Chapter 25:


After what happened at COC I wasn't let out of anyone's sight. It did get annoying after a while. We still had to stay on this mission though to see if there are any COC agents still around in Australia which meant back to public school. We had to pretend we were starting new again today as everyone was given a memory erasing tea so they forgot about everything that had happened.

"Morning Cassie" Dad said as I walked into the kitchen on the Monday we were due to start school again.

"Morning Dad" I said while grabbing a cereal bar and walking towards the garage where everyone else was already waiting.

"Grant you may drive my bike with Bex if you promise not to crash into anything" I said slowly to my brother who quickly nodded his head like a three year old.

"Macey you take Jonas and Liz in the black Chevrolet and me and Zach will take the Ferrari." I instructed. Macey nodded and unlocked the car. Myself and Zach quickly hopped into the car and Zach slung his arm around the top of my seat. I pressed the button to open the garage door, revved my engine then shot out of the garage with Macey following and then Grant. We sped down the street never slowing down with the roof down laughing and talking. As the school gates appeared we all sounded our horns to ensure everyone moved out of our way. I swung into the closest space to the door and killed the engine waiting for Macey and Grant to park. Me and the girls put our shades on top of our heads and then opened our doors and stepped out. I could hear jaws drop as soon as they saw us. The guys got out and I am pretty sure some girls fainted. The boys came next to us and placed an arm around us before guiding us towards the office.

"Good morning how may I help you today?" An elderly lady asked when we arrived at the office.

"Hi, we are the Walter's and the Solomon's we are new." Zach said with his usual smirk.

"Oh yes. Well here are your locker numbers and combinations, your time tables and the map of the school. Please get your teachers to sign these forms and bring them back to me at the end of the day." She said before dismissing us.

We walked out the office and moved to find our lockers which were conveniently located side by side. In order it went Macey, Nick, Liz, Jonas, Grant, Bex, Me and then Zach. After that we all walked off to our home rooms which were together.

As soon as we walked into the room you could hear a pin drop. We ignored the looks and walked to the teacher handing out forms to him and getting him to sign them.

"Hello I'm Mr Hall please introduce yourself." The homeroom teacher spoke clearly.

"Hi, I'm Rebecca Walters. Call me Becca. I have 2 siblings and have recently moved closer to family and due to my parent's job. I also have 4 best friends who are the Solomon siblings" Bex spoke first then stepped back.

"I'm George Solomon. I have 3 siblings and have moved because of my dad's job." Grant said quickly

"I am Michelle Solomon. I have 3 siblings and I am here for the same reasons as George" Macey said simply.

"I'm Lisa Walters" Liz spoke quietly

"I am James Solomon" Jonas spoke as quietly as Liz

"Hi my name is Zeus Walters and I am here for my parents and siblings" Zach said firmly ignoring all the girls batting their eye lashes at him

"Finally I am Cassie Solomon and I am only here for my siblings and Dad" I said last.

"Well thank-you for that has any of you got questions regarding the new kids" The teacher asked the class and we all rolled are eyes at the fact the majority of hands rose in the class.

"Yes Miss Coral" Mr Hall pointed to a bleach blonde girl

"Have any of you got like girlfriends?" She questioned in a voice that was meant to be seductive.

"Um. Yes we do. I am dating Becca, James is dating Lisa and Zeus is dating Cassie" Grant replied

"Oh" The girl deflated at that answer.

"Very well sit down and you can all talk for the last remaining minutes." Mr Hall droned.

We all walked to the back and sat down in a row. Zach immediately put his arm around me and pulled me to his side. I could hear him growl quietly due to the boys in the class looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

"Relax. I am with you and none of them could compare" I whispered in his ear. He smirked at me before dipping his head and giving me a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Good" He whispered back. Before we could say anymore the bell rang signalling the end of homeroom. Myself and the girls walked ahead of the boys with our arms linked walking towards are lockers to get our books when four incredible hot but stupid boys blocked our way...

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