The Finding

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Ponyboy's POV.

I was out walking with Dally and Johny one morning. It felt good to do that , considering all that we've been through. After Johny killed that Soc and we ran away, I thought I'd never see my friends or family again. Then all of a sudden Johny decides to turn himself in and we all go back to town. Because the killing was in self-defense he didn't get into much trouble. Actually all he got was a bunch of community service hours and lots of lectures from the judge. He's still living with his parents, that treat him like dirt, but I guess you can't have everything. Pretty soon after we came back to town there was a big rumble between us and the Socs. We won , and now they don't bother us as much. Oh and also when we got back I got really sick.

Who is we exactly? We are the Greasers. The kids from the poorer side of town. I have two brothers and four other firends that are like brothers.
Darry- he's about 20 and he roofs houses.I used to think he hated me, but he was just concerned. He's tall and built with redgold hair and blue eyes. His eyes are actually sort of cold, but they warm up when you know him.

Sodapop -is 16 years old. He's got long blonde hair and dancing green eyes. Soda can make anyone feel better about anything. In fact he's really handsome. Sort of like a movie star ,so he always has a bunch of girls around him.

Steve Randall- is Soda's best friends . He's got long black hair that he keeps in greasy swirls ,and brown eyes. He can have quite a temper if he gets angry. He used to really not like me, he only tolerated me because I was Soda's brother. Nowdays I think he's starting to like me a little more.

Two-Bit Matthews -is 18 years old with long rusty colored side burns and green eyes. He's always making some sort of joke or smart remark. For some reason he goes to school because he likes it. That and blondes and fights.

Dallas Winston- He is 17 with long light blonde hair and blue eyes. He lived in New York for a while and was arrested at the age of ten. Dally doesn't care about anyone or anything. Well, he does care about Johmy Cade.

Johny Cade - is 16 with long greasy black hair and fearful brown eyes. To the rest of the world he looks like a hood ,but to us he looks like a little lost puppy. Johny was beat up pretty badly by the Socs awhile ago and he's still got the scars. He's not as jumpy anymore, strangely, considering he killed a Soc.

And now me - My name is Ponyboy Curtis. Yes, Ponyboy, my dad was an original man. I've got long reddish hair and grey-green eyes. I'm supposedly really smart so I got put up a couple grades in school. I'm 14 years old making me the youngest. I like to do things most of the other guys don't. Things like read books, and watch movie alone, and watch sunsets.

Anyway we were out walking just talking a little and having a pretty good time , and then I spotted something in the lot.

"Hey what's that" Dally looked up. "What's what?" Now it was Johny's turn to look up. "That?" "Yes that" I replied . Johny looked at the figure carefully "I don't know man let's go check it out" We both looked at Dally, I guess because he was the oldest of the three of us. "Fine, then let's go check it out. We walked across the lot and stopped at the figure . "Holy shit!" Dally exclaimed. "It's a kid!" I looked down at where he was staring. There lying in the ground was a teenage girl that looked like she was about my age. She had medium length dark blonde hair , and I couldn't tell what color her eyes were because they were closed. Johny bent down next to her. He seemed to be looking for something. "What are you looking for?" I asked him. He didn't look up "Any injuries that she might have" he said. "Ok" was I all could think to say. Suddenly she shivered. For a moment I thought she was waking up but her eyes remained closed. Dally peered at her curiously. He reached out a hand and put in on her forehead. Then he pulled his hand back quickly. "Damn" he muttered. Johny looked Dally questioningly. "What is it? " he asked. "The kid's sick, she's got a pretty bad fever" Dally said. Then he looked at me. "Ponyboy do you think we could take her to your house?" "Sure, Soda and Darry won't mind at all" That was the truth ,because the gang was always staying over. "Fine then" Dally kneeled down next to the girl and picked her up. Then we began to walk to my house.

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