So Right But So Wrong

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Chapter 30


Inside the courtroom, we took our seats on the right-hand side. To the left were Aro Volturi and all his aides and family. Shannon looked a little embarrassed to be here. I sent a gentle smile her way as our eyes met. She looked away quickly; making sure her dad had not seen the exchange. I was sure it wouldn't be good for her to be seen being friendly with the enemy.

Edward's hand gripped mine tightly, and I wondered if my blood supply would be cut off.

"Hey, are you okay love?" I asked him concerned.

"As long as you are, Bella, I'll be fine. Are you sure you're okay? If it's too much, we can leave now and get the next flight to the UK."

"No, I don't want to run away from this, baby. He's a bad man, and I want to try and stop him doing this to other people."

He leaned over and kissed the top of my head gently. "I love you so much."

"I know, me, too."

We all stood as the judge entered the courtroom. After the judge was settled and the case announced, Mr. Jenks moved quickly to the front and submitted his evidence for the judge to peruse. Aro's lawyer joined him after a few minutes, handing over a slim folder of evidence.

The judge took his time reading through our evidence file of all Aro's illegal activities first. He visibly shook his head as he put the file down in front of him.

"Mr. Jenks, the evidence you've presented seems clear-cut and indisputable. I see you have expert witness at ready to testify as to the validity of their evidence and are ready to go to trial if necessary. Mr. Townsley, does your client, Mr. Volturi, want to address the charges I've just read?"

Aro's lawyer stood up nervously and addressed the judge. The next words out of his mouth made me wonder where Aro had gotten this guy from.

"Your honour, with respect, my client regrets some of his actions, but requests that you read our evidence file, so that you can understand why he did some of the things he did."

"Your client is trying to justify blackmail and corruption charges, as well as several breaches of data protection?" the judge asked raising his eyebrows.

Mr. Townsley lowered his head before stating clearly, "No, your honour, my client is not trying to justify breaking the law, he merely wants the court to understand why he did what he did. Technically, he doesn't see himself as guilty of anything."

Technically? Was this guy serious? He'd just said he wasn't trying to justify breaking the law, just for the judge to understand why he'd done it? That was practically a confession! I couldn't help but raise my own eyebrows. This guy was as much of a moron as Aro.

"I'll be the judge of that, not him, is that clear?"

"Yes, your honour."

Mr. Jenks took the floor and explained what we'd had to go through. He presented piece after piece of well-documented and certified evidence of Aro bribing airline officials for our itinerary, blackmailing staff members of the UK passport office, computer hacking, our phone records being breached, as well as the Cullen and Swan home phones being bugged. Access to both homes was gained illegally, and both were done by people working for Mr. Aro Volturi. Then he presented a recording of Aro making the offer to back off and give compensation if some of the more damning evidence would not be brought to light. Mr. Jenks was a genius for having recorded that conversation!

During this process, not once did Aro's attorney object or try to defend anything. I was almost starting to feel sorry for him…almost.

"Mr. Volturi, the evidence presented here against you is really quite damning. Since you've admitted here that you did break the law, I'm inclined to ask you what on earth possessed you to break the law on so many occasions?" the judge asked.

"Sir, until you read my evidence file, you have no right to question me," Aro said confidently, sounding really smug.

Mr. Jenks looked like he was about to choke over what Aro had just said to the judge. Mr. Townsley hid his head in shame.

"Do not tell me what to do in my own courtroom, Mr. Volturi! I find you incredibly self-opinionated and rude, and any more of that will find you in contempt. Do you understand me?"

"Judge, those two young people there are flaunting their relationship for all to see. Look, they're sat there holding hands even now! I can't allow you to be so negligent in allowing their behaviour to go unpunished. It's a disgrace, and since you're not doing it, I feel it's my job to do something about it!" Aro ranted.

Both lawyers were speechless, the people in the court were slack-jawed in shock, and the judge was now a deep red colour, and he looked about ready to explode. He grabbed his gavel and brought it down several times. BANG, BANG, BANG!

