Notes – The follow up to my kinkmeme fill for the prompt that wanted Phoenix and Layton to secretly be brothers. A couple of people wanted Edgeworth's reaction to finding out that Phoenix was British, so here we go! Set directly after 'The Layton Brothers' - just view this as chapter two.

This country had what Edgeworth considered a sheer beauty to it that few others could match. It was classy.

…Or at least Edgeworth's vision of it was. He ignored the crowded streets filled with teenagers who didn't know how to pull their pants up playing their obnoxious music loudly, he ignored the work-worn adults struggling to get through the city with as little trouble as possible, and he especially ignored the chain stores all down the high street that were, admittedly, not to different from the ones back in America.

He knew that the true England was just in hiding and that the real English gentlemen stayed indoors because they didn't want to be associated with this riff-raff. He'd modelled his whole persona on that sort of person, so he wasn't going to let the fact that they no longer seemed to exist in this society stop him.

The reason he'd come to England had started with tea. One of his prize possessions was without a doubt the tea set he'd had specially imported from this country. It had been his second one, since the first one had been damaged in an unfortunate incident that took place in his office. But sadly the second set had eventually met the same set when Detective Gumshoe had tried to be nice and pour him a cup of tea for when he got into the office one morning. Although he knew Gumshoe's heart was in the right place, that tea set had been doomed the moment the detective put his hands on it.

After cleaning up the broken pieces from the floor Edgeworth had decided not to cry over spilt tea and buy a new one. But it had been many years since he'd bought the set and it turned out the company that manufactured it had gone out of business, so the only way he could acquire one was from a small firm that didn't ship internationally.

This was what had forced him to come to England. Though 'forced' was a strong word, since Edgeworth was delighted to spend time here.

That delighted feeling was soon replaced with surprise as he saw the back of a familiar blue beanie making its way through the crowd.

"Wright, is that you?"

The head turned to reveal the scruffy face of what was indeed Phoenix and with him was…

…It couldn't be!

"Professor Layton? I've read about much of your work, it's an honour to meet you in person," Edgeworth said, staring at the figure in the top hat.

"Nice to see you too, Edgeworth," Phoenix muttered, rolling his eyes.

Nodding and extending his hand, Layton replied, "Any friend of Phoenix is a friend of mine. And I have heard so much about you from him, Mr. Edgeworth."

Taking the hand and shaking it, Edgeworth felt as if he'd found where all the gentlemen in England had been hiding rolled up into one person. But there was something wrong with this scenario…

"If you don't mind me asking, how do you and Wright know each other?" he asked.

Phoenix made some dramatic hand gestures for Layton to keep quiet, but it seemed the man hadn't noticed and went on, "Though he might not have mentioned it, Phoenix and I are actually brothers. Estranged over the years, but we're trying to make amends to our relationship currently."

Phoenix and Layton were brothers…?


That meant that Phoenix was…

"You never told me you were British!" Edgeworth demanded, suddenly feeling as if he'd been outright lied to.

"Because I knew you'd make a big thing of it," Phoenix answered, "You're almost obsessed with this culture; I didn't want you pestering me about it every day."

"So you lied to me?"

"I just didn't tell you – that's different from lying!"

"We've known each other since school, Wright. Wait, how come you were in school with me if you come from here?" Edgeworth puzzled.

"I can answer that, if you like," Layton cut in, not wanting their argument to get any worse, "Our parents both had careers that required them to live in each country. We travelled a lot in our youth but in the end Phoenix decided that he preferred America and in turn I preferred it here."

There was that weight in Phoenix's stomach that reminded him the whole reason he preferred it there was to get away from the shadow of his brother, but he ignored it for now.

"Fine, great, okay," Edgeworth mumbled, "But you didn't have to hide it from me, Wright. It doesn't take more than a glance to tell that you're not a gentleman and never have been, so I wouldn't have annoyed you about your homeland."

"On the contrary, my brother can be quite the gentlema-"

"Save it Hershel, please," Phoenix cut in, "We both know that all the genes involving being gentlemanly went to you." He turned back to Edgeworth and continued, "Well, now you know. Sorry to have kept it from you."

"It's quite all right, just a shock really," Edgeworth admitted.

"What are you even doing here anyway?" asked Phoenix, though he knew that Edgeworth often travelled abroad for cases so that was probably the reason.

Embarrassed, Edgeworth confessed, "Um, you see… my prized tea set has been damaged and the company that produced it no longer exists…"

"I think I know the one you mean," Layton replied, "There's a charming little shop just down the road that still makes them, but sadly they're not large enough to meet the demands of so many customers."

"So I have got the right place? That's good to hear. Are they really up to the standards of the original?" Edgeworth asked.

"I would certainly say so, as their wares are what I use in my own home and I have no complaints about them," assured Layton.

"It will be almost thrilling to use the same sort of tea set as the renowned Professor Layton," said Edgeworth, trying not to sound like too much of a fan.

Great, they do get along. Just as Phoenix always knew they would do. And exactly the reason why he'd secretly hoped they'd never meet. But at least they weren't talking about him.

"I had to get a new one myself recently, poor Phoenix is so clumsy and knocked one of the cups. Having an incomplete set feels very wrong."

"Oh, I'd agree with you there in both respects. There have been times when Wright and I have been in court and he's went to present some evidence only to drop it quite carelessly-"

"I get it! You're both perfect and I'm a clumsy oaf. So can you just hurry up and get married already so I don't have to listen to you raving about tea sets anymore?" Phoenix interrupted.

They both blinked across at him as if he was being unreasonable.

"There's no need for that, Wright…"

"You do have quite the active imagination there, dear brother."

Phoenix shook his head.

"Sorry, that was a bit overboard, but can we hurry up and go get Edgeworth's tea set or whatever. I'm dying of first and there's a coffee shop just across the street," he said.


He'd never heard that one word spoken with such venom, not to mention in perfect unison. The other two regarded him as if he was an alien.

"Go get your coffee then, I'm sure we'll catch up with you later," Edgeworth replied.

"And if not then you know to meet me back at the house," added Layton.

It took a few moments for Phoenix to register that he had officially been ditched by his brother and his rival. In the end it was his thirst that won out over his pride, however.

"All right, I'll see you both later then," he said, turning to leave them to their tea and their gentlemanly ways and whatever else.

Well, at least if they did end up getting married he'd know exactly what to buy them for a wedding present.