"If I'm not back by Friday, I'm dead."

Those were the words he left with. The last words that Gregory had heard leave Cristophe's lips. It was Monday. Just four days left to wait. Gregory sighed as he stared at the phone across the table from him. He kept telling himself that Cristophe would call. He'd call after eliminating the target, come home, demand Gregory make him something to eat, force them both to get drunk until they were on the verge of passing out, have incredible sex, sleep and in the morning repeat the whole process over again.

Gregory stood from his position at the table and walked to the phone, picking it up and slamming it on the charger, He'd call. Afterall, it was only Monday. Friday was just four days away.


Tuesday was boring as always for Gregory. His family had invited a woman into the house and had tried to get Gregory to accept her as a wife. He didn't of course. She was far to plain for him and his lifestyle. He needed more excitement. He needed adventure. He needed thrill. He needed Cristophe.

Gregory sighed as he laid back on hi bed and stared out the window. The sun outside was setting. His eyes felt heavy. He slipped into a quiet and restless sleep, filled with the man with the shovel and the smell of death that lingered around him wherever he went. When he opened his eyes again, he could see the phone with no messages on it. He'd push the feeling of dread form his mind and tell himself, he'd call. Afterall, it was only Tuesday. Friday was just three days away.


Wednesday was just as uneventful as Tuesday. His parents had decided to go on a family trip to Hawaii. Gregory had convinced them that he had to stay home and do other things. So now, he was left alone. Just until Saturday, when everything in Gregory's life would be normal again.

Gregory slumped in his father's armchair and stared at the clock above the mantle place. It was almost nine at night. He sighed and watched the flames for a good few hours before he looked to the nightstand at his left and stared at the phone that was waiting there for him. He'd call. Afterall, it was only Wednesday. Friday was just two days away.


Thursday was a very nervous day for Gregory. He couldn't stop making laps around the huge house that he and his family owned. He noticed after the fourth hour that he was constantly walking passed phone after phone. He sighed deeply and forced himself to sit on the edge of his bed, staring out the window. The sun was setting.

Gregory bit his lip and stared at the phone next to his bed. It lay silent and undisturbed. Gregory stood and walked over to his closet. He threw open the door and pushed back his clothes to revel an object that was hidden in the back. It was a shovel. A very dirty and rusty shovel, but, very special. It was the shovel that Cristophe had given him after he had gotten a new shovel. He had said that it was useless back then. It didn't kill like it used to.

Gregory reached in and pulled the shovel from its place, walking back to the bed with it. Silently he undressed and threw on his pajama's. He slid under the covers and held the shovel close to his chest. It was getting the bed and Gregory dirty, but, Gregory ignored it. It smelled of Cristophe. It smelled of fresh earth and blood. It smelled of death like Cristophe himself. Gregory fought back his tears and bit his lip as he stared at the phone. He'd call. Afterall, it was only Thursday. Friday was only a day away.


"Fuck it all! Damnit all to Bloody Hell!" Gregory shouted at the top of his lungs.

He smashed his fist into the wall next to his bedroom door and pulled back to see a bloodstain wjere his knuckles were. He had punched the wall a few times before already and it looked like it was finally breaking the skin. He scowled and wiped the blood on his plain orange shirt. He had plenty of these shirts, it didn't matter if one got a little bit of blood on it. Cristophe always said that bloodstains gave clothing character.

Speaking of Cristophe, there was no word form him yet. It was pissing Gregory off to no end. He was so angry right now. Cristophe was most likely just sitting somewhere, watching him in order to just laugh at him as he got pissy. Cristophe was just taking his good old time with calling and coming home. Coming back to Gregory.

"Fine, I won't give him the satisfaction of seeing me like this," Gregory muttered.

He walked into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet, retrieving the bandages from the top shelf. His hand bumped the top of a container and sent it crashing into the sink. Gregory looked at it as he closed the cabinet. It was a large jar of sleeping pills that his father used as often as he needed to. Gregory stared at it for a long time. Longer than he should have been looking at it. Finally he just put the bottle on the sink and bandaged his hand. A phone out of the corner of his eyes caught his attention. Gregory scowled at it. He'd call. Afterall, he still had time before midnight.


Gregory stared down at the objects on the desk in fornt of him. The jar of pills, a shot glass, a new bottle of brandy and the phone. It was nearly six in the morning. His parents would be home around noon. Plenty of time for his objectives. It was Saturday. Cristophe hadn't called. He didn't make any indication that he was still alive at all. Gregory had tried to call him several times, only to receive his answering machine that left a nasty comment his way before it went to the beep.

Gregory had decided long before this morning that he would do this if Cristophe wasn't around anymore. He'd kill himself. He'd follow Cristophe into the black abyss of Hell, just to be with him. Gregory smiled and laughed a bit wjen je remembered when he told that to Cristophe for the first time. Cristophe had given him a nice black eye and told him not to be a dumbshit. Well, it was too late for that now. Gregory stared at the phone for a few long minutes. Soon, the minutes turned to hours. It was eleven. He hadn't called.

Gregory opened the jar of pills and spilled them on the table. He opened the bottle of brandy and poured it into his shot glass before taking a handful of pills and shoving them into his mouth. Hw inced as the pills all went down his throat at once as he swallowed down some brandy to help. After a few seconds of composing himself he took another handful, another shot. This continued for about an hour. Gregory's hands were slower than before, his mind was shutting down, his eyes were heavy.

Gregory hissed lightly as he pinched the bridge of his nose to keep himself awake. He was almost done. Just a few more pills. He could do it. Gregory poured the last of the brandy into the shot glass and took the last of the pills into his mouth, swallowing them and the burning alcohol. There. That was it. He was done. It was done. He wouldn't be separated form Cristophe afterall. Gregory stood and wobbled as his knees nearly collapsed underneath him. He clutched to the wall for support as he painstakingly made his way up the steps and to his room.

Gregory collapsed gratefully onto his bed when he finally got there. He didn't bother with the covers, even though his body was turning cold. Ice cold. He sighed lightly as he turned onto his back and stared at the ceiling. The shovel was right next to him. It smelled of earth and death. The two things that reminded him of Cristophe. The two things he had left in this world.

Just as Gregory closed his eyes, he heard something. A noise. A beep. Another. Another. It was a ringing. Something was ringing. It was the phone. Gregory turned his head to the phone and tired to focus through the blur in his mind. He was able to easily make out the words on the caller ID because he had seen them so many times before. Cristophe Mole. It was Cristophe. Gregory reached over and pressed the speaker button. He tried to say something but nothing came form his throat but a weak gasp. He faded into darkness.

It was Saturday. He called.


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