Chapter 1- Finding out the truth…


I was sitting in my favourite passageway in gallagher waiting for my sisters to come back from their summer vacation when I heard a faint 'ooppsie daisies' outside in the hall and I knew Liz the resident clutz was home. I walked out of my hiding place to see a blonde blur and then I was in Liz's arms having the air sucked out of me. "It's so good to see you!" Liz screeched in my ear. "Its good to see you too Lizzie" was my reply just before Bex walked round the corner carrying her luggage and what looks like half of Macey's. "BEX!" me and Liz screamed and ran forward to help her when Macey walked round the corner "Well Hi to you to" Macey spoke with a smile on her face. "Macey we didn't see you. How was your summer?" "good thanks lets get to our room"

Once we were in our room and everyone was unpacked we started talking about what we think will happen this year when our door opened and in walked Joe Solomon our Cove Ops teacher and behind him my mother who looked a little worried and afraid but that can't be right because my mom is a spy and she doesn't show emotons.

"Ms Morgan your mother and myself would like a word in her office now please" Mr Solomon said in his teacher voice with no emotion whatso ever.

I got up with one quick look at my friends confused faces I left the room following my mom and Mr Solomon down the halls of gallagher that were filling up as more of my sisters came home for the school year.

Once I was seated in my mothers office Mr Solomon started to talk. "Ms Morgan as you know your farther and myself were close before he… Before he went missing" with that my mother looked away and I fought to hide the tears that were threatening to over fill my eyes.

"well when you were born your mother and your father decided that I should be your um.. your godfather." Mr Solomon spoke quietly as if he didn't want me to hear it but of course I did I mean I was a spy in training and everything.

"oh um… so your what like my uncle…" I spoke with uncertainty in my voice. Mr Solomon contemplated it then with hesitation nodded. "I want to try to get to know you Cammie I know I haven't been very friendly in the past but I would like to try now you know if you will let me but I want to make it clear I won't try to replace your farther because I know no-one can ever do that." Was his reply to me. All I did was smile and nod and say that I would like that. Mr Solomon or should I say Uncle Joe looked relieved and swept me up in to a big hug before telling me not to mention it to anyone until he tells me to.

With that I left to my room where I knew there would be questions to what Uncle Joe and my mom wanted. FUN.