"Order in the court! Someone get this man out of my courtroom before I have him thrown into lockup, but don't let him leave the building. You, Mr. Townsley, I suggest you counsel your client on how to behave in a criminal courtroom, because he'll need that information if he doesn't plead guilty, as I'll remand this to prosecution for all charges brought here today. If for some reason he decides to plead not guilty and waste my time, I'll see to it that he serves a maximum sentence for every one of his crimes. Do you understand me? Looking at the list of charges, I'd say roughly five to seven years served at the very least, plus liability for all court costs. Need I go on?"

Aro looked sick as Mr. Townsley ushered him out of the courtroom.

"Mr. Jenks, I see no need for your clients to remain here today. I'll be shocked if once Mr. Townsley has spoken to his client, they don't come back in here and plead guilty, and then I can wrap this up for today. Do your clients have any requests or wishes in regard to Mr. Volturi's punishment?"

Edward tapped Mr. Jenks on the shoulder and leaned over to speak to him.

"Your honour, my client would like to address the court himself, if that's agreeable to you."

"Very well, Mr. Cullen, please come forward."

Edward let go of my hand and moved slowly to the front of the courtroom. He stops before the judge and was sworn in before speaking.

"Thank you, your honour, for allowing me to speak. My girlfriend and I just want to be allowed to live our lives in peace and without judgment. Our families have been subjected to the most horrendous invasion of their privacy, by a man who has ruled our town with a dirty iron fist for many years. He's nothing more than a bully, and he needs to be removed from Forks' city council to allow the town to grow and move forward. We recently returned from the UK, where we'll be going to live. Very shortly upon returning to Seattle, we were greeted by reporters and the media. They followed us and camped outside our houses. This man thinks he's a law unto himself. Your honour, Bella, my girlfriend, is the most incredible person I've ever met, and she doesn't deserve the treatment she's had to endure because of this man. We'll be leaving for the UK shortly, so we won't be here to suffer his intimidation tactics anymore, but I do worry about the next unsuspecting victims, Sir, and he needs to be stopped. Um...that's all I wanted to say. Thank you for allowing me to speak."

"Mr. Cullen, how old are you?"

"I'm nineteen, Sir."

"Well, young man, you're eloquent and respectful, and I like that. Now, I haven't looked at what's inside this other folder yet. Whatever is in here, though, does not allow Mr. Volturi to break the law like he has. I can guarantee that your town will need to elect a new councilman, as Mr. Volturi will be busy answering for his crimes. Court is adjourned for lunch. Now, be off with you all, before I change my mind and open this now," the judge said holding up the folder.

Tears were pouring down my face, as Edward returned to my side. He took my hand in his and led us out. Hand in hand, we made our way with the rest of our family out of the courtroom. In the corridor, a lone person was sat on the highly-polished benches.

It was Jacob Black, all dressed up in a smart suit. He looked up and stiffened visibly as he saw us all. Charlie looked first at him, then at me.

"Jake, please tell me you're not the Volturi's surprise witness. Please, tell me you wouldn't do this to Bella, to me?"

"I'm sorry, Charlie, she left me no choice. She turned me down. Even you thought we should be together, you and dad did everything you could to make sure we were a couple. She shouldn't be with him, it's disgusting. He's too young for her, it'll never last."

"I suggest you shut the hell up now, Jacob. I saw the texts and heard the messages you left my daughter, and I'm about two seconds away from beating you bloody. God, to think I always thought of you as a son. Your father will be mortified when he finds out about this. He was upset enough over your vile texts and phone calls. This will kill him. How on earth I could've ever thought you were right for my daughter, I'll never know. How the hell did you get involved with Volturi, anyway?"

"Word travels, Charlie. One of Aro's people was in the diner that night. He remembered me, Aro contacted me and made me a…well, let's just say, I'm here to do what I think is right. Come on, Charlie, surely you can see what they're doing is wrong. It's illegal! She should end it and come back to me. I'm willing to forgive her and move forward."

