Ondeday and on the four score an seventh years ago suddenly nertuto got attack by zombies and vampies and zombies. £onhno!" netruto shoutedf "sos" and then suddenly Gandalf the grey game along and were sad and styuff den suddenly carlzson came along and they and Gandalf decided to fight with iago from Othello jello and Holdden Cowbell from the catcher in the wryyyyyyyyyyy. Incidentially, this cauased a gigantic nuclear explosion that rid the world of all cookinbg books, making Jamie Oliver angry.

Jamie olvier exploded uin a shower of avacados and mushroom herbs when suddenly Gandalf got angry and punched a panda# tbhe panda got in one little fight and it's panda brothers got scurred and called for Wakka nad Zack Ryder to save him (although Zack Ryder were absent because he war lisenting to the radio) it were telling him everything he knew… WOO WOO WOO

Oh no, said Wakka it's a gigantic land wail ya! However he was mistaken, as it was really jaysuon, who was a fattttt. then suddenly jaysonnna at all the cake and were forced to scrub all the fgoors in hyrool. Oh yay said the land wail who was suddenly a complete different person now who decided to make a gigantic weaboo fortrewesss 2 display and made aniome pictures of small children that he then cut up with a chainsword. Incidentally this was how all his dates ended (except for the ones uin which he was asleeeeeeeeeep) salty the land wail beganned to cry-lenol. He saw a raindow it was… DUMBLEDORE.

"Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii" yelled the revived Jamie Olvier and Iago and Holdddddddden.

Olvier was quickle chainsworded by the unholy might of Iago's chainsword belt and then sudden;y holden exploded and jumped off a building… his sweater was RUINED! Dumbledore suddenlt wexploded out of nowhere at the site of the mysterio attacker.

"NOT THIS WAY! NOT THIS WAY!2C shouted Michael Collins Ansd THEN suiddenely it exploded nd were sad and stuff also at the site or the mysterious feind,. And then suddenly the fiend decided to undermask himself

…oh no

It were

Barack Obama!