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Chapter 42 – The Epilogue

Two years later

Neutral POV

Today was the day. Nathan and Haley had finally set a date for their wedding, and today was the day they would finally marry. They'd set the date around six months ago, and had been planning relentlessly since then. They were in the middle of their junior year of college, and everything seemed to be perfect for them.

Nathan continued to compete for the college team; he was one of their top male competitors and he had no intention of giving it up just yet. Men had competed in the Olympics who were well into their 30s, but Nathan hadn't planned an age at which he'd quit, because it was really just about when your body is ready to give up. He loved what he was doing, and wanted to compete for as long as he could.

Haley had decided that she didn't want to leave gymnastics entirely, and figured with her years of experience, she could put it to good use and actually learn how to be a coach. She was working on gaining a major in physical education teaching and coaching. She wanted to continue to coach young girls who are just like she was, hoping to follow their dreams. She wanted to give them the chance that she never got at competing in the Olympics.

She never regretted her decision to quit, her daughter was the most important person in her life and she wouldn't give her up for anything, but sometimes she did look back and feel like she should've stopped herself from breaking all of those rules.

It wasn't all bad though, Haley was still only twenty, and she was working harder than ever to get her dream back. She wanted nothing more than to get her chance at the Olympics that she never got last year. She was in the gym whenever she had the time, and was putting herself through three times as much conditioning as she did when she was competing. She would go for runs every morning, and pushed herself every day to run further than she had the previous day.

She was building up her muscles again, and getting rid of all the pregnancy weight she'd put on. She knew because of her pregnancy she wouldn't be as tiny as she once was, but she would push herself to make sure she was as close to that as possible. Slowly but surely she was getting her shape back and was able to perform some of the basic gymnastics skills.

She'd decided to let Brooke make her dress, considering she was her best friend and was a third year fashion student at the best known university for fashion courses. As promised, Brooke had definitely done a good job on fulfilling Haley's dream dress and the first time she tried it on, she didn't ever want to take it off.

Due to her constant training and constant shape and weight change, once she had her wedding dress, she frequently had it altered. It was usually taken in because of her constant weight loss. She hated being prodded and poked with a bunch of pins, but she needed to have it done so it fit her properly. Brooke was almost too happy to help her out, plus she refused to let any other designer near her creation to fix it up.

She'd assigned Brooke as her maid of honour, as she had been the one who had known her since they were five years old. They did everything together, and it only seemed right that Brooke be the one who sorted her wedding for her. The two had been friends for fifteen years, and they couldn't imagine a time when they were younger when they weren't together. Going to separate colleges was difficult for them, they'd never been apart before, but they worked through it and still managed to maintain their friendship.

Brooke had been the one that taught Haley how to do her double layout dismount on the uneven bars. She had it mastered and her dismount on the uneven bars was the full in back out, after progressing up from a back tuck. They had been around thirteen years old at the time, and Brooke was the top gymnast at the gym. She hadn't wobbled for years, and everyone knew she was the one to beat at Nationals. The top two was always a battle between her and Rachel. Thanks to Brooke helping her to stick her landing to go with her dismount, her DOD was raised high enough to bring her into second position at Hillview, and she had a real shot at beating Rachel.

The pair had been inseparable. They were the best of friends, and once they started working as a team, when Brooke learnt a new move, Haley wasn't far behind her. They were the top two gymnasts at Hillview, everybody knew that. Then when Peyton showed up, the two had instantly clicked with her. They became known as 'The Triple Threat' to the people of the gym, as well as other competitors from other gyms, because of their power and their skill. The three were unstoppable, and dominated everyone.

Peyton had always known Haley would choose Brooke as her maid of honor, but she didn't have a problem with it, she knew the two were like sisters. It had been them against the world for years before she joined them, and was just happy she had two best friends as great as them.

Brooke had been the one to organize her bachelorette party for her a few nights ago, and in typical Brooke fashion had wanted to go overboard, but Haley put a stop to her big plans. They'd settled on spending the day at the spa instead, a little less toned down so Haley could take care of Isabella and still enjoy her party. It had been a relaxed and sophisticated event, just as Haley wanted it to be.

