So, here's to the end of Pretending, because I decided not to let you all go through the dreary wait for the next chapter, and the next, and so on. And because this was such fun to write, though I had a bit of a struggle with writer's block. This is unbeta'd, so you can point out the mistakes for me, lol. Spellchecker does the job for me, but some things do go unnoticed. Anyhow, enough of my rambling, on to the reading! :)


"Grimmjow . . . ?" Smaller, slender hands shook the Espada tentatively.

The Sexta barely moved aside from breathing deeply.

The soft voice grew an octave louder. "Grimmjow!"

Grimmjow mumbled incoherently in his sleep, but otherwise remained comatose.

Ichigo grew petulant. "Wake up, Grimmjow!"

Sighing when the Espada turned over to bury into the pillows, Ichigo decided to use his nails. He scratched at the blue haired man's arm, only to be swatted away as Grimmjow rolled back over to face him. Unfortunately, his eyes were still closed.

The uncomfortable feeling was gnawing at him. Ichigo pulled his thankfully large shirt – borrowed from Grimmjow, of course – over his raging erection and pawed at the Espada once more. At least his hard-on didn't hurt, but it would keep popping back up, and Ichigo couldn't get a decent hour's sleep with its niggling presence.

"Grimmjow, please!"

Hands brushed over the Espada's face, scratching at his white Hollow bone mask. Grimmjow groaned and sat up, propping his elbows on the pillow. He could barely make out the ghostly silhouette of his kitten – still with those adorable cat ears – in the pale moonlight.

"Mmm?" He mumbled at the boy, already on the verge of drifting back to sleep. "Go to bed."

"I can't!" Ichigo's tone had a large chunk of panic in it.

"Why not?"


Grabbing Grimmjow's hand, Ichigo led him to feel his hard on with a frantic whimper. It was throbbing now due to neglect. He twitched involuntarily once Grimmjow automatically started pumping him.

"Well, it's alright, this is normal." With his free hand, Grimmjow arranged the pillows behind him so he could lean back, and pulled Ichigo into his lap. "You're a growing boy."

He was about to say 'child', but that wouldn't really suit Ichigo. Besides, he'd already been scratched twice for saying that.

"I know it is!" Ichigo snapped, ears flattening as he wrapped his arms around Grimmjow, trusting him to work his magic. "But I keep getting hard even after I come."

That certainly didn't sound normal. Now fully awake – and decidedly aroused – Grimmjow frowned down at Ichigo's hardened length as he mulled over the situation at hand. Fingers ghosted over his pink tip, applying just the right amount of pressure to make the boy buck his hips and moan.

"How long have you been jerking off?"

Ichigo pouted at him disapprovingly; as if he could tell the time here!

"A long while." Orange ears twitched, and a shortened – but still furry – tail rubbed mischievously against Grimmjow's inner thigh. "It pops back up right after."

"Well, how many times have you . . . ?"

"Eleven." Ichigo said proudly, arching his back as he leaned into Grimmjow for more of that delightful friction. "This makes it my twelfth."

"Let's hope there's not going to be a thirteen." Grimmjow sighed and used his thumb to rub at Ichigo's tip in teasing round circles.

The motion sent marvelous tingles up and down Ichigo's spine. The teenager panted breathlessly into Grimmjow's ear and shuddered as he came, shooting spurts of white seed onto the Espada's chest and his own. A little nervously, Grimmjow watched the orange haired boy drop forward into his chest with a satiated whimper. Relieved, the Espada stroked Ichigo's hair and pushed his sweat matted fringe off his damp forehead.

"There. Now let's get you cleaned up." Grimmjow slid out from under the boy, placing him gently on the bed. "Wait here. I'll bring a washcloth."

"Can we have a bath instead?" Ichigo asked innocently, twitching his ears. "Only I want to be properly cleaned, and it would be lonely without you."

Surprised, Grimmjow chewed on his lower lip and studied the boy. Those words had vaguely sounded like a flirty suggestion, but the Espada couldn't be certain. Perhaps it was the effect of having a human teenager living at such close proximities with him. Still, one short bath with the boy couldn't hurt, would it? Dismissing the vaguely dirty thoughts from all corners of his mind, Grimmjow nodded and was rewarded as Ichigo beamed.

