Shiaya Huskovitch

"Great hit sweetie! You got him right in the heart," Exclaimed my mother to me. I hit the dummy right on target and fake blood splattered all over its body.

"Thanks mom, I think I really can beat this."

"Sure you will sweetie," She said to me, "Let's head home we need to get ready for the Reaping."

I looked in the mirror running fingers in my straight, brown hair. I had olive skin that made my blue eyes pop against it. I had an aquamarine dress on, same colour as my birth stone. It complimented my figure wonderfully; I was thin yet toned and average height. I didn't even look 13.

This is my second Reaping, which means I only have 2 slips of paper in the Reaping ball. I probably wouldn't get chosen, no matter though, I would just volunteer. I could win easily, me being from a "Career" district I am basically a master of all weapons. So as soon as the female tribute's name is called I would step up and take her place. I would do anything to win the Games, just not kill a 12 year old.

My older sister Pathalya died at 12 from cancer. She would be 22 this year if we could have treated the disease. I would end up doing a lot of things in the Games, but in no way could I ever kill a 12 year-old.

Riley Patches

"Dude, she totally just winked at you," My best friend Tomarch said to me.

"No she didn't, she probably had something in her eye and was trying to get it out," I replied to him.

"She did to! How do you do it?" He questioned me.

"Awww poor baby," My other best friend Octave teased him, "Is wittle Tomarch sad because he can't get the pwetty girls to like him"?

"That's so not true!" He retorted.

"You're just mad because it's true," She mocked him.

Before he could reply I cut him off, "Guys, looks like it's time for the Reaping," I noticed that people were gathering up on the stage.

"Yeah," Agreed Tomarch, "I hope to see you all afterwards, let's hope none of us get chosen," He said as he walked off towards his own age section. Octave and I headed for our section together, and waited for the Reaping to begin. Our escort, Dace Zuckerland stood in front of District 4, his flaming red hair glinting in the sun. He reached into the Reaping ball and plucked out the female tribute's name. When he asked for volunteers, I wasn't surprised to see a 13 year-old girl walk up to the stage.

"What's your name?" He asked the girl.

"Shiaya Huskovitch," She told him. I glanced out into the crowd and saw a woman shining with pride, she must be her mother.

"What a pretty name," He complimented her, "Let's continue with the boys"!

"Riley Patches," He called out.

Octave gasped and clutched my hand. I shook her off as I walked to the stage; strangely I was calm except I was a little annoyed. I caught Tomarch's eye, his face was shocked but when he saw me we silently said our last goodbyes.

"Let's give it up for Riley Patches and Shiaya Huskovitch; District 4's brand new tributes. The audience exploded with applause, they were extremely happy with their pair of tributes. One of us would make it home; I just hoped that, that person would be me

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