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Crimson Scars 1

Fragments, she hated fragments so much. It reminded her of what she'd lost. Her world, her family… they were gone now, destroyed by the void.

It was unfair, she didn't believe she deserved to lose them so easily… she was told that only bad people lost precious things… was she bad? Yes? No? Maybe, she really didn't know…

She was alone now. Wandering alone a different world…

Steps, she walked around, lost…

Its dark now… how long has she been wandering? She didn't know…

Crying… she heard someone crying, maybe they were lost as well…

She followed the sound, dragging her now torn dress through the muddy floor of the forest. Blood stained her pink locks, eyes greener than emerald looked determined, she went on her way.

She found him, a little boy with midnight black hair and deep blue diamond like eyes. He wasn't alone; there were people who were holding him down but he was struggling.

She admired him; he was still fighting even though it was useless… Maybe he needed her help… Without any second thoughts, she ran to them with a kunai ready in hand, they didn't notice her until she stabbed one of them at their back.

Masked faces turned to her, surprise was in their eyes. She didn't falter, stabbing and slashing as she went through them. Her attention fixed on the boy she wanted to save.

More of them came and soon enough she was held down. Her kunai stripped from her hand, one of the masked people was almost about to kill her when he was stopped. Another one had told him to…

She scowled as one of them grasped her face, inspecting her like an object.

"What do ya reckon we do with this one?" One of them asked…

"Tch, I say we kill 'er… she ain't worth anything anyways…" Another said…

The one who had been inspecting her spoke. "No, I say we bring 'er along, we might need a spare…"

They pulled her down, binding her arms and legs tightly, she didn't mind… Once they were securely bound, the masked men blindfolded them both.

They were roughly thrown into a carriage. She could still hear the boy's soft silent cries so she did her best to come to him, struggling with her bindings as she all but practically crawled to the boy.

Once she was close to the boy, she nudged him comfortingly.

"It's okay…You shouldn't cry anymore…" She could almost see him scowl at her as she heard him growl.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?"

She giggled, ignoring how indignant he sounded. She imagined his face scrunched up in anger.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing… it's just that I like you better this way… I don't like people crying."


"It's as I said… I don't like people crying. It makes them weak."


"Hai, Weak. People always cry when they lose something, they waste time crying…"

"Waste time?"

"Aa… People waste time crying over something that can't be restored. Instead of doing something productive they waste time crying and that makes them weak."

The boy said nothing but the girl continued on…

"Something once lost will NEVER RETURN." She spat out the last part with what sounded like disdain.

Maybe she was right…

His Mother…

His Father…

His dog, Sebastian…

…they were all gone now.

The wave of sadness came back he pulled his knees closer, burying his face on them desperately trying to hold himself together. The sadness was too great…

"Deep underground, I kept digging a hole

Without knowing where it would lead

With a dirt-covered eyepiece in one hand

I searched for your arm

Scraping together patchwork happiness, and sowing it,

I was crushed by your strength…"

He heard her singing… the melody… he couldn't understand but somehow he knew it was for him…

He wanted to hear more of the song but suddenly the carriage stopped. Suddenly he was being pulled on once more and once more, he resisted but this time it was because he didn't want to leave the girl.

"Where will we put this one?" He heard one of his captors say; he silently wished that they wouldn't separate them…

"They can go into the same cell. They might need the company." He could hear how sadistically those words were said, fear washed over him…

"It's alright…" He heard her whisper to him, he felt the comfort behind her words but he couldn't help feeling the fear that was building up in his chest.

Dragged along…

Wandering through halls blindly…


Down the steps they went...

Deeper and Deeper, down into the depths…

The stench of death lingered around…

He could only assume that they were being put in the dungeon…

His assumption was right; they were thrown into the cell just as roughly as they were thrown into the carriage.

Their captors decided that they could do without the bindings; it wasn't like they could escape after all, they were just children.

The cell was then locked after they were released from their bindings.

