I do not own these characters, nor the Katy Perry lyrics, tune, or song.

This is to the tune of "I kissed a girl." Yes, the rhyming sucks, but that is because the rhyming in the Katy Perry song sucks and I was following the format of hers.

"Proud Buffy Nerd"

It clearly was always my fate

To become one of "those," when

I got into the fandom late

Round five years past "Chosen"

Now I am, an obsessed fan

Joss Whedon is my man

I over, analyze

Got an inch, and I ran

Proud Buffy nerd, gotta like it

Just Found a fanbase where I fit

Proud Buffy nerd, lovin' geeky wit

With vamps, Slayers, and hot Brits

The snark of Spike

The slink of Faith

The kick-ass moves of a blonde waif

Proud Buffy nerd, and I like it

I own all seven seasons, yes

Five Angels as well

I write fan fics that address

change to the details

Action figures in my room

I read the comic books

I rock t shirts, check the web for news!

Proud Buffy nerd and I will not hide

Got calendars, board game, and Watcher's Guide

Proud Buffy nerd, and I must have

Any cool keepsake I can nab

Faith's autograph, though you may laugh

I wear her skirt, signed in the back

Proud Buffy nerd, all bite, no bark

(Even got a bookmark)

Us fans, we are a bit deranged

Our Buffy fever never wanes

Seven years now, we still go, "Wow,

Spike/Faith spin-off woulda been insane..."

Proud Buffy nerd, not ashamed to say

Thanks to her, I discovered roleplay

Proud Buffy nerd, and I display

My Barbies made as characters to portray

Can easily quote, every episode wrote

Know the soundtracks note for note

Proud Buffy nerd, and i know it

Think I show it?