By the time he had reached the bathroom and stripped himself of his clothes, Ichigo was already in the bathtub, stroking himself with half-lidded eyes and approaching his climax with intent to ruin the clean bathwater in the tub.

"Again . . .?" The Sexta massaged his temples.


"Well." Szayel smiled as Grimmjow deposited Ichigo on his wide table and promptly sagged into a conveniently placed chair. "You look enthusiastic as usual."

Grimmjow didn't miss the sarcasm, but he only managed a feeble wave of one hand in reply. He felt the exact opposite of enthusiastic; exhausted was more fitting.

"I hope you aren't giving Grimmjow here any trouble." Szayel waggled a finger in Ichigo's face, chuckling when the boy swished his tail haughtily.

"No trouble at all." Grimmjow muttered into his hands. "I need something for a headache."

Pursing his lips, Szayel looked him over and clacked away to get him some pills. When he clacked his way back, Ichigo was seated in Grimmjow's lap, hands in the Espada's hair, lips just inches from his.

"Swallow these."

Ichigo pouted when Grimmjow pushed him away to reach out for the pills. He was so close to getting a reward for being good, too! Aiming a petulant glare at the pink haired Espada, Ichigo turned his attention back to Grimmjow in a huff.

"Alright, so do I want to know what happened?" Szayel hopped up to sit on his steel countertop. "You look like you haven't slept in days."

Grimmjow made a face at him as he sipped water from a glass. "You promised not to pry."

"If it's got something to do with this little imp here, then you should understand that you've made it my business."

Said imp haughtily regarded Szayel with a scornful look and fiddled with Grimmjow's black collar. "I'm not an imp."

Szayel tapped the steel countertop impatiently and watched his fellow Espada sag into the chair like he had no energy left to even sit up straight. Ichigo bounced in his lap, tail happily curling and uncurling around Grimmjow's wrist. His ears flattened as he nuzzled against Grimmjow's cheek.

"Is there something you should have warned me about human heat cycles?" Grimmjow groaned as Ichigo tried sneaking his hands past the waistband of his pants. "Not now, Ichigo!"

Szayel struggled to keep a straight face as Ichigo pouted and slid off Grimmjow's lap with a fairly disgruntled look.

He decided to prompt Grimmjow gently. "I'm not quite sure what to tell you unless you let me know what happened. The boy is at a volatile stage, and that leaves him very vulnerable to the changes that may or may not affect him due to the untested chemicals I experimented on him."

"He's horny." Grimmjow mumbled from behind his hands. "Horny like there's no tomorrow, but it seems like it only happens during the night, when I'm closer to him, or maybe it's because we share the same bed. I can't stand it. All of a sudden, it's like he's turned into a seductive monster. I'm just not used to this abrupt forwardness. He's teasing me. I don't want to do anything that might . . . you know."

"And why not?"

Shocked, Grimmjow looked up to see Szayel's mischievous smile. "He's a kid!"

"That's never stopped you before. Look at it this way; after all of this wears off, he'll turn back into the same Kurosaki Ichigo who fought with you and nearly destroyed you."

Glaring, Grimmjow stood up. "I didn't come here to talk about the past, alright?"

"It's time for you to accept things. That's how it happened; we've all been defeated and beat up one way or another."

"Ichigo, we're leaving." Grimmjow said in a tone that suggested he was done with talking.

From the far end of the laboratory, Ichigo tapped on a glass tank that contained a writhing Hollow-like creature. It lunged at him from the other side of the glass, and thin black ropes wound around its slimy body, dragging it backward into the murky water. Ichigo mewled, intimidated by the sharp teeth on the creature.

"It looks like it wants to come out." Ichigo called as he inched closer toward the tank.

"Leave it alone, and it won't." Szayel waggled a finger at him. "Be a good boy."

To Grimmjow, Szayel whispered. "You rescued him. He's grateful to your for that, but I can tell it's not the only reason why he's adamant about staying here with you. Why do you think you're lacking something he deserves? It's glaringly obvious that the boy likes you the way you are."

