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This fic is AU. Sasuke and Karin are both sixteen. And some of the ages are all screwed up of course... anyway, the pairings included is mostly: eventual SasuKarin, brief SuigetsuxKarin, implied NarutoxSakura, and ItachixDeidara. This fic is also rated T: mostly for questionable moments, strong-ish language, implied sexual themes, suggestive themes and dialogue, blah blah blah blah...

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A Night To Remember

Chapter 1




It was a very peaceful afternoon in a small town called Konoha. The sun brightly beamed down, there were crisp spring breezes blowing, and there was not much loud traffic across the usually-bustling streets. It was the ideal Friday afternoon.

On of the streets along the market, there was two young men and a girl walking along the curb. They were heading to their usual hang-out spot. Normally, they'd all be at Konoha High...but they were all of on spring break and decided to make the most of their time off from school. It wasn't like they hated school or anything, they had a good infamous reputation around and they liked it.

It was just nice to have a little freedom.

One of the guys was kind of pale and had white hair that went a little to his neck and was also tinted blue. He had purple eyes. He didn't seem to care about his appearance much: wearing a simple t-shirt the color of his eyes and baggy pants with some sandals. This guy was Suigetsu.

The female of the group walking next to him had red hair in an unusual style; spiked and un-brushed on one side while the other was brushed and fixed neatly. She had red eyes and wore brown glasses. She wore a simple gray light sweater with a high collar, short black shorts that showed off her legs, and black sandals. This girl was Karin.

And the quiet, reserved guy walking a little distance behind them was remarkably tall. He had spiky orange hair and eyes the same color. He was dressed rather simply too, obviously not caring about the way he looked either, he just wore a white t-shirt underneath a black jacket. He wore jeans and some sneakers. This guy was Juugo.

The trio wandered across the town until they came to their usual spot behind the town's small park. This spot was almost like a second home for them because that's were they spent a lot of their time together away from all the stress of everyday life. The spot was secluded from the rest of the park and nobody else really knew about it. Upon arrival, Suigetsu immediately broke out into a grin, showing off his unusual pointed teeth.

"We're finally here! Took long enough!"

Karin rolled her eyes and walked on ahead, but not before giving Suigetsu an annoyed look. "Just shut up for once. You know we would have to come here at a time when there's not much people. Or else someone might discover this place and try to construct it into something; and that's the last thing I want!"

"You're on the only one, Karin."

The three just continued walking until finding places to sit. Karin sat by Juugo on some old wooden bench and Suigetsu just nonchalantly leaned against a nearby huge tree. They were quiet for once, waiting for another of the group to appear: Sasuke Uchiha.

Karin smirked to herself as she thought about him. Sasuke was kind of distant around others and didn't care about much. But there was just something about him that really interested her greatly. But, although it was kind of shallow, she mostly was attracted by his good looks. Over the years, he seemed to be getting more and more attractive. But, she noted with an inward sigh, he was never interested in dating. Although there were many girls in school who would kill to go on just one date with him. He was very popular with the girls, to her annoyance, but at least he never showed the slightest bit of interest.

Still, she wished he would notice her in that kind of way. No matter how hard she tried, he was a stubborn one.

She brushed some of her hair off her shoulder and glanced up at the clear sky. Getting lost in her thought. Although Sasuke was distant and kept to himself a lot, he still had people who considered him a friend. Karin got this vibe that he felt the same way, but didn't want to admit that. Besides her, Suigetsu, and Juugo, there were other people he hung around. Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno.

"Hey, he's finally here." Suigetsu suddenly announced, bringing Karin out of her thoughts. "It's about time!"

"Shut up!" Karin spat, annoyed with his sudden impatience. When Sasuke came closer, she shot him a suggestive smile.

Sasuke kind of brushed off the vibe he was getting from Karin and just sighed before sitting down on the bench by Juugo. He had a lot on his mind at the moment, he had to get out of the house before he went insane.

Suigetsu was, as usual, the first to comment on Sasuke's annoyed state.

"So...what are you pissed about?"

Karin just shot Suigetsu another glare. She hated the way he was acting. Sasuke obviously had a lot going on at the moment. He always was stressed and all from a combination of school and the way he was treated by his father back at his house.

"You don't have to tell us, Sasuke." Karin suddenly commented, hoping to sooth him. She got up and pretty much slid over to his side on the bench and put a hand on his shoulder. "It's none of our business anyway, Suigetsu's just being a pain in the ass again."

"Actually, I need to get this off my chest." Sasuke interrupted, making eye contact with Karin.

