The Kyuubi's Mate




Story Begins


The domain of Makia was divided into numerous sections. The Kingdoms were divided by their terrain, element, and the primary species living there. In its center of Makia the Konoha sector was one of the areas rich in forest and resources. Though Kyuubi was more or less the undisputed ruler in name as there were many rogue elements and groups that attempted to instigate a coup or even an assassination attempt or two on the blond.

The western area was the most desolate of the area around the kingdom thanks to all the invasion attempts. Even the buildings in the sector of the kingdom reflected this as the buildings were an assortment of grey, brown, and black.

Even if the domain was called Makia wall sorts of creatures lived there. Humans, Elves, Giants, Dwarfs, Orcs, Trolls, Goblins and many other species made up of descendants of migrated creatures remained in the world.

So of course there were many political meetings and dealings between the races as they tried with fail to enforce eternal peace between all the races. But for certain lower class beings like Yugito she of course didn't have much experience in that sort of thing. In fact she was trying her best to keep her current fear restrained.

As she was led through the halls of the castle she could feel the eyes of Naruto's personal guard on her. The eyes of the wolves that seemed to judge her more then anything else.

The wolves grit their teethes in a very intimidating way and looked like they could jump on her at any time to tear her apart. Naruto let loose a menacing burst of his youki reminding his soldiers their place.

Yugito couldn't help but become flush as she felt his arm protectively wrapped around her. His youki that made the others shutter in fear felt like a powerful comforting force, a blanket of sorts that warmed her like she was sitting by a cozy fire. When they arrived to the throne room Yugito let out an impressed gasp. The walls and floor shine of that like pearl and large forest-green drapes hanging from the walls. The room was spacious enough to easily fit in a rather large mob.

In the room were two figures. One was a Kitsune with Russet colored fur and seven tails wearing green and black regal robing and rather thick goatee. The other was a beautiful young woman with peace colored skin and long snow white hair. She was a rose petal kimono with a black slash and her hair done up in the style of a bun.

''Aah Kyuubi-sama I see you're here to greet your fiance.'' the Kitusne said as something akin to rage being to curl through Naruto.

''What the hell is the meaning of this Shido?'' the Kyuubi demanded as if there was one thing he didn't like was someone challenging his authority.

"Kyuubi-sama I was only thinking of the best for our kingdom. We are on the verge of a war with the Kingdom of Lightning and Ice and you have as of yet secured your line.''

''How I go about my line is none of your business Shido! You overstepped your authority in arranging an engagement for me. I for one have already mated so whatever little game you had in mind comes to an end now.''

''I have no idea what you're talking about Kyuubi-sama, but surely you must be joking? A Neko? How could you willingly stain the royal line?''

''Whom I choose as my mate is no longer the issue. I have chosen and I am making it clear that if you continue to question my judgement I will have you tried for treason. Am I clear?'' Naruto was in no mood to get into a battle of wits with Shido as he was anxious to get back to his mate.

Shido took notice of this and decided that for now he would submit and wait to see how the situation would play out and see if the Neko would be of any use to him. ''Of course Kyuubi-sama.'' The fool would allow a hybrid to be born as his successor? Or maybe I can arrange an accident of sorts for the little neko trash? Kyuub I would need someone to turn to and Maiko would be that perfect someone. Once she births his child I'll rid of both parents and that other adviser and become the aid to the last of the royal child; with a child whose heritage connects with three lines it's just a matter of manipulating the fool into placing me into the next of the line for the throne.

''Then remove yourself from my sight!'' Naruto ordered as Shido bowed and exited the room. Steeling his anger Naruto made his way to his bedroom. By now his servants should be done washing and dressing Yugito as he really needed to unwind.