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Chapter 17

Unexpected but fantastic

Bella's Point of View

A few days had passed since my conversation with Jacob in the training room and I hadn't been able to get it out of my mind. His explanation of his past life just wouldn't leave my mind, as if he wanted me to rethink of him and his intentions, whatever they were. I kept practicing in the training room but never encountered him once again. In a sense, it was a good thing. But… sometimes I wondered if it would be best if I did begin to trust him. Jacob seemed harmless enough, at least at the moment anyways.

Emmett began to become closer to Rosalie and he seemed happier this way. There was always a large smile on his face every single time I saw him. Rosalie also seemed happier—which was saying something about her—and even when she saw Emmett just as a glimpse, she'd smile. Something was going on between those two and it finally brought happiness to my big brother, which I would not ruin. No one would, not if I could help it.

Edward seemed a little distant these days. He would look at me every so often but he was very busy lately. We would no longer walk in the garden or speak as much as we used to. It was, in a way, offsetting but he was a prince after all. Edward must be quite busy and, since I'm just a peasant, he doesn't have much time to be with me. My heart might long for him a little bit but he obviously doesn't feel the same way. I've learned to accept that—slowly but surely—and I would simply look from afar now, that is until he would send me away.

One afternoon, just as I was passing the halls to go towards my chambers, Edward turned a corner and came face to face with me. We both stopped, completely shocked to see each other after a short time apart, and looked at each other longingly, if that was what he was feeling now.

"Bella," Edward breathed out, his scent intoxicating me as it usually did. His emerald green eyes just kept glancing into mine, never making an attempt to leave.

"Edward… what a surprise," I responded, looking up at him. He was taller than me since the start so I needed to look up at him every time we were together. But it didn't matter. He was worth it. "I wasn't expecting to see you."

"Yes, I am terribly sorry about that. I've been quite preoccupied as of late but everything is alright now," Edward explained, a smile forming on his face, making me smile as well.

"That's great to hear."

"Yes, it is. Would you like to go for a walk with me in the garden? I have quite missed our walks together. And I would like to talk to you about something."

"Um… Alright, as long as you're free, that is."

"I'm always free for you Bella," Edward said, his smile widening as he extended his hand towards me. That was the sweetest thing he had ever said to me… and it made my heart leap and nearly miss a beat. I think it was the first time that he had ever asked me to take his hand before. Normally, we would be at touching length but never touching. And the fact that he wanted to take my hand—even if it was something as insignificant as that—made me smile even more.

I took his hand and we began walking towards the garden, as we normally did at night. It was bizarre to walk with him in the day—since normally, our outings were night time activities—but it felt right, almost natural. Then again, I think that was simply associated with the fact that my feelings were very strong for him and his probably weren't. I've been trying to learn to accept that fact but it's quite difficult… But it shouldn't be. We're from two completely different worlds and it should be normal that he doesn't love me back. I can't get upset over this. There's no point. I simply have to enjoy what little time I might have left with him and embrace the fact that he'll probably send me away very soon, along with my brother—unless Rosalie says something to get him to stay.

As we walked, all thoughts of Edward's rejection left my mind for the time being as Edward began speaking. "I have spoken with Father and Mother about a certain special subject," Edward began, looking down at his feet from time to time as we walked down the white halls.

"Oh? And what might that be?" I asked, hoping that asking this question wouldn't aggravate him.

But my question hadn't even seemed to have fazed him. In fact, his smile seemed to have widened. "I've been discussing with them for a few days now about you and your brother," Oh no… this didn't sound good, "and it's taken an interesting turn around."

My expression seemed to have completely dropped at the mention of this. "Oh…" was my only answer. This could take a horrible turn for the worst. Edward could throw me on the streets right now, right where I belonged along with Emmett…

We'd be going back to our hellhole.

Edward and I arrived in the garden and he looked at me, slowly moving in front of me to stand there with a concerned expression. "Why does it seem as though I have upset you now?" Edward asked, placing a soft hand on my elbow. His touch was so soft… so delicate, as if I would break under his beautiful hand. I guess all of this had to end at some point. And this was this point.

"I suppose I should have known that this wouldn't last…" I said, looking down, not wanting to meet his beautiful eyes and melt under them.

"Bella, what do you mean?" He asked; his lustrous tone full of worry and concern.

