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She's staring at them again. They are standing under the huge tree – the bitch with a red hair sitting on the bench while Logan bends as he tucks her hair behind her ear. "How can she be that lucky?" she silently thinks. It's been three months since the Alcatraz incident. How can she forget that nightmare? Not because of all the blood spilled but because that was the time that Logan shouted his love to her.

He tried to kill her but for some reason, it was only the Phoenix which died and Jean recovered – leaving Scott and grabbing Logan who took her with welcome arms. And that killed her. It seems like her whole world fell apart. The Wolverine's whole life seems to revolve only around her. Rogue and Logan rarely talk anymore. The two of them share polite nods and simple "hellos" whenever they chance upon each other. No more late night football shows or pizzas. No more cuddling to chase away her nightmares. No more friendship. No more promises.

"Hey Rogue. What's up?" Scott approached Rogue from where she was standing. During the last three months, he became her friend. Not too close as she is with Logan but Cyclops was the one who helped her get through her heartache. "You know staring at them would not help you Rogue."

"I know." She sighed. "But I can't help myself. I can't help but wish that I was her." She turned around to face him – her back against Logan and Jean.

"I'm sorry that Logan can't see you. He does not know what's he's missing. And what's with 'I want to be Dr Jean Grey thing' that's not you Rogue. You are good as you are now and I for sure don't want you to be like her."

"Spoken by Mr Summers who's head over heels with Ms Grey. Thanks anyway." she formed a sad smile.

"I have willed myself to move on Rogue. If she wants him and he wants her, then, they can have each other." Rogue chuckled as Scott blurted out those words. "Say why don't we go and watch this movie, my treat."

"What movie are we going to watch?" she asked.

"How 'bout the new movie entitled 'How Logan and Jean's Public Display of Affection makes Rogue and Scott Puke'?"

Rogue laughed loud enough to catch the attention of Jean and Logan. The two stared on Scott and Rogue's direction just in time to see the two leaving the grounds with Scott's arm draped over Rogue's shoulder.

An hour passed and Rogue just went out of her room all dressed up for her movie night with Scott. She went down the hall, straight to the billiards room where Scott waited for her.

"Ready Scottie?" Rogue called Scott's attention. This also made the other guys in the room glance over her and their expressions are all priceless. Not quite sure if it's because of Rogue and Scott going out or because of her black dress.

"Whenever you are Roguey." Scott offered his arm which Marie took and they both went out to the garage. Unknown to both of them, Logan is silently watching in the dark part of the garage clenching his teeth.

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