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Happy Endings


Raven and Terra finished assisting the soul reapers in gathering Talsein's followers. Raven asked them if it was okay to let them stay in Russia and in their home. A few of the captains denied raven's request but soon Hanako contacted them and told them to let the followers go seeing as they're no longer a threat without Talsein.

When Captain Soi Fon disobeyed her orders, Hanako warned her in a threatening tone to listen to her or else. Raven saw this send somekind of chill down everyone's spine for some reason and Soi Fon listen to her.

I didn't know why they were afraid but ignored it. The soul reapers knocked the followers out and left to rebuild the soul society leaving me and terra behind to wait for Ronin and Isamu to return. As we waited we saw someone approaching, terra thought it was Ronin but I soon sensed it was someone else.

It was slade and he had Misa on his right shoulder as we walked towards to terra and raven. "Hello girls did you have fun cleaning up this mess?" asked slade as he gently put Misa down.

Raven saw Misa unconscious and thought slade killed her. "What did you do to her slade?" asked raven in a threatening tone.

"Don't worry raven she's alive, I knocked her out using a small explosive device. She is going to have a massive headache but she will live" said slade who didn't seem to care much what happened to Misa or not.

"And you didn't kill her because?' asked terra who seemed surprise Slade didn't kill Misa.

"Hanako told me she doesn't want anyone to be killed on this mission and that she needed one alive to find out what they know" said slade. "So you can guess why I saved her."

Raven then noticed slade's bleeding arm. From her point of view it looked like his hand was cut off. "Had a rough time beating her?" asked raven as she used her powers to lift Misa and brought her towards her.

"This wound is nothing compared to the ones I have suffered in the past" said Slade as he tighten the cloth covering his wound. "Now then I'm heading off goodbye you two" said Slade as he began to walk away.

"Wait a minute that's it? No double crosses, no cryptic threats, no trying to kill me?" asked Terra surprised to see slade was leaving.

"I kept my word to Hanako that I would help her with this war and I did. Besides after the beating I gave you last time I figure that is enough of revenge for me…for now" said slade.

"I'm not going to say thank you for helping us slade. I'm only going to say this if you ever come after my friends or Isamu I swear to you it will be the last thing you ever do" said raven in a threatening tone.

"We'll see raven, goodbye oh and good luck with the baby you're going to need it" said slade before he disappeared leaving the girls surprised.

"How did he know you're pregnant?" asked terra who seemed worried.

"I don't know…but if he does come back and tries to harm my child I will kill him" said raven trying not to show she was worried that slade knew about her baby.

Sahara Desert

Talsein began to wake up and saw it was still night time. Talsein looked around and saw a campfire near him. Talsein tried to sit up but found that he was still in pain and both his hands were tied. Talsein recognized the cuffs as spiritual retainer cuffs which block off spiritual energy. "Ronin gave them to me, told me when I defeated you if I decided to spare your life I would put those on you to keep you from running or fighting" I said standing across from Talsein. I had my back on a rock as I looked over to Talsein who was attempting to get up.

Talsein finally sat up and stood straight up. He looked down and saw that his wounds looked healed and were covered in bandage. "You healed my wounds?" asked Talsein.

"Actually Urahara healed our wounds. He came by a minute after our fight was over and had his friends heal our wounds" I said as I remembered Urahara arriving and healing my wounds first then Talsein's. "He said he was here watching the fight and was here to make sure if I did fail he would be there to stop you."

"Sounds like something he would do…so why didn't he finish me off then? Better question why didn't you kill me?" asked Talsein.

"Like you said it I was going to get my answers I needed to beat you" I said reminding Talsein of what I said before.

"Ah yes of course so tell me what do you want to know" said Talsein knowing he would have to go through with this.

I breathed in and out getting ready to finally know the truth of what happened to my parents. "Why did you kill my parents? The two people who once looked up to you? And why do you want me?" I asked.

"Very well I will answer your questions. I knew your father and mother before I became captain of squad ten. Your father Ichiro Ishida was lazy, a troublemaker, and at times like to get into fights. Yet despite all of that he proved to be a great friend" said Talsein as he told me about my father. "Your mother Mikazuki Usagi was a bit of a tomboy, like to compete against others, and like your father she loved to fight. But despite all of that she can be sweet and sincerer towards her friends including your father."

"Heh it made sense that those two would fall for each other since they were the most competitive of the entire squad. I was quiet and kept to myself most of the time when Ronin brought me to the squad. But then I met your parents and I soon began to be more open than before" said Talsein. "Your father was my best friend and your mother helped me open up more so I could ask Hayami out. I also helped them get together and in the end I was their minister for their wedding."

