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"What the fuck Jean?" Logan scowled. Jean has been throwing everything her hands can get on Logan. He has no idea what's gotten into her. She looked upset since this morning so Logan did everything he can to avoid her. He even stayed late with hopes of finding her asleep once he retires but she just greeted him by throwing their picture frame on his head.

"Are you cheating on me?" Jean is well aware that Logan is not. "At least not yet". She was getting annoyed of his behavior lately that she read his thoughts finding him thinking of Marie every time she get into his mind.

Logan did not answer. Instead he sat by the edge of the bed they've been sharing since they returned from Alcatraz. His hands cupped his head. This is driving him nuts.

"Answer me you jerk!" Jean is really fuming. She knows that Marie is in love with Logan since time immemorial. That did not bother her though. Logan will choose her. Jean is confident about that. But she noticed that since Scott and Rogue became close, Logan has been on the edge. Like the other day when Scott and Rogue went out for dinner, Logan finished all the beers in the fridge and then left. He did not return until the following day and did not even glance on her. Jean got tired waiting for Logan to answer her. She sat on the other side of the bed. "What's with her?" she then asked calmly. "What's with Rogue?"

"Why is Marie in this?" It was louder than what he intended.

"She's on your mind." Logan growled upon learning that Jean read his thoughts despite their agreement that she would not get in his head unless he specifically asked her to do so.

"Yes she's on my mind." He retorted. "And she will always be Jean. I promised to protect her and I will. I don't want your intrusion with that. Live with it." He then left, slamming the door and headed for the kitchen to get some beer.

Once in the kitchen, he saw Storm eating ice cream. "I thought you were going to sleep, Logan. Come on let's sit on the living room." Logan, knowing that Storm would force him to follow just trailed her. They were both sitting on the couch. "Want some?" The weather goddess offered.

"Yes and then get my stomach sick because beer and ice cream is like perfect combination." The sarcasm was evident.

The weather goddess chuckled at the Wolverine's response. "Remember healing factor? Anyway, quite a show off that you got there with Jean. I swear you woke the entire school." Ro said casually as if it's a usual thing.

"Eavesdropping are we?"

"I don't really call it eavesdropping if we can hear it even if we don't want to."

Just before Logan can say something, the door opened showing Marie and Scott. The two did not notice that Logan and Storm are there when Scott placed a lingering kiss on Rogue. Rogue smiled at Scott and then she pulled Scott's face to kiss him as well.

"It's late." The voice startled the couple.

Rogue can feel her face turn red as she noticed the two mutants staring at them. Storm did not hide the smile on her lips. Scott does not seem bothered though.

"Hi guys." Scott greeted with a huge smile on his face as he glance at Logan. He can tell he is raging.

"You should've told me you were going out." Logan said to Marie. His voice filled with animosity.

Rogue was about to retort when Scott spoke. "She is twenty one. Besides she is with me. I don't think anyone can harm her."

"Oh yeah," He stood, unleashing his claws and walked over to Scott pointing his adamantium under his chin. "How can you protect her from you?" Cyclops did not seem bothered though by the claws and just kept on smiling at the raging Wolverine.

"That's enough guys." Storm said, sensing the enmity between the leader of X-men and the resident evil. "Maybe you two should go and get some rest."

The two then headed to the stairs. Logan went back to his seat but his eyes did not leave the two. This did not go unnoticed by Storm. "Jealous?" Storm teased Logan.

Logan scowled at Storm for mentioning it. "I'm not jealous. I don't get jealous. I've never been jealous…" he stopped talking when he saw Scott lean over and kissed Rogue again before they ascended. "…until now." It was like a moment of realization for Logan. His world stopped. He unconsciously said those words. It wasn't loud but since Storm is sitting close to him, she heard and was not surprised. "Finally. It won't be easy but Rogue and Wolverine are meant to be. Whether they like or they like it. It is just a matter of time." She thought.

Rogue got disturbed by the knock on her door. She glanced at her bedside clock. "3:30AM great. I've only been asleep for an hour." The knocking continued. Rogue debated whether she would just ignore it or get it. She decided on the latter as it maybe Scott needing something from her. Grabbing her robe, she proceeded into her door. Surprised was an understatement when she saw Logan on her doorstep. "Do you know what time it is Logan?" she said upon recovering. "I don't have that healing thingy so I really am required to get some sleep." Her voice was cold.

"Well if you went home early then you could've slept a while back." He snapped.

"Did you just wake me up so we can talk about my sleeping hours?" She yawned. "Maybe we can discuss this in the morning."

"Damn right we are Marie." He is furious with the fact that Rogue looked uninterested with his visit. "Stay away from Scott. I already told you that."

"Logan this is tiring. So you think you can just come crashing into my door demanding that I do as you say? I really don't know what's gotten into you."

"You told me you love me," He silently said. "What are you doing with him?"

She was taken aback by Logan's words.

"He cares for me." her energy is draining. "I need to breathe. Not once have I ever felt tired loving you. Not once - until now. I never thought that this time will come. That I'll move on from whatever childish feeling I had for you. I tried to wait. But it really is tiring. Scott makes me happy. He is so special. I could not ask for more."

"I don't know what's happening with you Marie."

"As if it's any of you're business."

"I can't understand you."

"When did you?"

"Just go straight to the point!" He shouted. "I can't read your mind. If you hate me just say so and tell me why." He held her hand to his face. "If you're hurting slap me. Do your revenge on me. I can accept anything because you're my friend."

