Honeyleaf trotted silently through the forest, grief and anger coursing through her veins. She couldn't believe that she wasn't a Clan cat anymore. All too clearly she remembered the battle with the rats. The way the rats had poured out of the barn like a huge furry river. The feel of claws tearing through her pelt and teeth biting down on her tail. The sound of Spiderstar ordering them to retreat. The hollow, empty feeling in her belly when she realized that SkyClan was gone forever.

The feeling was still there, despair mingled with shock. She couldn't take it in. The Clan she'd defended for moons, the Clanmates she had lived with and loved, the Warrior Code she had followed through the hardest paths... all of it was gone. She was nothing more then a loner now, doomed to roam the forest alone for the rest of her life.

Well, not entirely alone. Honeyleaf cast a quick glance at the cat who padded beside her. Swallowflight had once been her Clanmate, a cat to stand beside in battle and hunt with in peace. But now he was just another loner, her only companion in all the moons to come.

She sighed, pressing on relentlessly. Neither cat spoke as they hurried through the forest. There was nothing to say to one another that wouldn't bring on painful memories of Clan life. After what seemed like nine lifetimes, Honeyleaf spotted a hole in the ground. She motioned her tail for Swallowflight to wait, she padded closer and gave it a sniff..

"Hey Swallowflight, I think I found a good den." Honeyleaf called.

The tall black tom padded forward, sniffing the hole cautiously. "Urgh!" He curled back his lip. "Fox scent!"

Honeyleaf mewed impatiently, "But it's faint. There haven't been any foxes here for a while. At any rate, it should be large enough for both of us."

Swallowflight shrugged. "I guess." He slipped silently into the hole, and Honeyleaf followed, her whiskers twitching with annoyance at Swallowflight's indifferent response. At first, it was too dark for her to see anything. She crept down the steep tunnel walls, digging her claws into the walls to keep from falling straight in. After a few seconds, the wall ended, and she fell onto the ground. Once her eyes adjusted, she saw that she was in a small den, only large enough for about four cats to squish in.

It was small, yet it had a kind of homey feel to it. It reminded of her of the caves back at the SkyClan camps. She turned to Swallowflight, who had landed beside her. "What do you think?"

He nodded slowly. "Yeah, I guess it's better then nothing." Without another word, he curled up on the dusty ground, his back turned to her. Honeyleaf glared at his still form for a moment. His indifference stung, especially after the events of today. Well, there was nothing to be done about that now. With a sigh, Honeyleaf curled up next to her former Clanmate, soon falling prey to a dark and fitful sleep.