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Meeting the second Boy Wonder

In Jump City, everything was peaceful, until the bank was blown through the front. The police then went to it, but was sent back flying as Dr. Light, a man with a short beard, a thin build, and having a powered up suit, glared down at the downed police.

"Sorry about that, friends. But I had to brighten up the mood." Dr. Light said with a chuckle as he held the stolen money, but then a bird-a-rang hit near him, imbedding itself into a wall. "Hmm?" He asked, as the turned to see someone kick him in the face.

The figure had to be no older then 10 with short black hair, a mostly red jumpsuit with a hidden symbol on the right side of his chest, a black and yellow cape, and a mask over his eyes, green gloves and boots, and slightly pale skin. He smirked as he says "Lights out, bulb-head." He then gets out a grappling hook and swung away.

(A few minutes later)

The Titans arrived by car. The first out was a tall, African-American teen with a almost all robotic body and a glowing red right eye and a blue human eye. He looked and says "Yo Robin, did someone beat us here?"

The next teen out had spiked up black hair, a red and green jumpsuit, a yellow and black cape, green gloves and boots. He looked and around and says "Looks like it Cyborg. Call up Raven to see if she can find out who got to Dr. Light first."

Cyborg then saw something on the wall near by. "Yo Robin, what's this?" He got it out and saw it was the bird-a-rang. "You sure you weren't here, Rob?"

"I'm sure Cyborg, why?" asked Robin.

"Because someone has your choice in gadgets." Cyborg then hands the bird-a-rang to Robin, who looked it over.

"Lets get back to the Tower, maybe we can see if it isn't a bad replica." Robin said as they entered the car.


At the tower, Robin and Cyborg were doing some tests on the bird-a-rang they found at the bank. Then three people entered the room. The first was a orange-skinned girl with long red hair, green eyes (both the iris and cornea), a purple tank top and skirt, long gray boots, and long gray gloves. This is Starfire, Robin's girlfriend.

Next to her was a green-skinned, elf-eared teen with dark green hair, green eyes, a sharp tooth showing, a purple and black jumpsuit, and gray gloves and boots. This is Beast Boy, the changeling of the group.

The last one was a gray-skinned girl with purple eyes, dark hair, a blue jumpsuit with a long, blue robe over her body. She had a strange little diamond-shaped dot on her forehead, like she had a connection there. This is Raven, the group's sorceress.

Raven then asks, "Got anything?"

"Not yet." Cyborg said with a sigh. "so far, we're not seeing anything fake in it."

"So it's a real deal one?" asked Beast Boy. He then looked around and asks "Or maybe Robin has some sort of secret brother that is in the city right now, fighting crime behind our backs."

"Trust me, Beast Boy. If I had a brother, I would've known." Robin said. "It's more then likely Red X."

"You sure?" asked Beast Boy. "I heard you were partners with Batman, right?"

"Bat-who?" asked Starfire, confused.

"You don't know who Batman is?" asked Cyborg, confused.

"No, why?" asked Starfire, confused.

"Dude, Batman is, like, one of the greatest heroes on earth!" said Beast Boy as a thought bubble appeared; showing Batman with the Justice league. "Batman is a master detective, a founding member of the Justice league and…" The bubble popped by Robin poking it with a pin

"My father." Sighed Robin, as everyone turned to him. "Not by birth, but he took me in after my parents died."

"Dude…" said Beast Boy, surprised.

"Robin…" Starfire said in worry as Robin turned to the screen and continued to type until the alarm rang.

"Trouble. Titans, go!" said Robin as they all ran out.


At a shaddy part of town, Fang the spider-headed teen was fighting someone. It was the kid from before, who was doing a pretty good fight with the spider-freak. "How can a kid like you be this good?"

"I'm Robin, what did you expect?" asked the kid with a smirk as he does a roundhouse kick.

"Your 'Robin', huh?" laughed Fang as he shot some web at the kid, pinning him to a wall.

"Yeah, and why is that funny?" asked the kid, ripping through the webbing with his birdarang.

"Because that's Robin." Said Fang, pointing behind the kid, who saw the Titans.

The kid, who calls himself robin as well, looked at them and asks "And you guys are?"

"The Teen Titans." Beast Boy said as he laughed. "Aw, isn't that cute? Robin has a little fan."

"'Fan'?" asked the kid, insulted. "Watch it, green-boy. Or else someone is gonna end up with a broken wrist."

Robin then took a good look at the kid and says "He is dressed a lot like me. Who are you?"

"I'M Robin, the Boy Wonder, and you are?" asked the kid.

"I'm actually Robin." Said the teen, as the two looked at each other calmly, as Fang glared.

"Great, two Robins. Like one wasn't annoying enough." Sighed Fang, but that got him blasted by a starbolt from Starfire.

Robin then says, "Raven, mind getting him pinned." Raven nods as she concentrated.

"Azarath metrion zinthos!" suddenly the near-by pipes glow with a dark aura and tie up Fang in them, much to his annoyance.

The kid and Robin looked at each other closely. "Alright kid, who are you really?"

"He is one of the Robins, Dick." Said a voice as everyone turned to see a shocking sight. On a rooftop was a man in a gray jumpsuit with a black bat symbol on his chest, black gloves and boots, and a cape connected to a bat-themed cowl. His eyes were blank as he looked down at them.

"Batman…" Robin whispered, surprised to see his old mentor again.

End of Chapter 1

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