"You a minister?" I asked looking at Talsein imagining Talsein as a minister.

"Hey I may not be a saint but I'll have you know I took lessons from the pope after I saved his life from a hollow which he believed was a demon and me an angel" said Talsein.

"Okay sorry sheesh…continue please" I said deciding to change the subject.

"Thank you anyways I helped your parents get married and they were happy with each other. But the one thing that would make their happiness great was if they had a child of their own" said Talsein. "But they were afraid that if the child was born in the soul society that would mean if the child grew up he or she would go through the same kinds of danger your parents go through and that was something they didn't want to happen" said Talsein. "So I helped them leave the soul society and found them a home for them to live in…and in the end they rewarded me and Hayami by…." Talsein stopped as if he was hesitating on what to say.

"They did what?" I asked curious on what my parents gave him.

"[Sigh] they named Hayami and I the godparents of their future child" said Talsein.

I had a look of shock and surprise by what Talsein said. My parents…named him my godfather for me. I thought as I couldn't believe my parents named Talsein my godfather. "Th-they named you my godfather?" I asked.

"Yes and I can tell by the look on your face this is indeed a surprise. So was I when your parents named me the godfather as well. At least you know why I wanted you to join me" said Talsein.

"Yeah I guess so, you're my godfather and that's why you wanted me to join you" I said thinking that's why he wanted me to join him.

"There is another reason, I asked a sorcerer to see into the future and she told me about the future and how I would meet a great warrior who's zanpakuto is like mines except the opposite of it" said Talsein as he told me the other reason why he wanted me.

"Yours is the black wolf while mine is the white wolf right?" I said thinking that was the reason he wanted me.

"Yes, she told me about it but I never thought it would be you till I saw your powers. I knew then that you could help me so we could change this world for the better" said Talsein.

"But if that's true why did you kill my parents?" I asked deciding to get to the final truth.

"Hmmm after I left the soul society I went deep underground on earth and tried to recruit some followers to help me with my plans. I had some strong followers but I needed more then that's when I remembered your parents. I waited a few years then I came looking for them then that's when I found them" said Talsein as he remembered that night he came looking for Isamu's parents.

"Your parents and I met at a nearby lake. At first I was happy to see them but then when I tried to approach them they took out their swords. They told me that Ronin told them what I did and what I had done" said Talsein. "Ronin warned them if they ever come in contact with me they should tell him first and not fight me. Heh your parents didn't listen and warned me to lay down or else."

"You didn't listen and you killed them right?" I asked knowing what happened next since when he got there his parents were already dead.

"Yes…your father went first then your mother. I did my best not to kill them but…I never intended to kill them I am sorry Isamu. You and your sister are entitled to revenge so go ahead and have your revenge on me for everything I have put you, your friends, sister, and your loved one through" said Talsein as he closed his eyes and waited for me to do something.

I got up slowly still hurting and walked over to Talsein with my sword in my right hand. "When you killed my parents I vowed to myself I would make you pay for what you did. Killing you has been my whole purpose" I said as I griped my sword hard and made my hand shake.

I lifted my sword and was prepared to bring it down on him. I lifted it up and brought my sword down hard when I stopped inches from his face. Talsein looked up and saw what I did. He had a confused look on his faced wondering why I didn't kill him.

"But then I met the titans and Rachel, they helped me turn away from my path of vengeance. Despite everything you did to me, I never let that change me for who I am and who I meant to my friends and family" I said to Talsein as I put my sword away. "I'm not a soul reaper like you Talsein, I was born here with the humans and I am living proof that despite everything that has happened to me I am still who I am thanks to the people that I hold dear to me."

"My parents wouldn't want me to kill you out of vengeance. They told me that they are proud of me and are glad I became the man I am today" I said to Talsein.

"You spoke to them how?" asked Talsein surprised to hear that Isamu talked to his parents.

"During my training I passed out and had a vision. They came to me and told me that they are proud of me for all that I did and they will be even prouder when I defeated you" I said. "Talsein they forgive you for what you did, they even said Genryusai and Hayami forgive you as well."

"They did? Even after all I did to them killing them all?" asked Talsein who couldn't believe everyone he killed forgave him.

"Of course Talsein because they know that you never meant to kill them all and you regret what you did" I said. "Your intentions were good Talsein despite how I feel what you wanted was good. But like I said Talsein we have to give the people a chance to change once that happens then everything would be all right."

Talsein kept quiet thinking about what Isamu had just said. He was surprise, since he came to the human world he never met anyone who showed him anything kindness despite all he did. In Talsein's mind he wonders if he was wrong, if there was actually someone is this planet who couldn't be corrupted no matter the hell they go through. Isamu heh indeed you are like your father, you both are truly one of a kind.

