It was Hinata's first day at Konaha public high school and she was so nervous.

"Hey sis excited?" asked Hanabi Hinata looked at her little sister and shook her head terrified and shortly after stuttered out "N-no not really"

Hanabi then stared at Hinata and said "Of course you..."

Hanabi looked down to see what Hinata was wearing.

She wore a black knee height skirt, a brown sweater with a white long sleeved shirt under it, her hair was its same old boring colour and it wasn't brush so it had pieces of hair sticking everywhere, she wore a pair of black leather clucky shoes and to finish her look she had huge square base glasses so you couldn't see her beautiful lavender eyes.

Hinata saw the way hanabi was looking at her and then looked down she said in a wavy voice "Y-your right w-what I'm w-wearing is to reviling isn't it?"

Hanabi was still staring at her as she thought to herself 'No Hinata it isn't reviling enough ugh I wear sluttier clothes then that'

Hanabi started to talk "No Hinata its fine" Hinata looked up and smiled "Well I'm off d-don't want to be late" she said as she opened the door and walked out.

On the way to school Hinata ran into some "friendly boys" form her school.

She was reading one of her school text books and wasn't looking where she was going so she bumped one of the boys which she supposed to be the leader.

Hinata looked up to see a real ugly dude with a scrunched up face and scares all over his arm the leader began to speak "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BUMP INTO ME WHORE?"

He went to hit the books in her arms but by "accident" hit her instead, Hinata went flying and smashed into the ground.

The leader and his followers slowly walked towards her, she closed her eyes ready for the beating but nothing came.

When she opened her eyes Hinata saw to very hot boys but there was one boy what draw her in.

The two boys walked up to Hinata and offered her a hand she looked at it and started to get up by herself.

As Hinata got up she felt a shotting pain from her arm, Hinata didn't want to course a scene so she just ignored it she walked past the boys and grabbed her books and bag but couldn't help but feel the pain much more.

The boys sore she was in pain and walked up to her the boy that Hinata kinda liked grabbed her books while the other looked at her arm.

Hinata blushed like a cheery tomato as the sexy blond grabbed her text books off her but she was interrupted by the stabbing pain in her arm.

Hinata looked on the other side of her to see the other boy looking at her arm.

Hinata grabbed her text books back from the boy and ran down the street to the school, her arm hurting like hell.

When Hinata got into the school she finally got the chance to look at her arm, her white shirt was now red with blood and she sore she had a large piece of glass in there.

Hinata being Hinata didn't want to course a scene so she just left her arm even if the blood slowly was dripping down her arm. She made her way to her new locker and opened it.

With much pain Hinata lifted her books into her locker. When she sore them in the corner of her eye, the boys that helped her now that she had a proper look.

The blond was even hotter he had blond silky hair his eyes were deep ocean blue, he had a black t-shirt with the slogan If you bite me I'll bite back and it had little specks of red, he wore baggy jeans and a pair of orange skate shoes but the thing what really drew Hinata to him was the tattoo he had a tattoo of fox wiskers on his face.

The other boy that helped her had navy blue hair and black empty eyes his facial expression was dead no one could be able to read him he wore a black hoody and jeans, his shoes were black skates as well.

As the boys walked closer to Hinata, she then realized that they were both popular everyone made room for them and said hi so it was kinda easy to figure out.

Once again she felt the pain but this time it was worse Hinata was starting to get dizzy and just before the two boys walked past her she collapsed in the middle of the hall way.

Blood quickly leaving her body the two boy ran up to her and the emotionless one picked her up bridal style and walked her to the nurses office when the nurse saw Hinata's pale body she ran up to her and put her on a bed.


Hinata's POV:

I woke up about are hour later in snow white sheets, as I sat up I realised that my cut on my arm was now cleaned and bandaged.

The bell went which meant the next class was going to start that was when the nurse walked in she saw me awake and walked over to me.

As the lady pressed her hand against my head I managed to mumble out "Can I-i go to c-class?"

The lady nodded so I jumped off the bed put on my glasses and walked out of the room on my way to second period which was music.

Lucky for me I was spectacular at music I knew how to sing play the guitar piano and violin.

I walked to the music room and was the last to enter, just when I took my seat at the back where I was invisible the teacher walked in.

The teacher looked pretty cool, she was tall and had dead black hair but her face was cheery and happy, she wore a light green Tank top with a pair of skinny jeans, her shoes where light bluey green colour.

When she walked in she said in a loud voice "Okay hey dudes I'm your music teacher but just call me miss M unless there's any teachers around then you can go formal"

Everyone laughed at that then the room went quiet again as Miss M started to talk again "Ok well I would like to have all of you up here to show us how musical you are any volunteers?" she asked

But of course no one put up there hand. I would have if I wasn't too shy.

There was a prissy girl with blossom pink hair who put up her hand, she obviously popular because she was surrounded by boys.

She walked up the stage and to the middle of it she pronounced her name and her act and then she sang, her voice was lovely you could hear her hit every note perfectly

When she was done she walked down the stage and back to her seat.

I was too busy paying attention to the pink hair girl I didn't realised the teacher called for me to come to the stage.

I got out of my own thoughts and came back to the real world to see everyone looking at me, I blushed behind my big glasses as I walked to the stage.

I went to grab a guitar and sat down on the edge of the stage with my legs hanging over I looked around the room and then looked at pinky she was looking at me with disgust and then I heard her say "UGH she's so ugly I bet she has no talent at all"

Hearing her say that kind of brought down my hopes but I started to sing

On a Monday, I am waiting

Tuesday, I am fading

And by Wednesday, I can't sleep

Then the phone rings, I hear you

And the darkness is a clear view

Cuz you've come to rescue me

I started off slow but begain to pick up my pace

Fall... With you, I fall so fast

I can hardly catch my breath, I hope it lasts

As I was getting to the chorus I heard the girl once again and she said it out loud so everyone could hear "OMG YOU SUCK WERE EVER YOU CAME FROM GO BACK NERD"

I got up from where I was, and ran out of the room with the guitar around my back meanwhile pinky was cackling louder then ever.

I ran to the highest place of this school the roof and then went to the edged of the roof and sat on the fence that was supposed to make sure no one fell but I didn't care

I grabbed the guitar from my back and started to mingle with some strings, I started to sing softly.

When somebody said "Your good" I looked up surprised and said "N-no I'm N-not" I denied my talent. The person who complimented me on my singing was one of the boys that helped me the navy blue haired dude.

I blushed lightly as I jumped off the fence onto the roof and started to walk away but the boy jumped in front of me and said "Yes you are, hey do you want to join my band?"

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