All A Part Of Parenthood
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*One month later*
* Leah's POV*

I heard Gwen crying and went into the bedroom to get her.
"Hey sweetie, it's ok," I said and picked her up.
" Wahhhhhh" was the only response I got
" What's wrong honey?" I asked her and kissed her forehead.
Yes, I am aware that I wasn't going to get an answer from her.
"You've been asleep for two hours, just cranky?" I asked.
This time I did get a response. Gwen threw up all over my shirt.
"Ohh, Gwen, are you ok?" I said.
I got the towel that was on the bed and dabbed at her mouth. Then I held her a few inches away from me and looked at her. Her little face was flushed red and her thin brown hair stuck to her forehead with sweat. I brought her close to me again and kissed her forehead. It was warm, really warm. Why hadn't I noticed that before?
"Shhhhh, ok let's go see the guys," I said.
I was almost positive that Gwen was sick and we didn't have a thermometer. Also, I didn't want to be all alone when she was sick. We've all been rasing Gwen together. She was in her yellow sleeper so I got a bottle, some diapers, wrapped her up in a blanket, and went out the door. Johnny was all ready there. When he heard I wasn't coming with him right away he offered to stay home. I told him I just wanted a nice bath, and after much insisting he left.
"Hey Leah, what' Gwen ok?" Pony asked me as I walked into the Curtis place.
" Leah, what's wrong?" Johnny walked up to me and saw my worried expression.
He looked down at Gwen who was now only making little hiccupy noises.
"Gwen?" he asked me.
"I think she's sick, she threw up on me," I said.
He reached out his arms and I gave Gwen to him.
"She does look flushed," he said.
"Guys, do you need something?" Pony asked us.
"Yeah, do you have a thermometer?" I asked him.
"Well not one of those baby ones," he replied.
"The normal ones are fine," I told him.
"All right, I'll go get it for ya," he said and left.
Johnny and I went over to the couch and sat down. He looked worried and scared.
"She's never been sick before," he said.
His tan complexion seemed a little lighter than usual.
"Johnny, she's three months old, she's going to get sick after this too," I said and held his arm.
He looked down at Gwen and nodded.
"Yeah, but it's kind of scary, you know?"
"I know," I said.
" How come we have to grow up so fast Leah?" he asked me.
" That's just how it is," I said.
" I don't just mean you, me and Gwen. I mean people from the East side in general. Socs....." I cut him off.
"That's not true," I said.
"What's not true?" he asked me.
"That Socs have no big problems." I said.
"What, but you or Jane weren't Socs before you came here," he said.
He sounded confused.
"Yes, but just trust me on this Johnny." I told him.
He leaned in and kissed me then looked into my eyes.
" Always, you know I love you Leah, that's why I asked you to marry me," he said.
" I love you too," I told him.
" I got the thermometer guys," Pony announced.
"Thanks P.b.," I said as he handed it to me.
With Johnny's help, I opened Gwen's mouth and gently put the thermometer in it.
"Hey," Dally said and walked into the living room from the kitchen. He stopped as soon as he saw Gwen.
" Is she ok?" he asked.
His voice took on a tone of concern. Dally's great with Gwen, but we'd never tell him. As he says, ' he's got a rep to keep up.'
"She might be sick," I told Dally.
"Ok, it's time," Johnny said and slowly slid the thermometer out of Gwen's mouth. He looked at it for a few seconds then looked back at us.
"101.4," he said.
"Poor kid," Dally muttered.
"Well, it doesn't look very serious, I'm sure she'll be fine in a few days," I said and tried not to let my voice crack.
Gwen had never been sick before, and it was sort of frightening. But, it was all a part of what being a parent meant, and I knew we had to be there for Gwen.
"Yeah, just a little bug or something," Pony said.
I looked at him in surprise. I'd almost forgotten that Pony was there.
"Yeah....." Johnny said.
"Maybe Darry knows some remedies or something," Pony suggested.
Johnny handed a sleeping Gwen over to me.
"Let's go ask him Pony," Johnny said and nodded a little at me.
Pony looked a little confused, but he just shrugged and said
"Yeah, come on man."
They went into the kitchen and I was left with Dally, and my sick daughter in my arms.
"What was all that about?" he asked and motioned towards the kitchen.
" Johnny and I wanted to ask you something, and we agreed that I'd ask," I told him.
He brushed Gwen's hair from her face and nodded.
"Ok, shoot," He said.
I smiled a little to myself. If it had been anyone else Dally would've muttered something and glared.
" I know how much you love Gwen," I began.
" Yeah, you know I do, I love you too Kitten," he said to me.
I smiled at the almost forgotten nickname.
"Thanks," I said.
" No prob," he said.
"Johnny and I were wondering......" I started and trailed.
"Wondering what?" he asked me.
" If you would be Gwen's Godfather. I know it sounds kind of strange to ask an eighteen year old Greaser, and you probably will say no, but Johnny and I talked about it for a long time. We know the only person that loves her as much as we do is you, and you delivered her and......" I rambled on and on.
" Leah, I never said no," Dally said.
"Then?" I asked.
He gave me a "look".
"Don't repeat what I'm about to say, not even to Johnny." he said.
"Sure Dally," I said.
" I'd be honored." he said I laughed.
I couldn't help it. Where'd Dally learn a word like that.
"Pony," was all he said.
"So yes?" I asked.
"Yes," he said.
Johnny and Pony came back.
"Darry's says try some warm chicken broth in her bottle." Pony said.
"Hey Johnny," Dally called.
Johnny looked at him.
"Yes, but don't go spreading it around." Dally said to him.
Johnny sighed with relief.
"Thanks man, yeah I know you got a rep to keep up." he said.
"Yeah, I do." he said with a smirk.
" Do you guys have any chicken broth Pony?" I asked.
"We should, let's go look," he said.
I carefully stood up from the couch and followed Pony. Dally was going to be Gwen's Godfather. Didn't you have to do that at a Baptism? Johnny and I weren't religious, and it was probably too late for that anyway. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find a way.

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