"Talsein I forgive you for everything you did. And as a member of the teen titans I am placing you under arrest for your crimes" I said as I placed my sword by in my sheath.

Talsein smiled and tried to get up but his body was still in too much pain. I helped him up and helped him to his feet. This was the first time we stood face to face without fighting and it was a weird moment for me, especially since I found out he was my godfather, technically speaking since my parents were dead he was now my legal guardian. Which is something I'm sure Hikari will not like.

"So Isamu I guess Ronin was right, if someone like you refused temptation for revenge then maybe there is some hope for humanity after all" said Talsein.

"Of course, we just need to work hard enough for the change to happen. May take a while but it will happen Talsein" I said.

Talsein nodded but soon he sat back down. I soon got tired as well and sat down as we waited for Urahara to return. For a minute we didn't say anything, we looked around the desert and saw the mess we made. "Kind of glad you chose this place for our fight, if we did this anywhere else it would have meant explaining it to the world leaders what happened" I said.

"Yep…by the way just so you know I didn't harm your girlfriend raven, nor did I harm the child" said Talsein as he looked into the fire.

"You know about the baby?" I asked surprise Talsein knew.

"Knew for a while but just so you know I didn't do anything to her or the baby" said Talsein.

"Thanks, soooo got any advice on what I should do? You know on how to raise a kid?" I asked.

"Hmmm well just make sure where you raised your child is safe and don't let your enemies know about the baby otherwise they will use your child against you and raven" said Talsein. "Second just be there for them and don't be too strict with them."

"Thanks…speaking of enemies and our kids mind not telling anyone about raven and my kids?" I asked hoping Talsein didn't say a word to anyone.

"Your secret is safe with me Isamu. Only one who knows about you being pregnant is me, I never told anyone else. Besides technically I am still your godfather so I give you my word I will not say a word of this to anyone" said Talsein giving his word he would make sure no one would find out of the secret.

"Thanks…and also could you keep the whole godfather thing a secret from Hikari and the others. I am getting married and I don't think they would want you to show up at the wedding" I said thinking of what Hikari would do if she found out Talsein was our godfather.

"That's fine just promise me one thing kid. Don't screw up what you have with raven. You're a lucky man Isamu don't ruin what you have for something stupid and always be there for her and the child" said Talsein.

"Got it thanks Talsein" I said. I couldn't believe I actually thanked the guy who an hour ago tried to kill me. Then again I made friends through that way so I shouldn't be too surprise.

"No sweat kid….Hey Urahara you ready the fire is going out and I'm f***ing freezing my a** off" said Talsein as Urahara showed up with a fan.

"Yeah sorry about that I just thought I let you two a little alone time. Glad to see you two have put aside your differences, and here I actually thought you two were planning on having one of those hallmark moments" said Urahara.

"Shut up and get us out of here before I shove a scorpion down your throat" said Talsein who seemed annoyed by Urahara.

"Fine, fine let's go then. I already contacted the others and told them what happened. Talsein I am suppose to take you to Hanako while someone named Harold would come by to pick you up Isamu" said Urahara.

"Thank you Mr. Urahara" I said thanking Urahara for what he has done. Urahara helped Talsein up and Talsein turned to me one more time before he left.

"Thank you Isamu and I hope we do meet again next time" said Talsein as Urahara used his flash step and disappeared.

I sighed in relief glad that was done. I laid back and looked up into the sky before I heard something. I turned over and saw somekind of portal being opened and who came out of that portal made me feel happy and scared.

"ISAMU!" shouted Hikari as she charged at her brother tackling him and embracing him in a bone crushing hug. "I am so glad you're alive, where is Talsein? How did you beat him? How badly are you hurt? Do you want me to heal your wounds?" while Hikari was going on with her rant I began to lose consciousness from the lack of air I was receiving from Hikari's hug.

"Um Hikari you may want to let Isamu go before he runs out of air and you kill him?" said robin as he and the other titans came out of the portal along with the titan Harold and his magical horn.

"Oh right sorry I forgot" said Hikari as she let her brother go of the hug. "So um where is Talsein?" asked Hikari.

"He's gone, Urahara took him after I defeated him" I said as I finally regained my breath.

"We are so glad you are safe Isamu and that you were able to defeat the evil Talsein" said starfire as cyborg and her helped me up.

"You did good Isamu we're glad you beat him" said robin as he patted me on the back.

"Yeah how did you do it Isamu?" asked beastboy curious on how I defeated Talsein.

"Let me guess you use some super cool secret soul reaper move to defeat him right?" asked cyborg.

