[Kannazuki no Miko] Blinded

Blinded - Part III.5
A Kannazuki no Miko Fanfic
By jen-chan
July 17 - August 27, 2006

DISCLAIMER: This fanfic was written with knowledge of Kannazuki no Miko derived from the entire twelve episode fansubbed series. The characters from Kannazuki no Miko that appear in this fanfic do not belong to the author and are being used without permission from their owners, who include Kaishaku and TNK.

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for the entire series exist in this fanfic. Do not read on if you don't want to know how the story ends.

LI- SCRATCHED OUT! LEMON WARNING: This fanfic has been upgraded from a lime warning to a lemon warning. This means that this fanfic contains explicit sexual scenes and is intended for a mature audience only. Reader discretion is advised.

STORY SYNOPSIS: An accident robs Chikane of her vision temporarily. She struggles with her new disability, as old demons of doubt rise in her heart. Will Himeko and Chikane's relationship be able to survive this crisis?

CHAPTER SYNOPSIS: Plot? What plot? =P This is the lemony extract from the secret garden love scene from Part II.

The teasingly light floral scent, and the moist softness cool against her lips, tells Chikane that it is the petals of a blooming rose that her lover is tenderly touching against her face. A shiver meanders up Chikane's back as she sighs contently, twisting her head upwards to try and follow the tantalizing sensation. She lifts her hand to try to catch the flower.


"Shh..." Her lover whispers, even as the petals continue to leave tingling anticipation upon her skin.

"Don't speak..."

Himeko's breath is warm against Chikane's ear...

"Don't move..."

... her voice is low...


... her words are soft...


... her commands tremble with sweet promise...


... and Chikane can do naught but obey.

A quiet shudder leaves her lips as she feels Himeko drag the rose down her throat, over her collar bone, and further, further downwards... after shadows of the flower's trail leaves her skin feeling almost cold against the night's breeze - such a ravishing contrast to the pulsating heat she feels inside her body.

Wholly vulnerable and defenseless... she is at Himeko's complete mercy. Will her lover be kind or cruel?

Another shiver traverses her flesh. Chikane doesn't know which one she prefers.

She wonders what Himeko is feeling right now. Her lover's chosen tool of seduction is a poor instrument of communication for Himeko's own bodily desires, though the rose announces to Chikane's flesh the will and intent of the fingers that grasp it, like a paintbrush does to canvas an artisan's vision.

Absorbed as she is in the spell her lover is weaving, Chikane fails to notice when the flower takes leave of her body, and can only just barely make out the soft crunching of Himeko's bare feet on grass.

She hears Himeko circling around her silently once... twice... and though she cannot see so herself, she knows that the moon shines brightly in Himeko's eyes. It illuminates a hunger in those orchid depths, a hunger that is normally hidden underneath layers of docile sweetness and kind innocence, but one so deep and powerful that just the memory of it almost sends Chikane crumbling to the ground in submission.

She hears Himeko stopping behind her, and then, for a terrible second, when Himeko continues to remain silent, she cannot feel her lover's presence at all.

Her heart begins to race as the perfect images in her mind's eye begin to fade, and unending darkness rapidly converges upon her from all directions.

She is overwhelmed. Fear grips her heart, as the memory of eternal solitude floods into her mind - memories of a great wooden gate closing with a booming finality, memories of kneeling in complete darkness, memories of an eon of silent penance...

She opens her mouth to cry out, but before she can be swallowed up by her blindness, she feels something warm upon her neck.

And suddenly, mercifully, vision returns to Chikane, as Himeko's touch upon her flesh allows her to draw her beloved's form in her mind with loving colours once more.

Himeko rescues her with gentle kisses just at the point of panic.

Chikane feels as though the strength in her body has bled from her. "H...Himeko..."

"I'm here, Chikane-chan. I'm here..."

Her knees are shaking and she wants to melt to the earth, but steady hands upon her waist support her. She feels Himeko's breath upon her neck as her lover pauses, before brushing trembling lips against Chikane's ears. Himeko's hands remain around Chikane's body until Chikane is sure her legs can support her. Then they dance upwards, fingers lightly brushing up the sides of Chikane's stomach, her bosom, before slipping underneath the straps of her plunging neckline dress, and slowly - oh so maddeningly slowly - pulling them off of her shaking shoulders.

Chikane can feel the fabric of her dress moving across her skin. She can't help but hold her breath as the slinky material slips over her breasts, exposing them to the cool night air, before Himeko has the straps off her shoulders, and the dress falls quietly to her feet entirely.

The moon sends a passing zephyr against her, and Chikane begins to tremble from the cold. She feels Himeko press up against her back in response, gently cupping her breasts in gentle hands, holding her, caressing her, warming her kindly.

Himeko's hands are at times delicate and at times eager, but always attentive, and responsive to the wordless pleas and cries that escape Chikane's lips. They roam across her body, showering her flesh with lavish consideration. Thumbs and fingers tease and arouse her nipples almost to the point of pain. Palms rove across her stomach, her navel, her hips, and advance downwards still. They slow - infuriatingly so - just at the edge of her panties, and stop altogether.

Himeko's breathing is steady, but Chikane can feel the pounding of her lover's heart against her back, and she knows her beloved wears an expression of anticipation as well.