"Yeah, but this isn't how I want it to turn out!" Grimmjow hissed back, trying to keep his voice low so Ichigo wouldn't overhear. "Think about it; I'm also in a tough spot here. What would he see in me, anyway? I'm just some Arrancar he shouldn't be friends with, let alone sharing a room. And don't even talk about baths together; those are just . . . I'm getting ahead of myself here."

Szayel sauntered away to refill Grimmjow's glass with a small vial of light blue powder. He added some water and stirred. When he clacked his way back, he wore a pensive expression on his face.

"What the heck is this?" Grimmjow took the proffered glass and sniffed. A faint smell of mixed fruit tickled his nostrils. "Chemicals?"

"Something like that. It calms your nerves." Szayel waved a hand and gestured for him to drink it. "Listen, I think what you're really feeling is confusion right about now. What really surprises me is that you didn't go any further with him. You know, since yesterday when you just vanished out of here with the boy. It shows you really care about him. Can I remind you of something, though?"

Grimmjow looked away, focusing on a viscous bubbling liquid in a beaker nearby. ". . . Only if it's not embarrassing."

"Since when did you become so self-conscious anyway?" Szayel mused aloud. "The boy really has changed you, you know. Don't give me that look. I do observe you; it's my duty as a scientist."

Flipping him a choice finger in hopes of getting his silent message across, Grimmjow sagged back into his chair. He took a few sips of the drink and decided he liked it before gulping the rest down.

"He's not made of glass." Tugging his gloves off, Szayel smirked. "You treat him like he's a fragile thing who needs help all the time. I can't tell if you're in denial about your desire for the boy or simply just afraid of hurting him."

Grimmjow's face flamed. "I – I'm not . . . I don't have feelings like that for him!"

Annoyed, Szayel threw his gloves in the Sexta's face. "Why do you keep rejecting it? It's not going to make your feelings go away, you idiot!"

"Did you just call me an idiot?"

"Don't change the subject! You and I both know," hissed Szayel, struggling to keep his tone just above a whisper. "That you harbor feelings for him. Hell, I think you love him. There, I said it. Now will you please come to your senses or do I have to shake you repeatedly?"

Inwardly cursing his seemingly newfound ability to blush, Grimmjow gritted his teeth in frustration and avoided Szayel's piercing gaze. He took a deep breath and willed himself to calm down. Szayel was right, just like he always was, but Grimmjow didn't have to like it. He wondered how someone as irritating – but cute – as Ichigo could make him change drastically in a number of ways; and in such a short time, too. Ichigo himself had changed an awful lot, from a blushing teenager to a petulant, needy boy with cat ears. It took some time getting used to, and Grimmjow felt awkward around this new Ichigo. Gone were the days when he could just swagger up to him and demand a fight, be it fists or swords.

Szayel was saying something, snapping his fingers in front of his face. ". . . alright?"

"I'm alright." Grimmjow yanked himself out of his daze and stared up at Szayel. "Let's say I do love him. But how can you tell? How did you tell?"

"For heaven's sake, it doesn't take a village idiot to notice something so palpable. Honestly, just think about the way you act around him. And judging by how he acts around you, it's pretty clear you're the only one for him."

Puzzled, Grimmjow massaged his temples. A small part of him rejoiced in his vanishing headache, but he brushed that trivial thought aside. He supposed he could always thank the Octavo later on. Still, he didn't like the way Szayel seemed to know about everything going on right under his nose before he realized it. It irked him, but he figured there really was nothing much he could do about it. Obliviousness was sometimes a gift. And ignorance was bliss, they said. Grimmjow wasn't sure who came up with that saying, but that creator was a genius.

"Can you do something about his . . . enthusiasm?" Grimmjow gestured to his nether regions, chewing on his bottom lip. "He's depriving me of sleep every night with . . . that."

Szayel couldn't help bursting out into laughter. "It's hormones, I suppose. Nothing for it; just let nature take its course. If you look at it scientifically, he's a budding teenager going through puberty. This is just a phase he'll eventually grow out of, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a negative thing. On the bright side, I've been working hard at his antidote, so it looks like tonight will be your last with him. I believe it's safe to send him home tomorrow."

