Seventh Time Lucky


The sun streamed through the open window, its beams landing on the face of a sleeping red-headed girl. As the sun crept higher in the sky, the girl started to stir. A shadow spread across the window blocking out the light and a quiet "tap tap" came from behind the glass. Lily Evens eyes shot open and went straight to the window. A big smile came spread across her face as she saw a barn owl hovering there. Leaping out of bed she had the window open in a flash, the owl swooped in and landed on her chest of drawers sticking out its leg. Lily untied the letter attached to it and sat down on her bed to read it. It contain the usual list of books she would need for her last year. Then she noticed there was another piece of parchment. Trembling she slowly unfolded it:


Dear Miss Evens,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been given the position of Head Girl this year.

Yours sincerely

Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

She dropped the letter on the floor and reached out for the envelope, and looked inside. There nestled in the corner was a small silver badge with the letters HG on it. Lily stared at it in silence, over flowing with joy and excitement.

When she went done for breakfast, her face was still glowing with happiness. When she sat down she turned to the rest of her family.

"Guess who's Head Girl of Hogwarts?" she said, grinning. While her parents were congratulating her, she noticed that her sister, Petunia, was looking anything but happy for her. A scowl was etched into her face which turned into a sneer when she saw Lily looking at her.

"Oh yes lets all celebrate. I mean the freak has only just been made Head freak of the freak school"

Lily turned away ignoring her. It had been to much to hope for that Petunia would be happy for her.

"This" Petunia continued " obviously means that you are the biggest freak in that weird place"

This time both Lily and her parents ignored her, instead Mrs Evens turned to Lily.

"Well I think that its wonderful, and I also think that this calls for a special visit to Diagon Alley"

Lily laughed " We're going to Diagon Alley anyway to buy my books. Why do we need to make a special visit?"

Mrs Evens smiled at her daughter, "We don't. I just felt like saying that."

After Lily had eaten and managed to escape her proud parents, she ran back up to her bedroom. She had only just reached the door when Petunia spoke from behind her.

"Oh yes, your all happy being their favourite daughter."

Lily stared at her "What do you mean Tuney?"

"Well let me see. Your the one who gets into the school for freaks hundreds of miles away, your the one who can do freaky stuff, your the one who gets to go to this secret shopping street, your the one who has become a freaking Head Girl! And me? Well I got none of that did and you wonder why your the favourite." Petunia's face was red and her hands were clenched into fists by her side. The sisters stared at each other until Petunia turned on her heel and disappeared into her room slamming the door behind her. Lily turned and walked slowly into her own room. Sitting down on the bed she let her mind wonder back to her childhood and how close she and Petunia used to be. Before she got her letter, before she found out she was a witch.

They were sitting on the swings, in the middle of summer. She, Lily was swinging much higher than Tuney, she continued gaining hight.

"Lily, don't do it!" shrieked Tuney. She ignored her sister and had let go of the swing at the height of its arc and she flew into the air. She laughed with happiness as she flew and then landed softy on the ground, unharmed.

"Mummy told you not to!"

Tuney stopped her swing, dragging her heels in the ground, and leapt up, hands on hips.

"Mummy said you weren't allowed, Lily!"

"But I'm fine," she said still giggling. "Tuney, look at this. Watch what I can do." Tuney looked around to see if the playground was empty, which it was. She picked up a flower from a bush and waited till Tuney had come close, then she made the petals of the flower open and close.

"Stop it!" Tuney shouted

"It's not hurting you" she pointed out, but closed her hand and threw the blossom to the ground.

"It's not right," her eyes had followed the flower to the ground. "How do you do it?" she added, and there was definite longing in her voice.

Unwillingly she found herself think of Severus. Quickly she shook her head; she didn't want to remember him, they weren't friends any more. Not after what had happened at the end of fifth year.

With tears attempting to penetrate her eyes, she turned her thoughts to the Head Boy. Who could it be? Remus Lupin maybe, he was a prefect and pretty trustworthy considering he was a Maruader. A smile suddenly slid onto her face and a laugh rose in her throat as she imagined what would happen if Potter was head. That would be laughable; James Potter also belonged to the Maruaders and had got more detentions than the letters in his name. He was also Lily's permanent suitor and had had a crush on her since first year, asking her out almost everyday. Lily's answer was always "no", she couldn't stand him and the other maruaders although Remus was actually okay. " No", she thought "no one in their right mind would make Potter head boy. I mean it would be like making a six year old with a short attention span head. Potter is so unreliable"

"Lily" her mothers voice emanated from below bring her out of her memories " I'm almost finished clearing up down here. Get changed then we can go to London to get your school stuff"

"Okay" Lily called back, now brimming with excitement. As she pulled on a pair of jeans her smile returned "No I wont have any problem with Potter this year. If he annoys me I can just give him a detention. I'm going to be safe and Potter free."