Edward moved before I was able to stop him, getting right up in Jacob's face.

"Listen, you sick, delusional bastard, Bella and I are together now, and we always will be. We're leaving Forks, and we'll be together in every sense of the word. She doesn't want you. Even if she weren't in love with me, she wouldn't want you. She left your ass, don't you remember that? She won't be coming back to you. She's mine, she's it for me, and I truly believe I'm it for her, too. Move on with your life and let this go, before you lose your dad, too."

I walked forward and stood between my dad and Edward. I took Edward's hand and entwined our fingers, looking down into the eyes of the person who used to be my best friend.

"Jake, he's right. You and I were over long before Edward and I began. He's it for me. You never made me feel like he does. I love him, Jake. Maybe one day you'll fall in love, and you'll understand how we feel. I'm sorry you felt you had to come here and do this, to finish destroying what was left of a once-good friendship. I guess I thought you were better than that, but I guess I was wrong. Goodbye, Jacob."

Hand in hand with Edward, we walked away. My dad placed an arm around my shoulder as we walked. Behind us, I heard a quiet, "Bella."

With my head held high, we walked out onto the street.

"Can we go home now, love?" I asked Edward as we stepped out onto the pavement.

He pulled me to him and hugged me tight.

"You bet we can. Charlie, can Bella come with me and you take Mum and Dad? We need a little time on our own."

I blushed, wondering what he was up to. It was a relief when Charlie rolled his eyes, but nodded in agreement. Carlisle handed over the Mercedes keys, and we set off, almost running back to the car. He opened the door and let me slip in, closing it gently, before he ran around to get in on the other side.

There was not a lot of talking on the way back home. We did, however, hold hands over the console all the way. Pulling into the drive, we were greeted by Alice, Emmett and Rose. They knew all about the outcome and looked eager to chat.

"Sorry, guys, but we can't stay and talk. We'll see you later, maybe," Edward smirked as he dragged me past them.

Their eyes widened, and their mouths fell open, as his intentions became clear. "Whatever happened to our quiet, introverted little brother, Alice? Do you think someone kidnapped him and replaced him with a confident stud-muffin?" Emmett said loudly, knowing we were still within earshot.

We giggled as we continued up toward the third floor.

"Sorry if that embarrassed you, love, but I really need it to be just us right now. I need you in my arms."

I did not respond, how could I? I felt everything he felt, maybe even more, I was just not so confident about saying it like he was. Our relationship had given Edward a surge of mature confidence. Gone was the shy, introverted boy I had first met in January. Now, in front of me stood a man, confident in himself and his feelings, and he seemed to be growing in confidence by the day, and I loved him all the more for it. Together we were whole. Apart, we floundered and withered. Our love had given us wings, and I could not wait to start our new life together.

Once our bedroom door was closed, he picked me up, and I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist. He backed me up against the door and pushed his hips into me. I could feel every inch of him at once and groaned. It had only been a short while, but I needed to feel him like this, pressing his body into mine, telling me how much he needed and wanted me. My groan was loud, and when he kissed me deeply, my groans became moans of absolute bliss.

"Baby, I need you right now. I know everyone is downstairs, but I need to make love with you right now. I want to feel you come around me and cry out my name. God, Bella, I need you so much."

He made love to me in a way we had yet to experience. It was all-encompassing and every bit a promise. We could make it through hell and back, because we both loved each other enough to fight for us.

Collapsing on top of me, but making sure I was not squashed by his weight, we both tried to control our breathing. When it finally slowed down to where we were able to talk, I could not resist saying, "I guess you didn't get enough of me last night, huh?"

"Shut up and come here," he said pulling me closer to him.

We moved closer into each other's arms and lay content and above all, happy. I could feel his fingers running through my hair, it felt wonderful and so relaxing. It was only early evening, but it would have been so easy to just close my eyes and go to sleep.

