a prince and I was a street rat. Part of me wished that this… this feeling I had towards him would grow and make my heart sore.

But sometimes, street rats can only wish…

So what did you guys think? It'll be better, trust me. The first chapter will be started, again, after I finish writing the last two chapters of both stories but for now please, REVIEW! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about this story.