The cell was dark; the only light that could pass through was from a melting candle and from a window perched at the top of the walls.

He tried to open the cell door but it was futile.

"You're wasting your energy… It won't work…" Her voice was quiet but it still seemed to echo through the whole cell.

He looked over at his companion who'd stayed silent ever since they were dragged there. It was the first time he ever took notice of her features since he had been busy struggling to escape his captors before.

He found her features weird; since he'd never seen anyone with pink hair before. There were plenty of times that he'd seen red tinted hair but he'd never seen one in a the lightest shade of pink.

It made her look fragile but it suited her none the less.

Her eyes were also quite striking; they were the most brilliant shade of emerald green he'd ever laid his eyes upon.

Those two things were the most noticeable features that she possessed but combined with a heart-shaped face and with seemingly soft lips it made her look like a princess of sorts.

Her clothes were tattered, torn and bloodied.

He couldn't help but wonder what she'd been through…

Had she been through something that was similar to him?

He didn't know.

He realized that he didn't know anything about her nor did she know anything about him. He didn't even know her name but he did know that right now, they shared the same fate.

He approached her and sat in front of her.

"What's your name?" He asked her, if they were going to share the same fate, he should at least know her name.

"…" When she didn't speak, he felt almost like he was rejected. Just as he was about to turn away… he heard her voice…


Sakura? He'd never heard of such a name before…

"What's yours?"


"I've never heard of a person named Ciel… What does it mean?"

What did it mean? Hmm… He recalled something that his mother had said about his name. She'd said that his name meant something like 'Sky'.

"I think it means Sky… I'm not very sure…"

"Aa, mine means Cherry Blossoms... since my Kaa-san told me that I was born the day the biggest Sakura tree that our family owned had blossomed after many years of being barren…"


"Hai. 'Okaa-san', it means 'Mother' and 'Otou-san' means 'Father' from where I came from…"

"Are you a foreigner?"

"I guess so…" He watched as her face looked thoughtful, it seemed as though she wasn't really sure.

She stayed silent after that. He didn't know what more to ask of her and it was already obvious that she no longer wanted to talk.

The sadness came back but now he no longer wanted to cry.


"Hmm? What is it?"

"What did you mean by what you said earlier?"

"Huh?" He watched her focus her eyes on him.

"Something once lost will never return?"

He saw her eyes shine with sadness.

"Oh, that… It's nothing really; it's just something that I realized when I arrived here…"

"What is it?"

"You ask so many questions…"

His eyes widened when she said those words, he was acting stupid. She was right; he really was asking so many questions about her personal life… he was about to turn away when he glimpsed her eyes gleaming with so much sadness, it was as if she wanted to cry but she was stopping herself…

"Demo, I guess I have no one to talk to about it so I'll tell you…"

"I realized that I'll never be able to go home and that I don't have a home any more…"

Before he could even ask why she'd already continued…

"ANBU took them away… they said that Kaa-san and Tou-san did something bad and they had to be punished. Kaa-san wanted to hide me but ANBU were already there… I saw what they did! They killed Kaa-san and Tou-san!"

"They took Kaa-san and Tou-san away! ANBU wanted to take me away too but Kaa-san stopped them. Kaa-san held me even though she was already hurt. Kaa-san made some hand seals but I didn't know what was going on and then I was suddenly in the middle of a forest. I wandered around and that was when I realized that Kaa-san saved me but they were gone now and I'll never ever be able to have them back… then I heard someone crying… I wanted to help…"

"All I've ever done was to cry… I couldn't help Kaa-san and Tou-san because I was crying so much… people would laugh and make me cry because they said that I was a crybaby with a big forehead."

"I don't think that you have a big forehead…" He said what he knew was true…

"Arigatou… Ciel-kun."