"I'll tell you guys about it later right now we should go check on the others in Russia. Harold can you take us there?" I asked as I turned to Harold.

"Actually we already picked raven and terra up they're back in Urahara's shop. Harold if you could can you take us there?" asked Hikari as she turned to Harold who nodded.

Soon the titans all arrived outside Urahara's shop where they were greeted by terra who was waiting outside. "Isamu your okay, I'm so glad you're all right" said terra as she walked up to Isamu and gave him a big hug, thankfully it wasn't as strong as starfire's or Hikari's hugs.

"Good to see your okay too…is raven inside?" I asked. Terra nodded and I looked back at the others who all nodded for me to go inside to see Rachel. I sighed and went inside the shop and went looking for Rachel.

I looked around trying to sense for her presence when I found the room and found where she was. I hesitated a minute to enter the room since I was nervous to see Rachel. I realized something that I hadn't thought of during and after my fight. I had not only proposed to raven but I was going to be a father. I was now worried by what Rachel and I will do. Was I ready to be a father? Was I ready to take care of a child? Would Rachel and I be great parents? All of these thoughts were going through my mind making me worried till I remembered what my parents told me while I was passed out in the training room.

Training room yesterday

I was passed out in the middle of the forest after my training with Ronin. I tried to move but I saw that my body didn't respond. I decided to rest for a bit till my body could move again. I then saw two figures standing over me. One lifted my head and placed my head on the person's lap while the other sat down next to me. I looked over and saw that both figures were my parents. I had my head on my mother's lap while my father stood sitting down next to me.

"Hello my son how are you feeling?" asked Mikazuki my mother. She had long brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing her soul reaper outfit.

"M-mom is that really you?" asked surprise to see my parents. I thought to myself either this was an illusion or a dream. Either way I didn't care as long as I saw them that's all that mattered to me.

"It's us son, it seems we have been given a chance to come here and speak with you" said Ichiro my father. He had short black hair, black eyes, and was also wearing a soul reaper outfit as well.

"I miss you both…Hikari as well she misses you guys so much" I said as I wanted to get up and hug them but my mother held me down to rest.

"Rest my son you have pushed yourself quite a bit today and you need to rest" said Mikazuki as she held her son's head down.

"Thanks mom…so why are you guys here then?" I asked curious on why they were here.

"We wanted to see you again and tell you we are proud of you Isamu for everything you have done. Hikari and you have made some amazing friends and we are so glad you met a nice girl Isamu" said Mikazuki.

"You know about Rachel?" I asked.

"Yes we know and she is indeed a beautiful girl. She is nice and beautiful, indeed she is going to make a great mother like you are going to make a great father" said Ichiro.

"You know she's pregnant?...wait of course you do if you know about me and her then I guess you two know about that also" I said guessing they must have known. "What should I do? I'm worried that I'm not going to be a good father and mess it all up somehow."

"Have faith Isamu, just like your friends, sister, and Rachel have faith in you. When we found out we were going to have you we were worried we wouldn't be great parents or mess it up somehow?" said Ichiro. "But then Talsein helped us helped us and we were able to take care of you and your sister."

"Talsein helping you guys? Why would he do that?" I asked.

"You'll find out in time, but trust us Isamu you and Rachel will be amazing parents" said Mikazuki.

"Speaking of Talsein, son we want you to give him a message for us. But once we tell you what we want you to tell him. Do not ask us why, you'll find out when you fight him" said Ichiro.

"I understand so what is it?" I asked wondering what it was my parents wanted to say to him.


I snapped back remembering what my parents asked me to tell Talsein. I now understood why they told me to forgive him and now I know what I needed to do. I slide the door open slowly and saw Rachel sleeping. I sighed in relief and entered the room. Once I closed the door I walked towards where Rachel was and sat down next to her.

I stroke her hair and leaned forward kissing her on the lips. Soon Rachel returned the kiss and she opened her beautiful violet eyes. She sat up and gave me a hug, I returned the hug and we kept our embrace.

As we kept our hug I could feel something soft and wet on my shoulder. I looked at Rachel and saw she was crying. "Hey why are you crying I'm back Rachel. Just like I promised I would, granted I'm still recovering from my wounds but I came back just like I said I would" I said wiping Rachel's tears away.

"I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm happy. You came back and I'm so happy that you did" said Rachel as she tried her best to wipe her tears.

"I'm glad to be back, I was worried that I would mess up and you would be piss with me" I said as Rachel was able to wipe all her tears away. "Besides I wouldn't want to leave my future wife and the mother of our child alone."

