Just a little somethin' I thought up while eating breakfast. Hope you like!

"Han, would you mind holding my purse for me?" asked Leia.

"Sure, Princess, but why?" Han asked while taking the bag from Leia.

"Because I for got something. I'll be back in a moment."

After a while of standing there with Leia's purse, Han saw Leia's brother coming down the hall. Luke seeing that Han is holding a purse decides to have fun.

"Hey, Han, why are you holding a purse?"

"Because Leia asked me to." Han answered.

Luck nodded unbelievingly, "Sure."

"But it's true!" cried Han.

"Your gay."

Han hits Luke with Leia purse.


The boys turn to see Leia running towred them and Leia jumps and hugs her brother.

"What were you two doing?" she asks them.

Before Han can answere Luke replys, "I told your boyfreind that he was gay and he hit me with his purse!"

Haha! Did anyone notic that this drable was based on that quote form who knows were, I told your boyfriend he was gay and he hit me with his purse?

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