Light My Darkness – Prologue

Long ago there were kingdoms… kingdoms of jewels. Some glinting with ethereal light, others tainted by eternal darkness. And in those kingdoms was a child. She was the not the best known of her siblings. On the contrary, she is the one almost forgotten from the history of that world far away. But her story is the greatest of all, a story of tragedy, sorrow, pain, hope and most of all… love. She was the one who gave her heart to the most unsuitable of men. She was the one who, against all the odds saved her sister's shadowed soul and brought her love to the light. This is Hotaru's tale… and her journey through the never-ending darkness. Her story, and Heero's….

Sometimes fate and destiny,

Will tangle up,

Won't set you free,

And she knows her love,

Can never come to be.

But she still hopes,

She still dreams,

Of what her eyes will never see…

(an: poem was written by meee…)