The tension in her heart and in her lower body is overbearing. Chikane gives a murmur of disapproval. What is Himeko waiting for?

Then she feels a hand sliding across her tummy. One soft tug and twist later, and the warmth of Himeko's body is now in front of at her at her face, her chest, her stomach...

Only a thin piece of satin separates them, and Chikane can easily feel Himeko's warmth if not her flesh directly. Himeko's hands, resting upon Chikane's hips, slowly direct Chikane's lower body into a rhythmic rocking against her own body. As they dance, the silky smoothness sliding back and forth upon her drives Chikane almost to the point of madness.

Knees buckling and breathing ragged, she can barely take anymore, and almost cries out in relief when her lover finally allows her to sink to the earth.

Chikane is intently aware of the coolness of the ground upon her back, the prickly points of grass against her flesh. She is also very conscious of her lover's fingers hooking onto her panties, and how mortifyingly moist they are as they are deftly pulled off of her legs...

Now clad in absolutely nothing, save for the piece of fabric around her eyes, Chikane is keenly, _keenly_ aware of her exposure, especially as her lover is still fully clothed.

She tries to slow her anxious breathing, tries to stop her anticipation from making a fool of her, tries to curl up into a tiny, protective ball, but Himeko will have none of that.

Her lover gently takes her wrists and pulls her arms over her head, causing Chikane to arch her back, thrusting her chest upwards as she is laid out for all the world of night and moonlight to see. She hears Himeko give a sharp intake of breath, and feels her lover's grip on her wrists slacken. Chikane turns her head minutely to the general direction of her beloved's sudden lack of breath. "... Himeko?" She asks softly, curiously.

Her lover does not answer her right away.

Chikane crinkles her brow in worry. "Himeko?" She presses.

What can possibly be the matter?

Finally, she hears Himeko stir, swallowing audibly, and she feels trembling fingers brushing her hair from her face.

"... you're glowing, Chikane-chan," Himeko whispers hoarsely. "... you're... so... beautiful...!"

Himeko's words drip with desire and longing. Her earnest declaration causes the heat to rise in Chikane's cheeks once more, and Chikane shyly turns away. She feels Himeko's fingers firmly taking her chin, turning her attention back.

Himeko kisses her sweetly, gently at first, but the sweetness soon melts away to eagerness and unadulterated _need_. Himeko's kisses trail down her throat, down the valley of her bosom, down her stomach, her belly button, down, down, down, further and further...

Her beloved opens her, and partakes of her.

Chikane moans and grasps uselessly at the earth, trying desperately not to thrash, not to beg, not to whimper, to retain some semblance of dignity. But control slips further and further away as Himeko's mouth continues to sample her, taste her, savor her, and Himeko's tongue continues to swirl upon her flesh, deeper and deeper...

The tension in her body builds, and builds, and builds further still...!

And just when she feels that she can stand it no longer, Himeko grants her sweet, merciful release, and Chikane's cries of triumph and pleasure echo into the night.

It takes her what feels like an eternity to recover, before Chikane can trust her body not to spasm uncontrollably. She feels the heat of bashfulness rising in her cheeks as she realizes that she is clinging like an infant to her lover, hands gripping the satin of Himeko's dress, head buried in Himeko's chest, her entire body still trembling like a leaf, even as she wills - implores, pleads, begs, - her heart to stop racing.

Himeko patiently strokes the back of her head, holding her close and softly cooing sweet nothings. There is an unmistakably amused and satisfied undertone in those gentle sounds, and Chikane can't help but feel her blush deepen.

Himeko has every right to be pleased with herself; like a finely tuned instrument, Chikane has responded to her musician's commands.

A small smile comes onto Chikane's face. She will allow Himeko to bask for a while longer, before reminding her lover who the maestro really was.


First limes, then lemons, now PWPs... *sigh* 'Finally Healing' and 'Blinded' have started me down a very slippery slope...

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope this was a satisfactory bonus 0.5 chapter. I sort of already poured my heart out in the notes at the end of Part III, so I don't have too much more to say. I've got a couple more KnM fics to archive at FFnet, and hope to get those up as well over the next little while.

As always, many thanks to Naolin and Eimii!



OMAKE I: Tastefully Depicted

[CHIKANE & HIMEKO sit at a table. They are reading the script for Part III.5, and trying to decide if it meets the 'tastefully depicted' clause of their contracts. HIMEKO holds the papers in her lap while CHIKANE'S face is obscured by her script]

HIMEKO: [Turns the final sheet. Blushing furiously] So... what do you think?


HIMEKO: [pushes fingers together, still blushing] I... I think... over all, it's not _too_ trashy... and... it doesn't feel like exploitation...


HIMEKO: It's a little OOC... [shrinks in on herself in embarrassment] I mean... I don't think I could ever... I mean, more skillfully than Chikane-chan... like... that... but... over all... um... I think... I think I can... approve...


HIMEKO: ... Chikane-chan? [growing more anxious]


HIMEKO: Mou, Chikane-chan, why won't you say anything? [pulls the script away from CHIKANE]

[A massive GEYSER of blood erupts from CHIKANE'S nose and totally coats HIMEKO in red fluid]

CHIKANE: [falls weakly to the floor] ...

HIMEKO: ... I'll take that as your approval.