Rummaging around in one of his steel cabinets, Szayel produced a bottle of light pink cream. Dropping it into Grimmjow's lap, he smiled benevolently at his fellow Espada's questioning look. The Sexta regarded him with a cautious expression, but didn't bother asking.

Grimmjow took a few minutes to process this recent piece of information. "Tomorrow; so soon? That was quick. You said it would take at least a couple of days or so."

Szayel looked at him like he had grown an extra head. "Yes. It has been a couple days. I'm guessing spending time with the boy has made time pass quicker now, am I right? No, don't speak; I know you're only going to deny it again."

The Sexta ran a hand through his wavy blue hair and spoke in a dazed manner. "Our last night, huh."

"Just take the boy and go. I can hear the cogs and wheels turning in your mind." Szayel hoisted Grimmjow bodily out of his chair and steered him to the door. "Ichigo, time to play with Grimmjow!"

". . . Did you have to put it like that?"

As the happy teenager raced for Grimmjow's waiting arms, Szayel managed a quick wink and a few last words of advice.

"Use the lotion I gave you. It helps. A whole lot."

Regardless of what Szayel had told him, Grimmjow still couldn't bring himself to advance to the next level with the boy. Ichigo had pestered him the rest of the day with small kisses on his cheeks, nose, and requested cuddles at the most absurd times in the most ridiculous places. He had insisted on tailing Grimmjow wherever he went, and resorted to petulant pouts as well as assiduous teary expressions that the Sexta couldn't bear refusing. The orange haired boy would persist on hugging Grimmjow's arm and generally invading his personal space under the excuse of 'being in a new environment', something Grimmjow clearly interpreted as a barefaced lie.

Tired of Ichigo dragging him into open spots just to throw his arms around his neck and reward him with delighted mewls – that sent the blood flowing southward to Grimmjow's loins – and chaste kisses, the Sexta carted Ichigo into a seemingly deserted corridor and pushed him up against a marble pillar.

"Listen; let me set something straight with you." Grimmjow exhaled a breath of exasperation. "I don't really know what you think you're playing at, but I want you to stop stringing me around like this. It's annoying and I can't stand it anymore. What do you want from me?"

To the Espada's utter dismay, Ichigo surprised expression morphed into one of pure hurt. His ears flattened with an air of disappointment and his tail drooped from where it had been curling around Grimmjow's wrist. Honey brown eyes were downcast and pooled with tears that threatened to fall down his flushed cheeks. Rendered immobile, Grimmjow panicked inwardly for a full five minutes as he struggled to come up with something appropriate to say.

"Y – You don't like me?" Ichigo whispered hesitantly, his voice trembling as he stood staring up into Grimmjow's blue eyes with his own as wide as saucers.

"No, it's just . . ." Grimmjow trailed off, trying to choose his words carefully. "I don't . . ."

His lower lip quivering, Ichigo let one tear fall. He felt the blood seep from his face as he took in the boy's expression.

"I do! I do like you!" Grimmjow blurted out before he could stop himself. "But I just don't like it when you keep pestering me every day. You didn't use to, but now with this new change, I'm not finding it at a very comfortable level . . ."

Smaller hands pushed against his chest, sending him backwards in one fluid motion. Ichigo darted out from the Espada's grasp and ran away down the corridor, ears flat against his head. Grimmjow was certain he heard a soft sob before the boy vanished around a convenient corner.

Leaning his head against the cool marble, Grimmjow hit it with his fists. His feelings and thoughts alike were in a jumbled mess now, and there was nothing he wanted to do other than abuse something – or someone – for it. Most of all, he was furious with himself for fumbling with words; his pride as an Espada usually kept him from acting like an immature overgrown brat with a sword. And to lose his composure at a crucial time with the most important thing in his life – he really needed to set things straight before the boy had to be sent home.

Clenching his fists with newfound determination, the Sexta spun on his heel and started at a brisk jog in the direction his kitten had escaped to. Quick-thinking, Grimmjow sent out a small bit of his reiatsu to seek out Ichigo's and give himself a clue as to where Ichigo was currently hiding.

He wheeled around a few short pillars and dived behind one, finally managing to spot his beloved sitting crouched with his head in his knees. From the heaving of his shoulders and the wilt to his usually perky ears, Grimmjow could tell he was in tears. Kneeling down, the Espada scooped Ichigo into his arms, tightening his grip when the teen tried to push him away.