Rachel soon remembered Isamu proposing to her. She looked at the ring on her finger and remembered what she said when Isamu proposed. The thought of being married with Isamu actually sounded good to her and she knew she wouldn't want to spend the rest of her life with someone than Isamu. Then she remembered what Isamu said…about their baby.

I placed my hand on her stomach and could sense the baby. I smiled and she turned her head away from me blushing a bit. "Why didn't you tell me about the baby before?" I asked.

"I was afraid you would react differently or get mad and you wouldn't want the baby" said Rachel. "I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you but then when I left with Talsein I thought you would hate me and wouldn't want to be with me anymore."

"Rachel I could never hate or be mad at you. What happened was not a mistake or is something you should beat yourself up over" I said as I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her face to face mine. "I love you Rachel no matter what and I would love to be the father of our child."

"Thank you Isamu and I know you'll make an amazing father. I'm just worried if I'll make a great mother" said Rachel worried that her child wouldn't like her.

"Of course our baby will like you Rachel, you're great with kids. Granted Teether, Melvin, and Timmy are not your average normal kids but then again ours won't be normal either" I said brining Rachel in for another hug. "No matter what we'll love our baby just like our baby will love us."

Rachel broke free of the hug and brought her lips onto mine and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity before breaking off from our kiss. "So Rachel do you want to still want to get married and be called Mrs. Rachel Ishida?" I asked.

"Hmmm how about Mrs. Rachel Roth Ishida? I like my last name and will keep it, but I won't mind taking yours as well" said Rachel as she smiled.

"That's fine with me I don't care what last name you want as long as we're together that's all that matters to me" I said as Rachel and I again went for another hug and we stayed that way as long as we wanted.

One week later

A week has passed since the battle against Talsein and Mark was over. The soul reapers were able to erase the people of earth's memories of what happened during the fights to prevent them from question what happened especially to Mark who was Alex to the people. The justice league went to Mark's building to find out anything about Mark and where he could have gone so they could bring him in to justice. But they found nothing that could help them. Hikari however did show them where Mark and his inner circle teleported but when they got back to where it was, it was gone. Most likely someone who knew about the facility and wanted to make sure they didn't find anything.

The justice league also wanted to go after Mark but Ronin convinced them that he is no longer a threat to them and that his time would come one way or another. For some they hoped it came soon. When people asked about Alex Markoneous the heroes made up some fake story about him being killed when his plane crashed killing him. The teen titans and justice league since then decided to rebuild their bases including the original titans who decided to change their tower to make it smaller and give it some new upgrades. However they still kept it in the shape of a giant T.

While all of this happened in the soul society the soul reapers began to rebuild much of their home which was already being rebuilt by some of Talsein's soldiers that stayed behind. Misa was given a pardon when Talsein was taken in and he gave the heroes information that helped the heroes arrest Lex Luthor and other criminals involve in the plan. Talsein gave them up in exchange for his followers including Misa would be given a pardon for their sins. The other soul reapers refused to do this however Ronin was able to convince them to allow the pardon. So Misa and her followers were given a pardon and were allowed to be free, but were kept an eye out from the justice league.

As for Talsein he was locked up in a maximum jail where he was awaiting his sentencing. The soul reaper captains were still unsure what to do with Talsein. Either to kill him or to keep him locked up forever. The council 46 who were in charge of giving out sentences as the high court of the soul society were originally suppose to give out the sentencing but were temporarily out due to some kind of food poisoning they contracted. Talsein was in his cell sleeping on the bed he was sleeping on. He was wearing a white robe and had some spiritual cuffs to prevent from Talsein from using his soul reaper's powers.

Talsein saw his door opened and in came someone he was surprise to see. Talsein sat up and saw the person who came in was a woman wearing a soul reaper outfit along with a captain's uniform. "It's been a long time hasn't it…you're looking good Hanako how have you been?" asked Talsein as his daughter Hanako came into the room with a chair and sat down across from her father.

"I've been doing well, you?" asked Hanako who had a blank expression on her face.

"Fine, you're looking well" said Talsein as he tried his best to find something to say to his daughter who he hasn't seen for twenty years.

Hanako didn't say anything and turned her head from her father. Talsein could tell what she was feeling and knew he would one day go through this. "Hanako listen I'm so sorry for what I did to your mother. I really didn't mean to kill her, what happened was an accident I know no matter what I said will make you think otherwise. But that's the truth and nothing more, I'm sorry" said Talsein as he apologized to his daughter.

Hanako didn't say anything for a minute till she finally spoke. "I know what happened was an accident and you didn't mean to kill her. I'm not angry at you for what you did to her, that part I have forgiven you for" said Hanako as she finally turned her head to her father with tears forming in her eyes and she had an angry look on her face. "I'm pissed that you ran away and you didn't bother to tell me."