"I guess you're about to tell me that I should give you your clothes back and return to the streets with Emmett right? Unless Rosalie has let him stay and I'm the only one being kicked out. I understand though. It's perfectly alright," I answered, never moving my gaze upwards to meet his. What would his face show if I did meet it? Relief that he would get rid of me? Disappointment about the fact that I would be leaving? Confusion, anger, happiness? I didn't really want to know…

"Bella, please look at me," Edward asked, his tone so soft and gentle that my head slowly lifted and our eyes met. In fact, it wasn't relief or disappointment or confusion that ran across his eyes. It was sadness… pure sadness at my words. But why would he be sad? There was no need… was there? Edward cupped my cheek very softly and looked down into my eyes thoughtfully before speaking again. "Bella, we would never want you or your brother to leave. In fact, Mother and Father have allowed Emmett and yourself to stay with us." My mouth opened a little in shock. Had I heard him correctly? His family wanted us to stay here in this gigantic castle, as if we were royals as well? "Rosalie has practically begged our parents to have Emmett stay here and, in fact, I have pleaded my case to keep you as well. You have grown quite fond of you and, if you don't mind me being so bold, I cannot imagine you leaving. Ever. You mean too much to me to ever see you leave," Edward explained, truth embedding every word he spoke. "You mean too much to me to ever let you leave me…"

"You… you want me to stay?" I stuttered, unable to believe it myself. He actually wanted me. All of my fears and doubts were all destroyed in that one moment and hope replaced those two horrible feelings. Hope and happiness and… love.

"Only if that is your wish. I would never want to take away your free will and force you to stay with me. But, in all honesty, I would love it if you would stay here. You could keep the room you are currently in and Rosalie is planning on giving Emmett a room of his own close to hers and—"

"I would love to Edward," I responded, smiling at him. Edward stopped talking and smiled at me, leading me slowly to the bench behind him and letting us sit down. "Thank you for letting us stay here. I know that my brother and I are very grateful for this."

"There is nothing to be grateful for Bella. We have seen, every single member of my family and I, that you and your brother are not criminals. Even though you stole for years, we have looked past that and allowed you to stay here."

"Isn't it against everything you know to forget about my past?" I asked curiously. He repositioned himself so that he could look at me better but that meant that he had moved his legs, which meant that his knees were now rubbing against mine. His touch sent my skin on fire, as if a thousand electrical wires were being turned on inside of me.

"It is but I am not bothered about that fact, nor do I think I will be. My parents are not bothered as well. In fact, they are quite happy to have you stay here, that is if you want to," Edward explained, stroking my hand ever so softly.

"I would like that Edward. Anything and anywhere is better than where we used to live in," I said, sharing a little too much information about myself that he might not even want to know.

Instead, Edward's free hand slowly moved to my cheek and cupped it ever so gently, letting me move my cheek into his palm a little. His thumb began making small motions against my skin as he looked me straight in the eyes. "You'll never have to return to that horrid place ever again, not if you don't want to. You and your brother can stay here as long as you want. You won't ever have to steal for a living and barely eat again. That I can promise you," Edward promised with a hint of sadness to his tone.

It took me a few seconds to respond but words finally escaped my lips. "You really care about us, about me, don't you?"

"More than you could possibly imagine Bella." And then, he started bringing his face closer to mine, placing his forehead against my own, making our noses practically touch one another. His touch made me want to shiver in pleasure but I held it in, not knowing where he would go with this. "You cannot begin to imagine what you do to me Bella, what you make me feel."

He nearly made my heart stop with those simple words. What did he mean? Did I really affect him this way? But why? And how? It wasn't possible. "H... How DO I make you feel...?" I asked shakily, slowly closing my eyes in small bliss. How could one man affect me this way? Did it seem I was affecting him the same way? It was all so strange to me...

"You make me feel happiness Isabella Swan. You make me feel whole. And you've shown me what it means to fall in love," Edward explained, keeping his hand softly against my cheek as he began to slowly move his lips towards mine.

Did he just admit that he loves me? How could he love me? And to think that he felt the same way that I did. It was unbelievable. I'd never actually loved someone, besides Emmett, but Edward... I was in love with Edward Cullen. I'd never admitted it to myself before but now I could because I knew now that he loved me back.

Slowly, his lips touched mine and we began kissing softly but passionately. He seemed a little more practiced than I was but it was normal for him. Any girl would be lucky to have him and I guess that I was that lucky girl now. The passion behind that kiss surprised me but it felt absolutely wonderful, almost natural for some odd reason. Edward never moved his hand away from my cheek. It was always there, just softly resting against my cheek as if he didn't want to move it. And I don't think that I wanted him to move it.

My left hand slowly moved to his neck, moving it gently across his skin until it found his nape and rested itself gently there. His fingers began to slowly wound into my hair as our kiss continued. No one made any attempt at deepening it for the time being. We were both simply enjoying our time together. But we both needed to breathe at a certain point so after a few seconds, we separated and looked into each others' eyes, never moving our hands from each others' skin.

"Wow... That was..." I was at a lost for words. How to describe what had just happened? It was very much unexpected but there was another word that I wanted to use to describe it but what was it?

"Fantastic?" Edward asked, taking the word right out of my mouth.

A smile came to my face as I looked deeply into his eyes. "Exactly. It was fantastic."