"You've misunderstood, you big idiot." Grimmjow murmured into his hair. "You drive me crazy and I think it's safe to say I've aged a few decades with having you around. But I don't hate it, because Szayel made me realize that you're the most important thing in the world and all of Hueco Mundo to me."

Ichigo wheezed into his chest, but didn't say anything.

Grimmjow deemed it safe to continue. "I've been running away from my feelings, and you were just showing me yours. I even made you cry. I'm so sorry. Okay?"

Ichigo's head snapped up as he pulled away from the embrace. "I – I can't just let it slide like that!"

He was pouting now; another mask for his teasing ritual, but Grimmjow felt immensely relieved that the tears had stopped flowing. "I'm not used to having someone special. It's something totally alien to me. I may look versatile, but truthfully, I just like pretending. It gives me a cool exterior that makes me look good in front of you. I don't deserve you, I really don't."

Ochre eyes met cerulean ones, and Ichigo reached up to pull Grimmjow in for a kiss, one that lasted for good while and involved lots of tongue. It was the deepest kiss they had ever ventured with each other, and both had flushed cheeks when they broke apart.

"So you have to resort to pretending, too." Ichigo murmured shyly. "Well, so do I, but you always seem to see through me."

Grimmjow tilted his head and smiled. "No, I don't. Most of the time I just keep guessing, anyway."

"No more pretending?"

"Yes." Grimmjow agreed wholeheartedly. "No more pretending."

Swallowing nervously, Ichigo reached out with his tail and curled it tentatively around Grimmjow's wrist. In response, the Espada pulled him into his lap for another heated kiss. They broke apart and paused for a few seconds, watching each other with lust mirrored in their eyes. Slowly, as if testing waters, Ichigo leaned in and pressed his mouth against the Sexta's, allowing himself to succumb to Grimmjow's warmth. Tongues swirled and fought for dominance as the kiss grew into a more possessive feel. Ears twitching, Ichigo moaned wantonly against Grimmjow's lips and produced a satisfied smile from the Espada. It didn't matter that they were human –turned feline – and Arrancar; right now both had a pressing urge to be connected as one. Ichigo whimpered as his erection grazed Grimmjow's muscled stomach in his haste to slide upward, itching to be closer to the Espada. He rolled his hips to get more of that delicious friction.

"Eager, aren't you?" Grimmjow clamped down on the sensitive skin of Ichigo's neck, biting hard enough to draw blood. "Are you really in heat, or are you just pretending?"

Gritting his teeth at the sudden roughness, Ichigo pressed up against Grimmjow's forehead and tugged at his collar. "That hurt, you bastard."

Surprised, Grimmjow chuckled. "And here I thought you'd changed."

"Maybe I was just pretending."

Aroused, Grimmjow responded with a low, feral growl, whipping Ichigo around for a swift position change. The teen bumped his head against the hard pillar, earning Grimmjow an indignant glare for that. The glare soon turned into an expression of absolute longing when the Sexta let his hands slide down from Ichigo's shoulders to his stomach, trailing southward under the guise of peeling off his white jacket. Nimble fingers deftly undid the front of Ichigo's pants, tugging the black waistband that came with it out of the way. Trying not to make embarrassing sounds, Ichigo bit his lip as his cock was enveloped with the warmth of Grimmjow's hand. The Sexta gave him a knowing look, accompanied by one of his sexy trademark smirks. Ichigo narrowed his eyes at that and bucked his hips to wordlessly tell Grimmjow to get a move on.

After pinching and tugging at Ichigo's nipples, Grimmjow leaned over to take a pert bud between his teeth, nipping gently and licking the sensitive, quickly reddening flesh with relish. He smirked, satisfied with the mewl Ichigo produced due to his ministrations. Tickling the orange haired teen's abdominal muscles with his nails, Grimmjow made sure to slowly trail his fingers down from Ichigo's nipple to his erect cock, bathing in the wanton whimpers the boy was trying so hard to stifle. He rewarded him with an open mouthed kiss, drawing a pathway with his lips from Ichigo's mouth to his cheek, then to his neck, where he made quick work of the unmarked skin with hungry bites and lascivious sucking sounds. Using his teeth, Grimmjow nibbled his way up to Ichigo's ear, and the boy moaned as he felt hot breath tickling his overly sensitive skin.