"Do you know what it was like growing up while everyone called your father a coward, a murder, a traitor, and a bastard? I had to grow up trying to convince people you weren't all of those things, yet no matter how much I tried there was always something in the back of my mind that made me think of something" said Hanako as tears were beginning to fall down her face. "Why didn't you take me with you?"

Talsein kept quiet and lowered his head. He never knew the kind of pain he put his daughter through. He could sense her sadness and anger, Talsein felt bad for what he did and did what he thought was what he needed to do. He walked towards her and placed his arms over his daughter and brought her in for a hug.

"I'm sorry I left you, I thought you would hate me for what I did to your mother. I thought you would never look at me the same way after what I did I never wanted to hurt you Hanako" said Talsein as he let go of his daughter. "I hope you can forgive me for what I did."

"I do forgive you even if you did hurt me, you're my father and I love you" said Hanako as she returned the hug as did Talsein.

"Well I'm glad to hear that…..I take it you wearing that captain's outfit means your now a captain of the soul society?" asked Talsein as he broke the hug.

"Yes that's right I am, and as the new captain of squad one I am here to tell you that I was able to convince the other captains to let you live" said Hanako. "Provided you don't cause any troubles right?"

"Let me live? I thought they were going to kill me? Better yet why didn't the council 46 make the decision?" asked Talsein.

"The council members had food poisoning and were unable to make a decision so they left it up to us" said Hanako as she remembered why the council didn't make the decision.

"That's weird usually their careful with their food since…..wait a minute what did you do?" asked Talsein who seemed suspicious of his daughter.

"I have no idea what you mean father all I did was give them some delicious fish Yachiru made. I didn't know she couldn't cook the food right" said Hanako who actually knew Yachiru would give the council food poisoning when she took the fish from Byakuya's pond at his home. She asked Yachiru to cook the fish for the council 46…except Yachiru accidently didn't cook it right and gave it to them.

"Right of course…..thank you Hanako" said Talsein as he thanked his daughter.

"No problem father, well I must go now and help a certain couple with their wedding" said Hanako as she stood up.

"Right, goodbye Hanako and tell the young couple I send my best wishes for them" said Talsein.

"Of course goodbye for now father and take care" said Hanako as she walked out the cell leaving his father to go back to sleep on his bed.

Eight months later

Up in the hills in Japan near a lake was a bunch of people putting of decorations, tables, a stage, and other items for what appeared to be a wedding. Some tents were made nearby both on opposite sides of each other where in one particular tent the bride was in her tent getting ready for her wedding and it was not going well for her.

"Damn damn damn this is not good" said raven as she was going around her tent looking for something. Raven was wearing a strapless long navy blue dress with crystal patterns on her chested area to the waist down and more patterns in separated areas on her dress on the bottom all the way to the tail. Raven was eight in a half months pregnant and her belly got big as it could be soon through her dress. "Where is he I can't sense him here?" asked raven as her bridesmaid starfire, terra, and Hikari who were all wearing shining strapless blue tea length dress with a white bow on the sides.

"Raven please calm down being stress is not something you should be going through on your wedding and it's not healthy for the baby" said terra as she tried to calm down the bride.

"I have every right to be stress, Isamu is not here, the wedding is on in a few minutes, and my baby is kicking me every minute" said raven as she approached terra angry. "Don't tell me to be calm" said terra making the girls feel uneasy.

"Oooookay raven take it down a notch will ya we're only trying to keep you calm so you don't freak out for your wedding" said Hikari as she tried to calm her friend and future sister in law down.

"[Sigh] Sorry guys it's just I'm nervous okay. Today is a really important day for me and I just want it to go well" said raven as she finally calmed down a bit.

"We know raven and do not worry Isamu will be here on time. The wedding will go without a problem. And perhaps your baby kicking means she is excited for your wedding" said starfire who was excited for the wedding.

"I told you star it's going to be a boy, my senses never lies" said Hikari telling her friend it was going to be a boy.

"I still think it's going to be twins. You know Rae this would have been easier if you and Isamu went to the doctor to find out if it's a boy, girl, or twins" said terra.

"And risk the news finding it no way. People will do anything for fame and if a doctor finds out chances are they will tell the news about it" said raven thinking of what would happen if the news found out about her baby.

"That's true anyways I am going to go check on some things. Be calm, drink some tea, mediate, but above all focus okay" said Hikari as she told raven to relax.

"Thank you Hikari" said raven as she walked to her desk to make some tea while Hikari went to check on the groom who she hoped was in his tent.