Karin, meanwhile, was happy with the eye contact she was receiving. She absentmindedly scanned his appearance while he went on about his problems. She listened a little, but couldn't help but scan his appearance. Sasuke was attractive, he had this mysterious cool vibe that made the girls swoon. He was kind of pale, had dark raven hair, emotionless dark eyes. At this moment, he wore a simple dark blue shirt with sleeves to his elbows, dark slightly faded pants, and sneakers. Today, there was a chain hanging from his pants as well; not like Karin was looking there or anything...

"So, you're parents are interfering with your life again? That really sucks! You need to tell them to stop!" Suigetsu mentioned, bringing Karin out of her thoughts.

"Sasuke, you can't let them control your own life." Juugo quietly agreed before going back to fiddling with a large tree leaf that blow in his hands.

"I just wish I could. But my dad would kick me out of the house probably if I were to stand up like that."

Karin didn't once throw any comments into the discussion like she usually did. She stayed quiet because she wanted to listen closely and get any detail she could from it. By Sasuke's tone, he obviously was annoyed as usual at his parents. Karin shook her head and glanced off to the side at the scenery, thinking about how she felt a little bad for him.

Sasuke's father was a business man, successful, he was also very into his work. And Sasuke's mother, she lost her job a few years back and just decided to stay at home. She was very sweet and kind to Sasuke, unlike him. His father seemed to like to play favorites between him and his older brother, Itachi, always going on and on about him before thinking about Sasuke.

That tension between Sasuke and his dad grew a lot over the years. He tried hard as a kid to get him to get him to be proud of him for once, but he just gave up eventually. Now that Itachi has moved out of the house and taking college courses, his father is taking a little notice to Sasuke and is always pressuring him to become successful like him; since it was obvious Itachi would become successful one day. Sasuke has become annoyed by this, wanting to live his own life and not do what his father says. Karin's face fell a little as she noted that his mother was pretty much forced to go along with what his father said, the poor woman could never talk any sense into her stubborn husband.

If her parents where still around...they wouldn't possibly have treated Karin like that. She could just imagine how that must feel like. Without even being aware of her actions, Karin had leaned to the other side a little bit and rested her head on Sasuke's shoulder.

He noticed immediately. But didn't react because he had mixed feelings about that action.

"And now," Sasuke finished with a sigh. "You won't BELIEVE what my dad is forcing me to get now..."

That last statement greatly interested both Karin and Suigetsu. They're eyes widened in curiosity. At the same time, Suigetsu slipped over to the bench behind Sasuke, and Karin sat back on the bench staring.

"What?" Suigetsu and Karin inquired in unison.

Sasuke seemed a little hesitant to tell them. Honestly, he couldn't believe it either. And the fact that he was told to get this was just beyond him. Finally, after a few seconds, he closed his eyes and leaned against the old bench.

"He...he wants me to get a girlfriend."

That last part shocked all three of Sasuke's friends. Awkward silence followed after that. And during this uncomfortable silence: Karin stared wide-eyed at him, Suigetsu started laughing in amusement, and Juugo just raised an eyebrow; but everyone was positive he was stunned as hell on the inside.

"A girlfriend! Hahaha...yeah, like THAT would EVER happen!" Suigetsu said through laughter. At this point, everyone was staring blankly at him. "I can't believe he said that! You couldn't care less about any of the girls around here, you might as well be gay or something! Then your dad would REALLY be annoying and lecture you!"

"Suigetsu..." Sasuke hissed, getting up off the bench. "Of course it's never going to happen. I am not interested in women...and certainly not guys. I couldn't care less about either to be honest."

"And that's why, Karin's out of luck!" Suigetsu teased, suddenly popping up by Karin's side and slipping an arm around her shoulder. She didn't allow him to do this and she knocked him back to the ground.

"So, what are you going to do about this? And how did you react to this?"

Sasuke walked a small distance away with his arms folded and then took a quick glance back at Juugo as he said that. Well, to be honest, Sasuke didn't really want to tell the rest of the story. This situation was terrible; he pretty much had no say into it. Even his mother couldn't convince his stubborn dad to stop interfering. And that was just not right at all.

Anyway, Sasuke finally went on and Karin listened closely. Sasuke said that he was shocked when his dad said that just completely out of the blue during breakfast. It nearly made him choke on the bite of a buttered biscuit in his mouth. When he was recovered and his state of shock and quickly questioned why, his father just shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh. He had explained that he was getting concerned about why Sasuke never seemed to pay all that much interest in any young ladies at school or pretty much anywhere. Although he was around Sakura a lot, and she was actually kind of cute but he never even acknowledged that fact. Sasuke had opened his mouth to protest, but his father had continued after taking a sip of juice and mentioned that he was beginning to think he was gay. And that no offspring of his would swing that way, he would just send him right out the streets.

