Swallowflight stared blankly at the ginger she-cat, sure that he'd misheard. "What?"
Honeyleaf, excitement shining in her eyes, repeated, "I want to rebuild SkyClan."
The long-legged black tom gaped at her. "Have you got bees in your brain? SkyClan disbanded for a reason. Our lives as warriors are over."
She looked at him with a mixture of annoyance and surprise. "SkyClan disbanded because the rats were stealing all of our prey," she mewed dismissively. "But we've found a place with enough prey to feed a dozen Clans."
Swallowflight glared at the she-cat incredulously. "Did you even hear what I just said?" He demanded, the fur on the back of his neck rising ominously. "Read my lips. SkyClan. Is. Dead. We're not warriors anymore, and we never will be again. Get that through that thick ginger skull of yours."
He realized that he'd spoken far more fiercly then he'd meant to, but that didn't stop his fur from standing on end as he stalked furiously past Honeyleaf into the den. As he curled up in a furry black ball, he felt anger churning through his blood. Doesn't she understand? The warrior code has failed! It failed us, it failed our Clan, it failed Fallensnow! If the warrior code, ifStarClan couldn't protect her, then why should we honor them? Grief for the beautiful white she-cat crashed over him, and he let out a low moan. I'm sorry, Fallensnow. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.
I'm so sorry...

Honeyleaf stared after the black tom, shock in her eyes. She'd been stunned by her former Clanmate's reaction. Didn't he understand how important the warrior code was to her? Spiderstar had turned his back on the warrior code when he'd disbanded SkyClan; that had shattered Honeyleaf.
All she had left to hold onto was the certainty that StarClan was watching over her. It was in honor of her fallen Clanmates, of Sunpelt and Fallensnow, and of every other SkyClan warrior who had died to defend their territory, that she planned to try to restore the warrior code.
The ginger she-cat slipped into the den, curling up several foxlengths away from Swallowflight. Doesn't he understand? SkyClan will never die. Not while I'm around.