"Ne, Ciel-kun… Were you crying because you lost your Kaa-san and Tou-san too?" He didn't know how she could've figured it. He didn't trust himself to speak without ending up cracking so he only nodded to her, eyes down cast and overshadowed with grief. He wasn't able to fully grieve yet…

"Ne, Ciel-kun… It's alright, you can cry now… Just this once, we can cry together and then we won't have to cry anymore…"

He felt her embrace him comfortingly as she said those words and once he was safely nuzzled in her embrace, the tears he'd been keeping locked in was released.

She sang again to him, once again the words that he couldn't understand filled his ears…

"Tsumetai namida o tataete

Toki ga michiru koro

Anata wa hikari o sagashite

Yami o hiraku darou…"

It was different this time, the song wasn't the same one she'd sang before but it was just as sad and comforting.

"Akane no utagoe

Sono mune o somete yuku

Eien ni kogarete

Chiriisogu shirabe no you ni

Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa

Watashi no niwa ga aru

Itsuka anata ga tadoritsuku

Migiwa no kanata ni…"

He allowed himself to be lost within the melody, the pain he'd felt was still there. It hurt much more now but at the same time it seemed like it was fading away. His tears still flowed endlessly down his cheeks and unto Sakur's dress, but he also felt her own tears drench his clothes.

"Tsuki o mamoru yoru no yami ga

Sasayaku komoriuta

Nakanai kodomo no hitomi ga

Yume ni nureru made…


Nido to wa aenai anata da kara

Itoshiku kuruwashiku

Yoru wa mune o eguru you ni

Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa

Anata no ie ga aru

Tsuki no ochiru yami no mukou

Minamoto e kaeru

Hosoi michi"

Even though she had been crying, her voice didn't falter. She knew he didn't know it but she sang a song of farewell, not for them but for their loved ones who would never ever be able to come back.

She kept Ciel in her embrace, lulling him to sleep before allowing herself to do so as well. He still had the semblance of innocence that had been driven away from her since she'd decided to become a ninja, she had yet to tell him of her origins and she knew that he may not understand everything but those matters didn't concern her. For now she was just a kid, one that was still grieving the loss of those she held dear.

The fate that lay ahead of them was still unclear, but somehow she knew that it would be one filled with blood and tears. But it won't be their tears that would be shed, no. The tears would belong to those who'd dare hurt them. If by any chance she would be able to return to Konoha, she'll see to it that they too would hurt the way she did.

Ciel and Sakura woke up to the sound of the cell door being opened.

A tray was slipped in. It seemed that they were being supplied their meal for the day, the contents were simply a loaf of stale bread and a single goblet of water.

The two could do nothing about the food that they'd been supplied with. Sakura was the one who broke the loaf in half. Though they were reluctant to eat the food they had no choice but to do so since if they didn't they end up starving.

Sakura saw how much Ciel struggled to eat the bread. She knew that he wasn't used to eating such kind of food. She figured it out because of his clothes, though they were tattered and torn much like her own, they were still of high quality.

Time elapsed for the two of them; Sakura didn't know how long they'd been kept in that cell. She and Ciel tried to get to know more about each other.

It was probably midday when he cell door opened once more; the two of them were hauled to their feet and were taken to a different chamber, one that was used for torturing.

Sakura and Ciel suffered through a whipping session. The two of them bit back their cries of pain since they didn't want to show any weakness to those people.

Their captors had been enraged when they found that the two were not responding the way that they'd hoped they would.

Ciel and Sakura had both decided that they wouldn't give their captors the satisfaction of drawing out their anguished cries.

They'd rather die in silence than to allow those people to humiliate them further.

The acts of torture continued for days, maybe even weeks but the two didn't have any sense of time so they could've cared less about how much time had passed since they'd been brought there.

Whenever their torture sessions would end, the two would curl up in each other's arms and comfort each other. It was only then that they'd release all of their pain and sorrow for their suffering.

When they were not being tortured, Sakura would teach Ciel about her language which the young boy easily learned. He had become quite good at it, using it whenever they were in the presence of their captors so they would not be able to know about what they were talking about.