I was running through the forest trying to make it to my wedding. I had to deal with some bad guys near a town that I forgot about the wedding. Lucky for me I kept my suit from getting ruined. I wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath. I had a black tie, shoes, and had my hair folded back. I arrived to my tent and got inside where I saw robin, cyborg, and beastboy inside wearing their suits and looked mad.

"Dude where have you been the wedding is on in five minutes?" asked beastboy.

"Sorry had to take care of some things before coming. But hey at least I got here in time right?" I said sheeply rubbing my head.

"Just barley" said Hikari as she entered the tent and didn't look happy.

"Oh hey Hikari…how is Rachel doing?" I asked nervously.

"She's fine a little worried you weren't going to make it. Just glad you did otherwise she might have gone on a rampage" said Hikari as she walked up to her brother and helped with his tie. "By the way you look handsome…mom and dad would be proud of you."

I sighed and knew Hikari was right. They would be proud not just with me but with everyone else. Hikari, Rachel, Ronin, Hanako, and everyone else. I know their looking down on us and are smiling on this day. "Thanks Hikari and your right they are proud" I said.

"You ready man?" asked cyborg as he walked up to me.

"Yeah by the way do you have the ring?" I asked as I turned to cyborg, robin, and beastboy as my best mans.

"Robin has them, you sure your ready Isamu? What you're doing today is something that will change your life forever" asked robin.

"I know, I am going to get married and will spend the rest of my life with Rachel. But robin I wouldn't have it any other way. I love her and I want to spend the my life with her and our child" I said reassuring robin I knew what I was doing. "I love her and I know what I am doing."

"All right we just wanted to know" said cyborg as he pulled back the curtain and I walked out of it and made my way towards my wedding.

I was up on the chapel stage with my friend's cyborg, beastboy, and robin by my side. Hikari, starfire, and terra were on the other side as the bridesmaid. Hanako was there as she would play the wedding song, and our friends were our guests sitting down. Soon the music began to play as we turned our attention to the bride. I saw Rachel coming down the aisle with Ronin. Since Rachel's dad was dead (which she didn't mind) she asked Ronin if he would give her away in her wedding. Ronin accepted and also accepted to be the minister for the wedding as well.

I could tell Rachel was just as nervous as me. Well I guess more since she didn't like people staring at her and her walking down the aisle did not help especially if she was pregnant. But when she got to where I was her nerves calmed down and she smiled. "You look beautiful Rachel" I said smiling.

"You're not bad looking yourself Isamu" said Rachel as she returned the compliment with another.

"All right let's get this wedding over with huh?" said Ronin as he stood in the middle of the chapel. "Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family we are gathered here today to bring this man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony. I have known these two for a long time and I am glad that they are going to be together. Now since I forgot my notes and what you're supposed to do for half of the hour in a wedding" said Ronin as some people groaned. "Hey I'm a thousand years old what do you people expect me to remember every boring detail?"

I smiled and so did Rachel. Hikari face palmed herself and Hanako rolled her eyes. "Now then I will skip to the good parts so here it is do you two have your vows? If so which one wants to read them first?" asked Ronin.

"I'll go" volunteered Rachel. Starfire handed her friend the vows as Rachel began to read them nervously. "Isamu before we met I never thought I would fall in love with anyone. Especially when I thought my life would end becoming the portal for my father Trigon" said Rachel. "Even after my friends and I defeated him I still felt lost, what was I going to do now that I was free from my father. I didn't know where my road would lead me but I was glad your road led to mine."

"When we first met you were a bit annoying and I thought you were some cocky kid who liked to show off. But then you began to show me your kind side and helped me get through some things I had to deal with including facing my three brothers" said Rachel as I remembered her three insane brothers. "You saved me and yet I was afraid you would think differently of me especially when I told you about my past. But you didn't, you looked to me like a normal girl and looked out for me through anything."

"Over time I began to form feelings towards you, ones I never thought I would feel again, not since what happened with Malchior. I was afraid though that you didn't love me or that you would toy with my emotions like what Malchior did. But then when you first kissed me on that rooftop and then again later that night my fear soon went away and I was happy to hear that you loved me" said Rachel smiling as she remembered her first kiss. "Since then being with you has been the greatest moments of my life and despite everything that has happened. I still wanted to be with you, now we're getting married, we're going to have our baby, and I am so happy that all of this happened. I love you Isamu and will always love you no matter what."

Everyone smiled and I could hear beastboy taking out a tissue. "Thank you Rachel, all right then it's time for the groom to say his vow so Isamu if you would" said Ronin as he now turned to me.

