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Hana/Kyoko – secrets & sugar

Two girls seated in the cake shop, across from each other.

Two different slices of cake placed in front of them.

Taking a bite out of her tiramisu, Hana wonders, just when had she started developing feelings for her best friend's brother? Would her friendship with Kyoko be destroyed if she admitted it?

Kyoko, scooping up another spoonful of mille-feuille, thinks about the distressing future that Tsuna-kun had eliminated.

She knows it's for the best that no other people know, but she can't help but want to spill everything to Hana.

After all, best friends didn't keep secrets from each other, right? Especially on information about such important matters.

But Tsuna-kun had specifically asked her not to tell anyone about it, and she had promised.

Swallowing down the last bits of her cake, along with the guilt that had lodged in her throat, Kyoko smiled and asked cheerfully, "Do you want to do homework at my place today, Hana?"

TYL!Tsuna/Hibari – a duty & a chore

When the pink smoke clears away, 24-year-old Sawada Tsunayoshi blinks and takes stock of his surroundings. Focusing on the only other conscious person in the room, he asked, "What happened here?"

"They were crowding," Hibari Kyouya replied impassively.

Lying on the floor were Gokudera and Yamamoto, knocked out cold.

"Why am I here?" Tsuna continued.

"The cow kid went after the infant and shot you."

Sighing quietly, the brunet figured that Lambo had probably been kicked away by Reborn just as he fired the ten-year-bazooka, and his younger self had got shot on accident. Striding over to the skylark, Tsuna closed the distance between them and gave Hibari a quick kiss, then retreated just as quickly as he had marched forward.

"Really, Kyouya, if you don't admit your feelings for me, I won't know what you're thinking," the Vongola Decimo gently chided.

As the jet-haired prefect's eyes widened fractionally at that statement, that cloud of pink smoke came back, leaving a flushed 14-year-old Tsunayoshi, complete with rumpled clothes and slightly messier hair. As his gaze fell upon the stunned prefect, Tsuna squeaked and his blush intensified.

Hibari smirked.

Reappearing back in his own time, 24-year-old Tsuna stared at his lover, who had a smug smirk plastered on his face. Rolling his eyes, the brunet whined, "Kyouya, I know it is my duty to look out for my Guardians, but you shouldn't make it such a chore for me! If you had hurried up and confessed earlier, then you wouldn't have to deal with so much 'crowding', and I wouldn't need to spend so much time fussing over my other Guardians!"

The Cloud Guardian's grin grew wider at that. "I dealt with that when your younger self came," he purred. "Then, shall we get back to where I left off with him...?"

Glo Xinia/Kraken – choosing box animals

"No, no!" Glo Xinia screeched. "Don't you understand? I need an animal that fits me! That expresses my being! In short, it must be how I would be as an animal!"

Pacing back and forth, the bespectacled man mumbled to himself, ignoring the horrified look cast upon him by the technician. Coming to a stop, he drew himself up to his full height and started articulating his words.

"First, it must be big. Big is better. Next, it must be ugly and scary. Fearsome looking, because my soul is disgustingly evil. Third, it must have tentacles. Because that is very sexually suggestive. An octopus? No, that's too common. A squid? No, I get hungry when I see one... Ah, I got it! That inspirational sea monster from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Kraken!"

Whirling around, Glo Xinia pinned the poor technician with his most demented glare. "Well? Isn't that suitable for a Class A Captain like me? So now that you've got it, go get working on my box weapon! Shoo, shoo! It'd better be a terrifying monster; if it's not you'll taste my wrath!"

Nodding frantically, the poor guy ran from the room, mentally thanking whatever gods that blessed him and granted him relief from that madman.

Rubbing his hands together gleefully, a certain bastard captain cackled. "Oh, you're a genius, Glo Xinia! All the other unworthy fools will bow before your supriority! Except for Byakuran-sama, of course."

Elsewhere, that technician shuddered, putting as many walls and as much distance between himself and that creepy captain as he could. Why, oh why was his job filled with so many depraved maniacs? Perhaps he should consider a career change for his own safety...

Adelheid/Enma – the first time

The first time they met, they... clicked.

Adelheid was less than impressed at Enma's lifeless personality, but one glance into his eyes told her - this boy has just lost his family. Like I did, all that time ago.

That thought was more than enough for her to offer him her jacket, grasp his cold hand in hers, and lead the boy to her house.

Enma, leaning against a building, stared at nothing in particular.

His heart hurt.

Not knowing what to do now, nor where he could live, those weren't as important as the fact that he had just lost his family, right in front of his eyes.

How was he supposed to go on without his most precious people?

That was when Adelheid showed up, and she brought him to her place.

Numb, he had not resisted. It was only when a cup of warm tea got shoved into his hands, did he bring his attention back to reality. Looking up, he saw a girl, probably only two or three years older than him, tops, scrutinizing him. It registered that he had been sat down, and an unfamiliar jacket was covering him.

Putting two and two together, he sipped the tea, then croaked, "Why... why are you helping me?"

Adelheid's eyes softened. "I've been through the same," she admitted. Staring at her, dumbstruck, Enma noticed the anguish and sorrow hidden deep within her eyes. "But I haven't lost everything," she continued.

"As long as I live, my memories of my family will not fade. And since those murderers were foolish enough to expose their identities and not kill me, I swear that I will dispatch them and avenge my family!"

Eyes widening, Enma exhaled softly. "I - I think that's cool," he mumbled.

Blinking, Adelheid focused on the boy. "Yes, it probably does. But it will not be easy to track them down and manage such a daring feat," she laughed softly. "As for you - if you have nowhere to go, it's fine if you wish to stay here. I wouldn't mind the company; it gets lonesome at times."

"Is that... safe?"

"I assure you I can protect myself just fine. You seem more of a docile cat to me anyway," she answered, amused.

Flushing, Enma murmured, "My name's Kozato Enma."

"I'm Suzuki Adelheid. Let's get along from now on."

Their first meeting was the start of many other firsts they experienced together.