His arousal heightened, Ichigo gasped as Grimmjow's long, rough fingers ghosted over his cock before massaging his gradually swelling balls. Beneath the Sexta, Ichigo writhed, loving the intensity in Grimmjow's eyes and the pleasant feeling of a building orgasm pooling in the heat of his lower stomach. He had always received attention from Grimmjow, but having the Espada's eyes trained on him with a definite air of lust darkening his cerulean orbs was turning him on like no porn video ever could.

Grimmjow started back on his neck, sucking on his skin until he reached Ichigo's Adam's apple. Using his tongue, he lapped at the exposed skin beneath it, alternating between gentle nipping with his teeth and circular motions with his tongue. Ichigo was lost in a pleasure filled haze of bliss, eliciting moans as Grimmjow explored his erogenous zones. There was a short pause as Grimmjow straightened up, spreading Ichigo's legs apart so he could lower himself down to little Ichigo, who was currently being neglected.

Big Ichigo gasped and clutched at his robes on the ground when he felt Grimmjow's mouth envelope him. With experienced strokes of his tongue, Grimmjow hollowed out his cheeks and suck on Ichigo like his life depended on it. The teen bucked his hips and threaded his fingers in Grimmjow's thick blue hair, squeezing his eyes shut as waves of ecstasy rolled over him. He was so close to coming, and Grimmjow was doing a fairly good job at making him produce sounds he would never make even while wanking in the privacy of his own bedroom in Karakura. Somehow the wide open space of Las Noches provided a thrill that upped the erotic atmosphere; anyone could stumble upon them in this forbidden state, and one could only guess how it would snowball from there. Ichigo released a series of moans as the Sexta tugged on his scrotum, sucking the tip of his rock hard cock with a determined air.

"Ah, I can't . . . take it . . ." Ichigo panted breathlessly, his fingers clawing at Grimmjow's hair. "Uhn, please . . .!"

The Sexta wasn't about to let him come so easily, at least not until he'd finished playing with the boy. He used his teeth to graze the tip of Ichigo's cock, snickering when the teen jumped and blushed from the unfamiliar sensation. Pressing a finger against the sensitive nub of skin between Ichigo's swollen sacs and his pink puckered hole, Grimmjow proceeded to knead his moaning kitten into his very first orgasmic oblivion.

"I'm not allowing you to come just yet, kit."

To Ichigo's dismay, Grimmjow used his discarded waist sash as a substitute for a cock ring, tying the black fabric around his weeping, reddened cock.

"Y – You can't . . .!" Please!"

Ichigo's pleading whimper went ignored as Grimmjow focused on springing his own erection free from his clothing, slipping off his loosened white pants with the graceful ease of the true carnivore he really was. From his eye level with the Sexta towering above him on his knees, Ichigo tried to imagine Grimmjow's big, thick shaft inside him, and felt spikes of hot desire mixed with nervousness tingle up and down his spine. He wasn't sure he could take it, wasn't even certain if it could work, but even with his lack of experience, he placed his trust entirely in Grimmjow.

"Suck." Grimmjow commanded in a husky tone, placing a hand behind Ichigo's head and bringing him forward.

Having never done this kind of thing before, Ichigo was at a loss of how to begin. Still, he didn't want to look like a complete amateur in front of Grimmjow. Nervously, he opened his mouth and swallowed the tip of the Sexta's cock. Feeling the wonderful sensation of Ichigo's mouth enveloping him, Grimmjow yanked on the teen's orange ears, earning a gasp and a low moan that caused the walls of Ichigo's mouth to vibrate around his cock. The erotic vibes sent heat filled pleasure zinging through the Espada. Ichigo gathered that Grimmjow liked what he was doing so far, which boosted his courage. He tried to remember what the Sexta had done to him, and felt his own tied-up cock give an answering twitch at the memory.