Sasuke's mother had intervened in the discussion, to Sasuke's utter relief, and tried to talk some sense into him. She had said that she was sure he wasn't gay, he just was not like that "crazy perverted" Naruto kid he always hung around. And that it was strictly Sasuke's choice whether or not he wanted to date someone or not. And before he could comeback, she had went on to mention that he could live his life the way he wanted to.

But Fugaku wanted his way, and his way only. Although he did murmur under his breath that she made a "few good points". But he had just set his gaze back on Sasuke stated that he should find somebody; because he was concerned with the future of the family. If Sasuke didn't become successful, maybe his wife would be. And if both failed, there was always the children. And by the time he had said all that, Sasuke really did choke on his food, and Mikoto just knitted her eyebrows together and stared in frustration at her husband. The sad thing was, she mentioned quietly under her breath that her arguments of the matter were just useless and fell on deaf ears.

"There was no convincing him." Sasuke finished while uneasily leaning against a nearby tree and glancing at the falling leaves blown in various directions by the gentle breeze. "I thought even my mom would be able to convince him of forget about the damn thing, what with the way she was defending me. But...it was pointless. And realizing that he would probably do something unnecessary like set me up on a date with some stranger, I had to go and open my mouth and mention this one thing."

"What did you say?" Karin asked hopefully, very interested in where he was going with this.

"I told him that...I already have a girlfriend I've been dating in secret. And ah," Sasuke could feel the curious gazes of the three on him and he shifted uncomfortably. "I know it was stupid, but I described this girl as...Karin."

Okay, that was just so shocking for all three. But each of the group had their own reactions to that statement: Karin sat there with a stunned expression and a hot blush was creeping up to her face, Juugo's emotion was expertly concealed and he sat there with the most impassive-looking expression one could ever achieve, and Suigetsu was no longer holding back his laughter; he was so amused by Sasuke's awful predicament that he could have just fell to the ground laughing.

When everyone's shock...and Suigetsu's laughter faded away, Sasuke had walked back over and tried to explain why he had described the girl as Karin.

See, Fugaku and Mikoto only knew of Naruto and Sakura. They had no clue about Suigetsu, Karin, or Juugo. Sasuke never told or introduced them because he knew that they wouldn't approve of him hanging out with them. Each of the group didn't have the best reputations after all. But neither did Sasuke, although he studied hard and intently in school, he had his fair share of pulling off bad things.

Things that will never be forgotten by any of the students in Konoha High, the teachers and principle, nobody would ever forget them, and that was true.

Sasuke explained that he described Karin as his 'girlfriend' because she was the first person that came to mind. But he didn't go into any detail about how when she slyly asked him why and just continued on. He also knew about Karin's feelings for him, and she would readily accept and pretend to be his girlfriend for just one night.

"Wait...why do I have to do this for just one night?" Karin spoke up, folding her arms. "What exactly did your dad say afterward, Sasuke?"

"He said...he wanted me to bring my 'girlfriend' over for dinner tonight to be finally introduced."

Karin let her arms slid back down to either side of her and she sat there thinking. She couldn't believe that she was really having to do this. It wasn't like she didn't want to, but she knew Sasuke didn't like her back. She was only being used for the night and then go back to being only a friend.

What should she do?

During Karin's deep consideration over this predicament, Sasuke continued explaining everything. He explained that he didn't want to have to use Karin, but she was the only person he knew that would help. He said that he would make it up to her someday in return and help her out with a big problem if she ever requested any kind of help.

Karin suddenly looked over at Sasuke, noting the desperate look in his eyes, she sighed and put on a small smirk before getting up on the bench.

"Sasuke, I'll help you." Karin declared, trying to stifle a giggle of excitement from escaping.

"Of COURSE you'd agree to the request..." Suigetsu randomly mentioned dully while lying on the bench and gazing up at the sky. He was obviously just attempting to mask his amusement. Sasuke and Juugo both could tell he wanted to just continue his laughing fit. "If it were me going around and telling people Karin was my girlfriend, you'd just slap me."

"Oh shut up! What if Sasuke had recruited YOU to pretend to be his girlfriend and make you crossdress?" Karin shot back, whirling around and glaring daggers at the white-haired boy. "You wouldn't be laughing then!"

Suigetsu just smirked and put his hands behind his head in a relaxed position. "Once again, you're just playing favorites. With that bitchy attitude of yours..."

Meanwhile, Sasuke and Juugo both stood by the tree while Karin started yelling and arguing with Suigetsu. The two mimicked each other, both folding their arms and wearing blank expressions and staring at the two.

But, Sasuke was glad that Karin actually agreed to help him. He was secretly grateful for her this time around. And, Sasuke smirked briefly.

Maybe this whole charade would work after all...



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