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Chapter 1

It was night. The ship was docked by a small town, disguised as a mere merchant ship, of course. Everything was silent. Most of the crewmen were out in town. After a long trip they hungered for some good ale and pretty wenches in the local bars, leaving the poor navigator of the ship all by himself. He stood on the deck, looking out over the sea.

Matthew pondered about his chances if he made a run for it now. He would have until daybreak at the most before they would notice he was gone. He doubted he could get far away enough for them not to find him. For some reason the captain seemed to have taken a liking to him. Or he was just imagining things, he didn't know.

A sigh escaped his lips. The Canadian still didn't know why the intimidating pirate had chosen to snatch him up out of all people. He had just been running some errands when their village was raided by the pirates. Matthew, trying to fight off the brutes, had been captured and brought to the captain to decide what would be done with him. All around him suggestions were being yelled. 'The plank!', 'Keelhaul him!'. But no, the captain had decided on an even worse faith. He decided to keep him on the ship.

He still remembered the way the man looked at him. His height made him stick out above all the others, and due to the Canadian's spot, laying on the deck, he seemed even taller. His captain hat in one hand, a sword in the other. The man's hair was sticking up in a strange way. But what Matthew remembered the most were those green eyes, shining with cruel amusement, staring down on him. A curved scar could be seen on his forehead, and god that smirk. How inferior Matthew had felt at that moment. It was only later that he had learned the man's name. Lars van Ryn.

But that had been long ago already. At that time he had just been the cabin boy. He had tried to run, many times. But each and every time he was caught just before he could sneak away. Not all that long ago their navigator had been killed during a fight. Matthew, who had shown talent for the profession, had been announced the new navigator. Even though he was still set on getting off of the ship, this filled him with a little bit of pride. He had been acknowledged to be good at something. Even the crew showed more respect for him now. Though the blond was still so quiet. He was ignored and forgotten a lot as well.

Seeing as they left him on the ship alone, with the freedom of roaming wherever he wanted, maybe they started to trust him on not running away? Either that or they had forgotten to lock him in his room.

More time passed as Matthew tried to decide what to do. For the first time when he had been given the chance to run, he was actually feeling reluctant to leave the ship. Leaving now would mean never coming back. Unless they caught him again. And while he had been planning to escape from the moment he had set foot on the ship, he didn't know where to run to. This had somehow turned into his home. He had spent several years on this ship. He had no idea how to return to his village and if he would even be welcomed back there. He would be nothing more than an outcast. Was he ready to risk that for his freedom?

Matthew mentally slapped himself for this thought. What's the matter with you? He asked himself. You never hesitated to run, so why would it be different now? They won't miss you if you left. Because that's what always happened. Nobody would miss him. Ever. And so his decision was made. A determined look on his face he turned around, ready to walk down that gangplank and run away as fast and as far as he could. But the moment he turned around, his breath caught in his throat and his eyes shot up. He was facing none other than the very tall, very intimidating captain of the ship.

"C-captain!" Matthew squeaked out. He had waited to long, damn it.

The captain looked at him for a moment before he seemed to remember who he was looking at. "Navigator." He stated. "I need you to draw me a map."

He had been drinking, Matthew could tell. The smell of ale was fresh on the man's breath. But even though it was clear that he had a couple of drinks, from his slightly slurred way of speaking and the enormous smirk that replaced his normally serious expression, it didn't seem to affect the captain's body a lot. The way he moved was a bit looser than usual, but nothing like the way he'd seen other crewmen sway as they came back from a night of drinking.

"A map?" The Canadian questioned as the captain threw an arm over his shoulders.

"A map." The Dutchman confirmed. "From here to my bed. Because I just got lost in your eyes." The grin on his face was just audible in his voice and Matthew's cheeks turned red.

"Are you feeling quite alright, sir?" He asked.

"Fantastic." The answer came.

"Okay…" Matthew spoke in a soft voice. "Then I'll get you to your quarters, sir." With the Dutchman's arm still draped over his shoulders, Matthew lead the captain to his room, as promised.

As Matthew turned around to exit the room again, the captain had already closed the door. Before he knew it the arm around his shoulders had disappeared and reappeared around his waist, holding on tightly, preventing the other from escaping.

"Captain… you need to let go if you want me to leave while you get some rest." Matthew spoke nervously.

"But I don't want to let go." The Dutchman's low and rough voice, the man's mouth so close to his ear, sent shivers down his spine. "Nor do I want you to leave." His lips connected with Matthew's ear, who was holding his breath. His heart was racing in something he did not quite understand. Excitement, fear? Maybe even panic?

Surprisingly soft lips made contact with his ear and the Canadian's lips opened in a silent gasp. The lips travelled down his neck, warm breath tickling his skin. It was only when the captain bit down on his neck that Matthew snapped out of it and began to struggle against the other's grip.

"C-captain, you're not thinking clearly. You need to go to bed." He tried as he was not released.

"Only if you join me." Matthew felt the lips moving against the skin of his neck as the captain said this, and suppressed another shiver.

"No. Let go of me, please." Matthew answered. For a moment he thought that the captain was doing as he said, as the lips had left his neck. But one look at the man's face told him his request once again went ignored. Instead his chin was grabbed and his mouth was forced to meet the captain's.

For a moment, just one moment, he let himself give in and surrendered to the warmth of the Dutchman. He parted his lips slightly, welcoming the other's tongue in his mouth.

And then he realized what he was doing.

He pushed the captain away, who released the Canadian. The Dutchman had already been thinking he'd won, so had not been expecting this move. He looked down at Matthew a bit dumbfounded.

"I… I…" He tried to find the words to explain himself, but his mind was practically blank. The only thing he could think of to do was run. And that he did. He ran all the way to his room, curled up on his bed and tried to make this uneasy feeling go away.

He had been noticing it for the past few weeks. Every time he laid eyes on his captain he had this uncomfortable mix of feelings that settled in the pit of his stomach. It was like a combination of excitement and nausea and it turned him all warm inside whenever the man looked at him. It wasn't a nice feeling, but then it was.

He couldn't make up his mind about it. So he had just decided to ignore it. But after what just happened he could hardly ignore it any longer. The feeling had increased tenfold, at the very least. And it left Matthew feeling highly uncomfortable and unsure of what to do.