He placed his lips softly against my forehead, slowly making me close my eyes, and kissed it with gentlest of touches, making my heart beat at an unnatural rate. "I love you Bella. I have since the moment I laid eyes on you in the streets, and even more in the dungeons, and I realize that I haven't said it as of yet but I want you to know that you are everything to me now, which is mostly the reason why I wanted you to stay here with me," Edward said as he slowly brought his arms around me and brought me closer to his warm chest. I had never been in his arms, which meant that I never could have touched his muscular chest-which was something that he probably had to work hard to get in training.

Closing my eyes slowly, I placed my hand against his chest and leaned into him, hoping that he wouldn't take this gesture the wrong way. "You liked the fact that I was a mess in that dungeon?" I asked, a small smile forming on my lips.
I could feel his chest rumble a little as he chuckled with glee. "Yes, I begs liking you even when you, as you put it, were a mess. But I only saw beauty under those filthy clothes. I saw you for you," Edward explained, making my heart leap at his words. No one had ever told me things like this. It felt so nice, so warm. I never wanted to move from this spot, never move from Edward's strong arms.

"I love you too Edward," I said, feeling him wrap his arms a little tighter around me as he leaned back against a pillar and stayed like this for quote some time.

After all this time of wondering if he even liked me, Edward finally admitted that he loved me as much as I loved him. Everything felt complete now, as if nothing could destroy this. Everything felt right. Whole.

Jacob's Point of View

I had just turned the corner of the garden and laid eyes on Edward and Bella. They seemed to be talking about something important and good because Bella's face lit up with happiness as she smiled at him. Her smile always made my heart warm. It was so beautiful, just like her. But why was he making her smile that way? What could he offer her that I couldn't? Just because he was actually a prince and next in line for the throne didn't mean anything. I could make her laugh, I could make her smile if she gave me the chance.

At first my impression of the two of them was that they were simply talking but as he began cupping her cheek and leaning his face towards hers, my blood began to boil. How dare he try to kiss her? What if she didn't want to kiss him back? She would be repulsed by him now and she could come to me to talk about it.

But what repulsed me the most was that she kissed him back! Like she wanted to for some time now! How could this happen? I thought that I actually had a shot with her. From that first time that we talked in the training room, it seemed as though she might like me as well with time. Maybe I should have spoken to her more often in the past few days... It might have made my chances of winning her even stronger. Now, HE was stepping all over her and kissing her. How dare he! He had no right to do that at all without her consent first! It was simply proper manner.

I began to walk away from them as they began hugging and talking once again, unable to watch this anymore. I was absolutely fuming with rage at the moment that anyone who would come up to me would feel my small wrath. I felt that she could be so much happier with me that it made me even angrier. She wasn't trying to find someone else. It was as if she only wanted him, the one that put her in the dungeons and hurt her physically. What if he would do it again? She couldn't trust him. But she could trust me in time. I know she could.

Unfortunately I ran into my stepfather as I turned a corner. He immediately saw my anger facade and looked worried for some reason. "What's the matter son? What seems to be troubling you?" He asked sincerely.

"It's nothing for you to concern yourself stepfather," I said, trying to step aside from him but he grabbed my arm, stopping me in my tracks.

Looking at him, James seemed to be giving me a sincerely concerned look as he spoke. "It must be something important if it has you troubled as you are. Why not tell me so you can get it off your chest? It helps quite a lot, I assure you," He proposed, hoping that I would talk to him. And so, I sighed and told him the story of what I had just seen in the garden. He seemed to be quite interested in my small story and hooked onto my every word. He never was like this... It was quite bizarre for him but it wasn't my right to question him. " Hm... It seems that you are quite smitten with this Bella person. And you are jealous of Prince Edward, correct?" He asked, trying to get to the bottom of my jealous dilemma.

"You could say that. I just feel that she could give me a chance as well. I feel that he only has a few weeks head start on me that, if she had known me longer, then she could learn to love me as well," I explained, my tone rising a little. Looking back at my stepfather, I sighed and apologized. "I'm sorry stepfather for raising my voice at you."

"It's quite alright son. You needn't worry. But there is a way that you could win her and have her be yours, if you would like. You do not need to let her trouble you this way, especially because of Prince Edward. You should have the right to infatuate her as well," James explained, keeping his voice stable but putting force behind his words. He really wanted to be helpful in this situation but why? What were his intentions? "You can trust me, son. She will be yours before you know it."

"How can you promise such a thing stepfather? What do you plan on doing, exactly?" I asked, crossing my arms over one another and resting them against my chest, never breaking eye contact with him.

But my stepfather only smiled and placed a hand on my shoulder, leaning his face just a little closer to mine. "Just leave everything to me son. She'll be yours soon," James whispered and it only made my skin crawl.

What exactly were his plans?

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