For a whiny, petulant kitten, Grimmjow figured he had a good mouth when it came to sucking cock – even if it was his first time. And it was marvelous how he could simply arouse Ichigo by tugging on his ears. Amid the waves of pleasure flooding his veins, a thread of thought popped up in his mind; what if he were to tug on Ichigo's tail instead? Reaching down, Grimmjow slid his hand down and tried to grasp Ichigo's tail, but the teen flicked his orange tail just out of reach, as if taunting the Espada. Narrowing his eyes, Grimmjow brought his hand down on Ichigo's perfectly rounded rump with a sharp smack.

His kitten's reaction was amusing, to say the least. Ichigo jumped, mewled, and tried to wrench himself away, but Grimmjow kept a steady hand on the back of his head. Compelled into staying in place, the teen had no other choice but to continue sucking.

"Uhn." Ichigo moaned around his cock, swirling his tongue in a circular motion like Grimmjow had done.

Satisfied with his kitten's obedience, Grimmjow managed to get a firm grasp on Ichigo's tail. The teen meekly lifted his hips and pushed his tail further into Grimmjow's hand. The friction felt good; far better than it had when the Sexta's hands were on his cock. His ears twitched as he slid his tail in and out of Grimmjow's big, warm hand, feeling the rough calluses that were so experienced with sword wielding.

To Ichigo's surprise, Grimmjow abruptly pulled out of his mouth with a loud pop. He kept his hand on Ichigo's tail, however, gently massaging the muscle beneath the fur as he glided down to the base of his kitten. Quickly realizing their positions were getting a tad bit too awkward for him to continue, Grimmjow grasped Ichigo's shoulders and steered him around so he was facing the pillar with his back to him. Ichigo turned around with his ears twitching curiously, wondering what he was going to do.

"Be good." Grimmjow whispered, keeping up his massage on Ichigo's tail.

His kitten complied without objection, biting his lower lip as he felt zings of ecstasy slide up and down his spine in a gratifying buzz. When Grimmjow multitasked by grazing the base of Ichigo's tail with his fingers and stroking his tied-up cock, the teen arched his back and shuddered with ecstasy at the stimulating sensation.

"Ah! Please . . .!"

Raising an eyebrow, Grimmjow leaned over to nibble on the back of his kitten's neck. His plan was to work Ichigo up into a pleasure filled frenzy before allowing him to explode, but he couldn't last much longer himself. Pressing his finger at Ichigo's pink entrance, Grimmjow used his other hand to slide around and squeeze the tip of the teen's cock between his fingers and thumb. The outcome thrilled him to bits; Ichigo writhed and moaned, pushing back into Grimmjow with a starved expression.

"Hurry, Grimmjow!"

The Sexta couldn't help noticing that every short sentence Ichigo uttered was ended with an invisible exclamation mark. His kitten was so adorable, especially when teased to a certain extent. Grimmjow rather liked finding out about Ichigo like this. It set a glowing fire in the sea of blood pooling in his loins. As aroused as he was, Grimmjow took care not to hurt his kitten despite the wanton moans and passionate stares Ichigo was shooting in his direction. Pushing one finger into Ichigo's hole, Grimmjow wiggled it around experimentally. The teen chewed on his lower lip as he adjusted to the strange feeling of someone else's finger worming its way inside him. Then the Sexta added another digit, and another, and Ichigo never felt so grateful for the god who invented fingers. His mind was a jumbled mess as Grimmjow calmly prepared him by stretching him out with practiced fingers.

Despite the dull throbbing pain of having his hole invaded, Ichigo basked in the searing heat that trickled through his veins, setting his nerves on blissful fire. He barely noticed when Grimmjow extracted his fingers and replaced them with his cock instead. Ichigo whimpered when he finally felt the thickness pulsing into his warm heat as Grimmjow thrusted slowly, trying his best not to go too fast. All his reason promptly evaporated in the desert air as Ichigo undulated his hips and began clawing at the sand and his clothes, desperate for more of Grimmjow.

"So good." Ichigo paid no mind to the tears pooling in his eyes. "More, Grimmjow, more!"

