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Chapter 6

Eventually, Matthew managed to drag himself to bed. He comforted himself with the captain's lingering scent on the sheets, but his crying never really stopped. His body hurt all over and he was sure it would hurt even more once he had to get up and move again.

He knew he should take care of his bleeding nose and lip, and the severe bruises that would surely start showing soon, contrasting brightly against his pale skin. But he couldn't even muster the energy to get up, let alone do all that.

The pain in his body was bad, though there was a different sort of pain as well. An aching in his chest that was very persistent and did not feel like it would ever fade, even after his wounds would have vanished. It kept him awake, and when he finally did fall asleep, it was a restless one. Through the night he was stirred awake several times, when he shifted the wrong way and waves of pain shot through his body.

Early in the morning, he was awoken again, though this time by a different reason. He heard the door close, footsteps approaching, and not much later he felt someone sitting down on his bed. Matthew pulled his blanket over his head.

The other must have seen the action, since he did not question if he was awake. "You didn't come." The captain simply said.

"I don't feel well." Matthew mumbled from under the blanket.

A sigh. "What's going on, Matthew? You're acting so distant." The man placed a hand on Matthew's shoulder and rubbed it soothingly, though the way the Canadian twitched under his touch and the sharp intake of breath he heard from under the sheets made him stop.

Matthew held onto the blanket for dear life. He didn't want the captain to see him in this pathetic state. Though with a sharp tug, the man managed to get the blanket away. Matthew tried to hide his face, but the captain had a clear view of the bruises on his upper body.

Matthew may have protested more when the other pulled him into a sitting position if it didn't hurt so much. Lars examined the bruises on his face, the black eye and swollen cheek with disbelief written on his face. "Who did this?" His voice was soft, but Matthew could hear the anger in the way he spoke.

Matthew tried to look away, but Lars didn't let him. "I fell."

The taller man's worried expression turned into one of anger at this. "I'm not stupid, Matthew." He snapped, making the Canadian cringe at the loudness of his voice. "You don't get these kind of bruises from falling. Who did this?" He demanded.

"What do you expect me to say? That your men beat the crap out of me and threatened to chase a bullet through your head if I go see you again?" Matthew shot back, his voice was hoarse and sounded like he was on the verge of tears. A strangled sob left his mouth before his lips were caught in a soft kiss. Matthew fisted his hands in the captain's shirt and pulled him closer.

The captain ran a gentle hand through his hair and showered his face with soft kisses, making sure to avoid the worst bruises. "Just tell me who did this." He whispered, wiping some tears away with his thumb. "Tell me and they'll regret it."

He spent some more time to get Matthew calmed down, and finally left the room with the names of the offenders. He headed straight for the room the leader of the small group was sleeping in and threw the door open. The pirate woke up from the sound, but before he could do anything, he was dragged out of bed and pushed against the wall. The captain drew his pistol and pressed it under the fat man's chin. "You thought you could get away with this? Beating up my navigator?" He growled dangerously.

"He ain't just yer navigator from what I heard."

Lars smashed the pirate's head back against the wall as a warning. "Watch your filthy mouth. You don't want to make me pull this trigger."

Others who were awoken by the noise came to see what was happening. Seeing their captain threatening one of their ship mates, they knew to stay out of their way. None of them wanted the Dutchman's anger to be directed towards themselves. The captain rarely got this angry, and when he did, you had to watch your words. Many of them did stick around to watch the scene though.

Lars withdrew his pistol for a moment so he could grab the fat man by his neck and force him onto the floor. "Rope." He demanded, from nobody in particular, but there was some movement in the small group of spectators that indicated they were looking for some.

The captain's foot came down on the pirate's head to keep him from moving, pushing his face harder into the floor. His arms were held tightly at his back, though the legs still attempted to kick out for him.

As someone handed the captain a rope, he tied the other's limbs together in a hogtie and got up. He looked at the crew members that were staring at him from the doorway. "If anyone even thinks about untying him, you're next." Then he stepped through the door, his subordinates stepping aside as he did so. "Someone get me more rope. I'm not done yet." He announced.


The sound of a whip, followed by a scream came from out on the deck. Though the captain couldn't see it, he knew there was a man bound to the mast, being flogged with the cat o' nine tails.

They were laying on the captain's bed, he on his back with Matthew's head resting on his chest. The blond didn't want to see how the traitors were being punished, so the captain had taken him to his quarters. They laid together in silence, listening to what was happening outside.

"He's going easy on him." Lars said. If it had been him doing the flogging, the traitor wouldn't have gotten off so easily. A few whiplashes wasn't the end of their punishment though. They had betrayed him and the crew. He didn't want them on his ship any longer. He would most likely end up selling them to a slave driver. But not their leader. He deserved something worse.

Lars brushed his hand over Matthew's cheek, though he frowned at the Canadian's reaction. "Don't flinch when I touch you."

"Sorry…" Matthew mumbled, trying to relax. He leaned his face into the hand. The touch was soft, careful of the bruises.

Even after the screams had died down, they continued to lay together for a while, comfortable with the other's presence beside them.


The next day they sailed out again. The offenders were locked away safely. The captain knew a man he could do business with. He would be rid of the traitors and get a nice price for them as well.

But first they were headed elsewhere. To a group of small islands not far away. That is, if you could even call them islands. Others would merely call them large sandbanks. No vegetation, nothing living on there. Most of them would only be above the water at low tide.

Once they reached the island, the captain, two crewmen and the leader of the traitors got in a rowing boat. When they arrived at the shore of the island, the one of the crewmen pushed the fat pirate out of the boat. He stumbled into the shallow water and the captain threw a pistol at his feet. The firearm contained a single bullet. It was obvious what it was meant for. "You're lucky I'm even giving you this."

Then he gave the order to get back to the ship and his crewmen started rowing. All the way back to the ship, the captain kept his eyes locked with those of the abandoned pirate.

Back on the ship, his expression stayed dead serious. Matthew gave him a worried look. Then, as a loud gunshot sounded through the air, the captain's lips twisted up in a smirk.

He wrapped an arm around Matthew's waist and pulled him close. Their lips met in a short kiss before the captain faced the crew again, who were all staring at the couple. "Anyone else who has a problem with this answers to me."

Nobody said a word.

"Good. Now we got that settled, stop staring and get back to work." The captain ordered.

The crowd came into motion and the Dutchman started to hand out more specific orders. A small, persistent smile kept tugging at the corners of his mouth.

It was a smile that only grew wider whenever he laid eyes on Matthew.

Notes on the story:

The cat o' nine tails is a whip that was used a lot to punish people in the pirate era. Not only used by pirates, but also the military:

http : / / upload . wikimedia . org / wikipedia / commons / 0 / 09 / Cat-o%27-nine-tails_(PSF) . jpg


Despite having just men on the ship (as women were bad luck), and being out on the sea for long periods of time, homosexuality wasn't very common and was usually looked down upon.

Notes on marooning:

When a man was marooned, he was left on a bare island with nothing but a knife or a firearm, sometimes also a bottle of water or rum. It was one of the cruellest ways to execute a man, since he was practically told to kill himself. If he would shoot himself, he would end his misery in this world, but his soul would be condemned to hell for all eternity.

So for those who thought Netherlands went easy on that guy, he didn't.

Selling into slavery:

Pirates weren't above selling their own shipmates into slavery if they were looking for a way to get rid of them. Selling them to a slave driver was also good for the economy of the ship as well.

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