A/N: Set loosely around season 6 and 7... and the cat is off on another challenge...this time with a partner ^_^ The Double Tag Team it! Challenge offered a chance to work with another author in creating a story based around two particular characters saving someone else who is in trouble. We took it a step further...and so without further ado:

Comatose: The Continuing Adventures of LJ Tibbs


Dr. Donald Mallard, more commonly known as 'Ducky', sighed as he slowly slid the cold chamber shut.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning dear boy." He stated softly. "Sleep well."

He shuffled over to his desk and slid on his brown trench coat, along with his hat.

Once all the lights were shut off, he slowly made his way towards the elevator. He pressed the 'up' button and awaited its arrival. A few moments later, the doors slid open, 'dinging' as they did.

"Ducky!" Abby exclaimed excitedly. She seemed excited, yet her eyes were tired and her smile was drooping. The worry was evident in her tired features.

"Hello Abigail." Ducky greeted as he stepped on to the elevator with her.

"I was going to the hospital to-"

"No, no, no Abigail." Ducky interrupted her. "You go home and get some rest."

"Well are you going?" She asked as the elevator stopped at the squadroom.

"Maybe for a little while, Dear, but you need your rest." He told her as they stepped out.

He wasn't at all surprised to find Timothy, Tony and Ziva still sitting at their desks, working away.

"You need rest, too, though Duck!" Abby exclaimed, catching the attention of the agents.

"Hey Ducky." Tony greeted quietly, his voice lowered due to the dim atmosphere. (The only lights were coming from the agents' desk lamps)

"Hello Anthony." Said Ducky. "And Ziva, Timothy." He nodded their direction.

"Hi Ducky." Ziva smiled at him.

McGee did nothing but nod as he continued typing away on his computer. Ducky exchanged a worried glance with Tony.

Ever since the horrid tragedy that took place so many months ago, Timothy had been the lead of the MCRT, much to his chagrin. Tony, who had almost indefinitely softened in the past months, and Ziva both had all the faith in the world in him. (As did Ducky, Abby and Palmer) McGee was terrified out of his mind. He was just the Probie! He couldn't lead this team!


McGee glanced up from his desk, (having refused to take over Gibbs' desk)

"Yeah?" He replied absentmindedly.

"Are you alright?" Ducky asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Duck." McGee told him. Ducky obviously did not believe McGee's uncertain answer, and walked behind the desk, placing his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"Timothy, maybe you should go home." He offered.

McGee shook his head, "I'm not going anywhere. We have to…To finish this case."

Ducky was about to protest, but stopped when he saw Tony shaking his head.

"Well goodnight all." Ducky waved as he made his way to the elevator. "I'll see you all tomorrow."


Ducky sighs as he prepares to enter Room 213B. It hurts more and more when he enters this room. As the days passed into months he'd hoped that they would see some improvement by now. The head injuries that put his friend into the coma have healed; yet the man refuses to wake up.

The nurse on duty smiles at his dedication to the man lying unresponsive on the bed. He shows her the book he's bringing in and she gives a soft exclamation.

"I hadn't realized the newest one was out yet."

"It's not officially. The author is waiting to see what happens in the next few days or months to determine how just how the book will end. I thought that maybe if I started to read to Jethro, it might bring a spark back and make him want to live to see the ending."

"It's a good possibility Ducky. They say that even when you're in a coma you can hear what's going on around you. I'll bring in an easy chair for you and maybe a little table so that you'll be more comfortable." The nurse leaves and Ducky turns his attention to Gibbs.

"Well thank you my dear. Do you hear that Jethro? An easy chair and even a side table for me and a nice little tale for you. Did I tell you that Timothy has written a third book? It's still based around the LJ Tibbs team and I must say, that Anthony and Ziva are quite excited about their roles in it this time around; or perhaps should I call them Agents Tommy and Lisa.

"Abigail and Mr. Palmer have both stated that although they don't like what has happened to Agent Tibbs, they do appreciate the way Timothy's book is treating their characters as well. Personally Jethro, our little writer is growing up if I do say so myself."

The nurse comes back in and Ducky places the book on the bed as he helps her set up the small area so that he can have a comfortable place to read. She then asks if he'd like anything to drink. Smiling, Ducky asks her for his usual and she smiles back at him. After bringing him a cup of his traditional Earl Grey tea, the nurse heads for her station and Ducky then places his glasses and the book on the table.

Glancing at the still figure on the bed, Ducky sighs and allows himself one more touch on Gibbs' wrist, to reassure himself that Gibbs still lives. Wiping his eyes, he clears his throat and takes a sip of tea before sitting down, putting his glasses back on and opening the book.

"Regardless, I think you might enjoy the tale too Jethro. After all LJ Tibbs has quite an impact in this particular story; almost as much as your absence has impacted the team.

"What do I mean? Well, Jethro, not only has Timothy written this book, which he's quite appropriately titled Comatose: The Continuing Adventures of LJ Tibbs; he's been given command of the MCRT."

A/N: Hmm...yep, that's right as some of you may have guessed, the majority of what is going on or what has happened will be told through Tim's newest book as Ducky reads it to Gibbs...and so now dear reader, we go on to the next chapter...