Grimmjow changed his pace, thrusting quicker at Ichigo's request. The amazing warmth of being in Ichigo and the tight feeling of having his walls pressing around his cock from all sides was sending his nerves haywire. The teen arched his back once more, gripping his discarded robes with clenched fists as Grimmjow pulsed in and out of him, providing the ultimate friction he needed – no, wanted, so badly. Faster and faster Grimmjow went, savoring the lewd sound of the slapping of skin against skin, accompanied by Ichigo's moaning, which he was certain had risen an octave louder since the foreplay. The teen's breathless gasping and constant gripping of his robes indicated his high level of arousal was beginning to reach the plateau. Grimmjow paused only to flip Ichigo onto his back unceremoniously before thrusting into him for more of his tight heat. The increased tension and arousal sent Ichigo into a silently moaning mess as he felt his orgasm build up inside, ready to blow. Grimmjow panted against his neck, already close.

Finally, as Grimmjow thrusted into Ichigo, he remembered to tug off the black sash that was tied around the base of his cock. The effect was immediate. Ichigo cried out as he came, stars blinding his vision beneath his shut eyelids as his blunt nails clawed red streaks on Grimmjow's muscled back. The teen shivered like jelly under Grimmjow's weight as the Sexta collapsed on top of him after coming inside him.

"That was . . ." Ichigo struggled to find the right words to say. "Incredible!"

"It was." Grimmjow agreed into Ichigo's neck, breathing in the scent of his kitten.

Ichigo wrapped his arms around his Espada's neck and chuckled. "You know, I actually feel like myself again."

Frowning, Grimmjow propped himself up on his elbows to look at Ichigo. Something was missing. He scanned Ichigo's face with an air of concentration. Nothing wrong there. Handsome and beautiful, especially without the scowl, but still the same nonetheless. And then he checked his ears, which were missing.

"It's gone!" Grimmjow exclaimed.

"What is?" Ichigo sat up, bumping his forehead on the Sexta's chin. "What's gone?"

"Your ears."

Ecstatic and shocked at the same time, Ichigo blinked, feeling around on his head for his feline attachments. They were indeed missing. The teen was delighted to find out that his tail was gone, too. Grimmjow shared his grin of happiness when their eyes locked. The happy ambience soon gave way to awkwardness as they realized their state of undress.

"Um, we'd better get our clothes on."

"Yeah, I'll just . . . pull my pants back up . . ."

As Grimmjow slid his clothes back on properly, he wondered what Szayel would say about this revelation. Part of him wanted to keep the boy with him here in Las Noches, where he could keep him safe and show him that Hueco Mundo really wasn't the place Ichigo thought it was – first impressions always sucked. Grimmjow understood that his world had nothing significant to offer Ichigo, but he didn't like the idea of having to return what was now his property. The Sexta steeled himself up to tell Ichigo the truth. He did deserve to know, after all.

"You're going home tomorrow, just so you know."

Ochre eyes widened and turned into an accusing stare. "But I –!"

"Please understand, Ichigo." Grimmjow wrapped his arms around the teen, bringing him in close for a warm hug. "I want you to stay here with me for eternity, but that's not going to happen anytime soon with Aizen around."

Shoulders slumped, the orange haired Shinigami regarded Grimmjow with sad eyes. "Yeah. Yeah, I know."

"Don't look so depressed, idiot." Grimmjow gave Ichigo a light smack on the side of his head. "You're going home; everything will return to normal. You'll walk the streets of your home town again. Doesn't that make you happy?"

To his surprise, Ichigo shook his head. "Can't I stay?"

Loudly, Grimmjow objected. "You're being stupid; you've got your whole life ahead of you and you want to spend time here in the land of the Dead? Wake up already. It's not possible for a human to live here."

Ichigo was about to protest some more, but Grimmjow cut him off by pulling him closer and claiming his conveniently opened mouth. The kiss was full of his unspoken emotion as he carded his fingers through spiky orange hair. He didn't care for subtleties. Ichigo should have grasped that much.

"The longer you stay in your Shinigami form, the easier it will be for you to get warped inside it." The Sexta broke the kiss and smirked at Ichigo's flushed face. "Besides, it doesn't matter how far apart our worlds are, Shinigami."

He ran a hand down the side of Ichigo's cheek and leaned down to whisper into his ear, which was turning red with embarrassment.

"You're still mine, Ichigo."