"Should we get up?" I asked him.

"Do you want to?" he replied smugly.

"No, I want to stay here in this bed with you forever."

"Really? What about London?" he asked.

"Hmm, I am kind of looking forward to going to London, but right now, I want to stay right here with you. Although I am hungry, and I suppose we should see if there's word on what's happened at the courthouse. Will Mr. Jenks let us know?"

"He will. When he knows, he'll let us know. I suppose seeing as you need feeding, we should get up. You do realise that we'll be the butt of some of Emmett's more smutty comments if we go down now?"

Looking at Edward, I nodded, but I could not help smiling at how worth it our lovemaking was.

"I'm sure I'll survive a bit of teasing, don't you?"

"He's pretty ruthless, love, and he'll certainly make the most of it if we go downstairs looking like we do right now."

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently.

"Bella, love, you look thoroughly fucked. Your hair screams of sex, and the smile on your face tells the tale quite vividly."

"I like looking like this, Edward. It's true, anyway. I am thoroughly fucked, and I loved every second of it." I couldn't help a giggle escaping, as I looked at my glorious lover. "I guess we should shower at least, so we don't reek of sex, too, on top of the sex hair and all."

Hand in hand, we headed to our en suite to shower. It must have been a good hour later when we finally came out, smiles even wider.

We got dressed in silence, but I kept glancing at him. He still took my breath away. He kept looking over at me, too. His face was so beautiful, it was clear to see the love he felt for me written all over it. I hoped my face was as expressive as his when it came to showing how much I loved him.

Downstairs, Carlisle, Esme, Charlie, Emmett, Alice, and Rose were sat in the lounge talking quietly. All heads turned toward us, as we entered the room.

I glared at Emmett, hoping he would heed my warning glare and not say anything about sex in front of my dad.

"Ah, there you are," Esme said standing up and gathering us both up in her arms.

"Do we know anything yet?" Edward asked moving us forward into the centre of the room.

"Jenks rang about an hour ago. All their evidence was deemed to have been collected illegally, was hearsay, or was speculation, so the judge ruled it inadmissible. Aro argued with him some more and refused to plead guilty, so the judge remanded him into custody to stand trial at a later date on all charges. He's an absolute idiot. He'll serve serious time for his illegal activities this time, and should anything else come out of the woodwork, god knows how long he'll serve," Charlie nodded.

"It's his own fault. The judge gave him every opportunity to plead guilty and get a lesser sentence, and still he thinks he's in the right. I hope he gets everything he deserves. I feel nothing but relief that he'll finally be made to leave us alone. The town here should learn some important lessons. They should never have allowed him to become so powerful. He should've been stopped long ago. Forks is no longer a dictatorship, and I for one am relieved."

"I think we all are. You two were lucky that Aro is such a conceited idiot and a big mouth, because if that judge had decided to allow their evidence and had called upon Jacob Black as a witness, the story here might've been very different. I know you two are genuinely in love, but the fact remains that what you did was illegal. I'm glad it'll not affect you both in the future, but I never want to go through anything like this ever again. I think the sooner you two head to the UK, the better, though. I think Forks needs to forget about you two as soon as possible. There'll still be some Aro supporters around for a while," Charlie said addressing us all.

"Dad, I'm sorry we put you in this position. In fact, I'm sorry we put you all in this position, but this wasn't a choice either of us could deny. This is real, Dad. Edward and I will be together forever, I just hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive us."

Arms were around us in seconds. All of Edward's family hugged us tightly, while Charlie stood to the side, but nodded his head to me, letting me know we had his forgiveness.

As everyone went about their own business, Edward gathered me into his arms once again and kissed me tenderly.

"I love you so much it hurts, I'm so happy I found you, Bella," his forehead dropped to mine, and we just looked into each other's eyes. "So, when are we going to go to the UK? Do you fancy a few weeks of touring Europe first? We could go to all the romantic cities…Paris, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona...what do you say, love?"

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