She smiled sadly. "Yes I'm only you're friend. I AM ONLY YOUR FRIEND! And that's all I've ever been to you Logan – you're best friend." Her voice rose. Tears falling from her eyes. "The one who runs to you when you shout every time you have a nightmare. The one who follows you around like a puppy. The one who makes you laugh when you feel down. But I accepted all of it. And I'm so stupid for making the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend… because you never saw me. You will never love me as a woman – always as a friend. But Scott does and I'm falling in love with him."

"Marie, you can't. You shouldn't be with him." He was holding her hand. His face pleading.

"He loves me at my worst. You had me at my best but you just left me." She calmly stated.

"You're too young. I had a choice to make."

"Yes. And you chose to break my heart." She removed her hand from his. "I think it's late. I'm going back to sleep." Just that and she gently closed the door.

Rogue just finished her class when she saw Scott waiting for her outside her classroom. He handed her one red rose and he earned a kiss from her. "How's the prettiest teacher in this school." They are now headed into the library. Both of them needed to finish their lesson plans.

"Flattery will gain you my undying devotion." Rogue said.

"Good. Let's have dinner tomorrow night. I got some reservations at a restaurant in town."

"Sure. Sounds formal."

"It is so wear your best dress." Scott teased.

"It's a date then."

"Will drop by your room by 7PM."

"Thanks Scott." She smiled.

"It's nothing."

"No, I mean for everything." Rogue looked serious. "You've been there for me. And I am grateful to have you." She kissed him to show her appreciation. Scott remained silent. They then went on to the library to finish their work.

Rogue decided that she would wear her black halter dress. It goes down to her mid-thigh and has a low neckline reason why she cannot wear a bra. The halter ties at the back of her neck. Jubes who's sitting on her bed is really amazed on how she looks. The yellow wonder helped her fix her hair which is now in a loose bun, the white streaks on her hair on the side of her face.

"You look dashing Rogue." Jubes said as she finished. Its 10 minutes before seven. Rogue is now checking on which accessory she can put. She opened her dresser drawer and found Logan's dog tags which he did not want back so she kept it. She pulled it out unconsciously while Jubilee watches her.

"Not that I care but I really think Logan's dog tags won't go with the dress." The comment seemed to put Rogue back to reality and she place the tags back as she picked her earrings and necklace. She remained silent. "Do you love Scott? Why are you forcing yourself to love him?" Out of nowhere, Jubilee asked.

Rogue thought for a moment if she is going to answer the question then knew that she should. "It's so easy to say that I love Scott. I really do you know, but not in the same way I love Logan. You're asking why am I forcing myself to love Scott? Simple. I want to forget. Forget Logan. It's easier that way because it's hard to hope that Logan will love me. Each time my mind recognizes that he loves Jean not me, the pain pierces to my bones. It looks like I'm using Scott to get over him but I'm not. I'm just giving myself a chance to happiness. All my life, I've never been so I want to try it out. I'm not using him to replace Logan, he is irreplaceable. Scott is different and I love him in my own way."

"I hope for your sake that you are right." A knocked made both girls stare at the door. "Here's your date. Have fun."

"Thanks Lee." She opened the door and saw Scott wearing an evening jacket. He offered his arm to her and both went out.

It was past midnight when they returned. After the dinner, they just stayed on the park talking about everything and nothing. Then they headed home. Scott walked Rogue to her room.

"Have I told you that you're beautiful?" he asked.

"Well not for the past five minutes." This is true. Scott has been telling her she's beautiful tonight the entire time they were together. "Thanks again for everything." Gently, she placed a kiss on his lips. She placed her arms around his neck urging him to deepen the kiss. They entered the room without breaking the kiss. When finally the separated, Rogue removed Scott's jacket and his button up long sleeves.

He grabbed Rogue and pulled her to him, kissing her fiercely. He untied his halter as his hands roamed on her body, causing little gasps of pleasure as he kneaded her breasts and pussy. One of her hands found his throbbing member. She massaged it through his pants before unzipping him. His cock was so stiff he thought he would shoot then and there.

"Wait Baby," she said, pulling away. She removed his pants and briefs before settling down between his knees. She took his stiff cock into her mouth, sucking him hard and deep. Scott had never felt anything like it. He had to fight to keep from cumming.

Scott then removed her panty. Rogue wrapped her arms around him and felt the tightness of his muscles. Scott kissed her deeply and she started to moan. He begin touching, kissing and probing her body in unexpected places. Scott's breath has become ragged and forced as he aggressively assaults her body. She became wild, writhing and thrashing - arching her body to meet his touch. "Please Scott, I want you now."

Scott positioned himself to Rogue's entrance. He moved over her, resting his weight on his arms. Her hands went to his chest and she pulled and rolled his nipples between her fingers. His cock went automatically to her waiting wet crease. Sliding into her, she exhaled and rolled her eyes as he filled her up. Slowly he slid in and out of her, pausing at her entrance, then plunging down into her warm silky depths. Her breath came in ragged gulps of air as it rammed into her, and she exhaled as he withdrew it. He bent down to nuzzle her neck and bite her ear lobe...lightly. Her legs went around his hips and her ankles crossed themselves on his behind. She dug her nails into the flesh of his back and he tilted his head back and growled at the feeling while increasing his thrusts into her. Now he was pounding in and out of her in lust and need. Rogue felt Scott's member swell, jerk and pulse... spreading inside her... They shouted each other names as they both reached orgasm.

He slid off to her side. She nestled against him, her head on his shoulder and his arm close about her. He threw the fur throws over to cover them. Their breathing slowed and in time became normal again. "I love you, Rogue." He said after a while only to find out that Rogue has already fallen asleep. Scott kissed her forehead and drifted off.

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