Beastboy handed me my vows and I began to read them nervously. "Rachel before I met you my only goal after my parents died was to have revenge on the man who killed them. I never thought in my path it would lead me to meeting a beautiful angel like you" I said making Rachel blush a little by what I called her. "You helped me change my path and helped me become the man my parents, my sister, my friends, and my mentors wanted me to become. Your love has helped me and I am so glad to hear that my love has helped you as well."

"Spending the rest of my life with the woman I love and the mother of my child. Is something like a dream come true for me" I said as I held her hands and looked deep into her purple eyes. "Rachel I will love you now, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life. And I will always be there for you no matter what."

I could see Rachel was trying her best not to cry but her friend starfire beat her to the punch as she was already forming tears. "Well now I guess we better hurry this along before starfire here burst into tears" said Ronin deciding to move things along. "Rings?" asked Ronin as robin and starfire handed both the couples the ring.

"Rachel do you take Isamu to be your lawful wedded husband to care for, look after through sickness and through health till death do you part?" asked Ronin as he turned to Rachel.

"I do" said Rachel making my heart sore when she placed the ring on my finger.

"Isamu do you take Rachel to be your lawful wedded wife to care for, look after through sickness and through health till death do you part?" asked Ronin as he turned to me.

"I do" I said sensing Rachel's happiness by what I said and when I placed her ring on her finger.

"Well then this is the part where I say 'if there is anyone who objects to this wedding speak now or forever hold your peace' but for their sakes they better not or else" said Ronin as he threaten anyone to ruin the wedding and cracked his knuckles making almost everyone gulp thinking who would be dumb enough to try something like that. "All right then by the power vested in me I know pronounce you two husband and wife. Isamu you may now kiss the bride."

I leaned forward as did Rachel and we both kissed passionately as everyone started clapping and some cheered. The music began to play again as we both walked back down the aisle holding each other's hands as everyone continued cheering. Hikari and the others soon followed as we headed towards one of the big tents nearby where everyone started congratulating us.

Hikari gave Rachel and me a big hug. The others did the same including starfire who was able to give soft hugs especially since Rachel was pregnant. Ronin came up to us and congratulated us as well. As everyone celebrated Rachel and I snuck away for a bit into my tent where I wanted to give her something.

"Isamu what's wrong?" asked Rachel.

"Just wanted to give you something I found" I said as I pulled out a small necklace with a locket on it. "I made this locket a few days ago but needed to find something to help keep it from breaking" I said as I gave her the locket.

Rachel took it and looked behind there was an inscription on it in Japanese. "What does it mean?" asked Rachel.

"It means 'to my angel Rachel I love you and will always be there for you no matter what'" I said as I translated what her necklace said.

Rachel smiled and held the necklace close. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in for a hug. She placed her head on my chest and closed her eyes as I rocked her back and forth. "Thank you Isamu I love you" said Rachel.

"I love you too my angel Rachel" I said as I closed my eyes and placed my head on her head losing ourselves in the moment.

Chapter 20 is over I hope you all liked the ending. Hope the wedding was good for all of you and how it all ended. Yes Talsein is alive I'm sure many are disappointed with him being alive. There is a reason he lives and you will all find out in the future.

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Isamu: And it took you only a year to finish it.

Raven: Redoing it all over again then working on other stories ignoring us.

Jason: That is not true I never ignore my work…only if I am having trouble with it.

Hikari: Liar still the wedding was nice and I liked the ending so what's this next story about?

Jason: It involves the children of Isamu and Raven. Let's just say they mess with their mommy's book and it will transport them somewhere far far away.

Ronin: Where?

Jason: I don't know….I actually do know but I ain't going to tell.

Raven: Just as long as they don't get hurt or killed Jason.

Jason: Right ….I got to go.

Isamu: Where?

Jason: Just need to make a long distant call to someone I know in the UK.

Hikari: Is it that guy who wrote the Xander Cage chronicles because he is awesome.

Jason: Sure him right.

Hikari: Oh before you go happy birthday Jason.

Isamu: It's your birthday congrats man how old are you.

Jason: 21 my dear friend and now I am going to go buy somebeer.

Raven: Great first thing you do turning into an adult is drink beer and get yourself killed how nice.

Jason: Oh relax I am not going to drink but I am going to go celebrate with my family…soooo take over goodbye everyone.

Jason leaves the room.

Hikari: Well I guess we better wrap things up huh?...guys?

Raven and Isamu disappeared.

Hikari: Where did they go?

Ronin: They went to Jason's bedroom to get it on.

Hikari: Eww did not need to know that. Well goodbye everyone and see you all next time.

Ronin: Take care and catch you all next time bye.

Jason went into his room.

Jason: Hey forgot something I just...…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!