In return, Ciel would tell her about all he knew of his own culture, Sakura was most interested with the knowledge of the things that most noble women would do. It was a good pastime for them because it kept them sane.

One night, when the two were about to fall into slumber, their cell door was banged open. Hand in hand, the two of them were dragged out onto a chamber that had an altar of sorts. Though they kept their faces blank, Sakura felt dread rise from within her as she laid her eyes upon the stone table in the middle. There were many people present; they wore masks on their faces and it was as if they were going to participate in an important ritual.

Sakura tightened her grip on Ciel's hand when she realized that they would probably be the ones used for the ritual.

She was right.

Ciel was forcibly torn away from her as he was chained to the table. Sakura was also taken to the middle; they forced her on her knees as she was chained facing Ciel.

Sakura felt the white hot pain brought upon the onslaught of whips against her already tender flesh. She could only hiss in pain as this happened. She fixed her gaze towards Ciel and found that he was screaming and struggling but she couldn't focus on what he was screaming about.

She watched in horror as Ciel was branded like an animal. By that time the torture she was going through had already become so intense that her body could no longer take the pain. The last thing she heard was Ciel's scream.

'Stop it!'

'Don't touch her!'


'Stop hurting her!'

Since his attention was so focused on what was happening with Sakura, he didn't notice the masked men approach him with a heated iron, it had a weird symbol on it.

He was emerged in the burning pain brought out by his flesh coming into contact with the iron. He felt the onslaught of the emotions that he'd been keeping locked burst from within him.

Somehow, through that burning pain, he felt the heavy chains drag him down, down deep into hell.

It was there where he met an Akuma.


Sakura woke up to the warmth of the sun shining upon her pale cheeks. She expected to find herself back at the cell with Ciel but she found herself outside, leaning against a tree. Ciel was nowhere in sight.

The young girl tried to pull herself up but was not able to since it seemed that her wounds were still very much tender and fresh.

Closing her eyes, Sakura let a few tears trickle down her face as she thought of the possibility that Ciel was gone too.

"Tears are a sign of weakness…" When Sakura heard those words, she immediately opened her eyes. She found Ciel staring at her but he kept his right eye closed Sakura felt worried but none the less she was relieved. She pulled the blue eyed boy in a tight embrace, allowing tears of relief overflow from her eyes.

Ciel returned her embrace but he did not shed any tears. The young boy allowed his female companion to release her bottled emotions. Minutes passed by slowly but eventually her tears subsided. When she finally pulled away from him, he watched the expression on her face immediately become guarded and blank. He knew why. She finally noticed Sebastian.

"Ciel? What is going on? What happened to your eye and who is He?"

Ciel refused to answer her question; it seemed that he was having an inner conflict.

"Ciel! Answer me!"

Ciel sighed. He knew that if he lied to her it would only hurt her and he didn't want to do that. Reluctantly, he opened his right eye. The mark of his contract with Sebastian was glowing.

"What is that?"

"This is the mark of my contract with him." He pointed his finger with Sebastian.

He already knew that she'd ask even more questions so he decided that it was better if he'd answer all of it so that he could spare her the trouble.

"He's a demon and I made a contact with him so that all of those people who dared sully my dignity would pay and in exchange he would be my servant until my revenge has been fulfilled."

'And so that you wouldn't be hurt anymore.' He added silently.

Sakura couldn't believe what Ciel had told her. Who in their right mind would sell their soul for such a thing?

"I don't understand! Why did you have to do this! There are many ways to achie-"

"You and I both know that there would have been no other way. He is the only spider thread that I have left and I did this for the both of us."

Sakura stayed silent after she heard what Ciel had said. Would there have been no other way? Maybe he was right. Last night was the most horrible night that she and Ciel had experienced; she even thought that they would have surely died.

Sebastian had been watching the children. It was quite amusing to him but at the same time he felt disgusted. It seemed that his Soul bore an unbreakable bond with the young girl. Their souls were still young so he could still probably mold both of their souls into one that would suit his taste.

Two for the price of one…

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