Everything was in place for the wedding. The bridesmaids were in their dresses, the one flower girl; a now two year old Isabella was in her dress with her flowers in hand, and now all that was left was for Haley to walk down the aisle. The wedding was being held in the hotel gardens, where she and her bridal party had stayed last night, while the reception was being held in the extravagant ballroom inside that they'd set especially for their wedding.

"It's time, Haley." Brooke had announced, walking over to her best friend and grabbing her by the hands. "You ready for this?"

"I've been ready forever." She smiled, standing up with Brooke's help and smoothing out her dress. Once she had done so, she made her way to her father who took her arm and lead them toward the door.

"You look beautiful, Haley." He reassured, feeling his daughters nerves that her father didn't approve.

"Thank you, daddy." She smiled, forcing herself to keep her emotions in check. "I didn't think you'd want to give me away. I mean, you don't approve of my relationship. I know you love Isabella really, but I also know you wish I never quit."

"You're right, Haley, I do wish that you had never quit. But if this is what really makes you happy, and you can focus on family life as well as being a gymnast, I'll do my best to support your happiness. I had to be here for my little girl's big day. You only get married once, Haley. I would hate to miss it." He explained, placing a kiss on her head.

"Mommy!" Isabella shouted, currently residing on Brooke's hip.

"Alright baby, mommy's coming. Now do you remember what you have to do when we get outside?" She asked the little girl, who thought for a moment before shaking her head. "You've got to throw the flowers down the aisle before mommy walks down it. Can you do that?" she asked as the little girl nodded her head frantically with a smile. "Good girl."

The girls and Haley's father made their way to the lift that brought them downstairs, before stepping out and walking towards the hotels back exit, towards the gardens. Haley had three other bridesmaids besides her maid of honor, Peyton, Quinn and Charlie. They were also her best friends, and had all been there for her through the hardest times and she couldn't not have them by her side at her wedding.

The procession soon started, and Brooke kept a hold of Isabella and carried her down the aisle, as she was a tad too young to do her job herself. She continued to do so about a quarter of the way down the aisle before Isabella spotted her father at the end of the aisle. She wriggled out of Brooke's arms and made her own way down the rest of the aisle.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed with a smile as she ran the rest of the length of the aisle into her father's arms.

"Hey, princess. Don't you look pretty?" He responded with a smile that matched his daughters as she nodded and clung onto him. He kept her on his hip as he watched the older girls walk down the aisle in their bridesmaids dresses, purple in color, to match Haley's signature leotard color when she competed.

They smiled at Nathan and Julian who was standing beside him, having being chosen to be his best man. Believe it or not, the pair had pretty much nothing in common, but when it came down to it, Nathan realized Julian was a great friend to him and Haley, and figured he was the right choice. Haley insisted on having the same number of groomsmen as there were bridesmaids, so Lucas, Chase and Nathan's friend from college, an aspiring sports agent, Clay, were also standing beside him.

Once the four bridesmaids had made it down the aisle, Nathan caught sight of his beautiful bride and her father at the top of the aisle. She was wearing the traditional white gown, with the bodice of the dress strapless and covered in white sparkles, with a purple ribbon wrapped around the middle of the dress, and a puffy skirt that fell to the floor.

Her hair was pulled into a ponytail at the back of her head, all curled from top to bottom, and held in place by multiple flower shaped pins, making it seem like it was still down. She wore a tiara at the back of her head, although not too extravagant to hold her veil in place.

"Daddy, look! Mommy!" Isabella pointed out her mother as she walked down the aisle to her father. "Daddy!" She exclaimed again.

"I know, baby. Now I need you to go down and stay quiet for a while okay? Can you do that?" He asked.

"No, daddy! Want you!" She demanded, never letting go of him.

"Isabella." He sighed, using her full name. Despite being only two years old, she rarely responded to her full name, much preferring abbreviations like Izzy or Belle, in Brooke's case. "Can you sit with Nanny Deb for me?" He asked, spotting his mom in the front row. He knew the two got on great and Isabella loved spending time with her.

"Okay." She replied after some thought. He put her down on the floor as she toddled her way to her nanny Deb, who promptly picked her up and kept her sitting still and quiet.

Nathan returned his gaze to his beautiful bride, who was now nearing the end of the aisle. He stepped down from his position at the altar to greet her and her father, as he placed his daughters hand into Nathans. He took it with a beam gracing his face, much like the one that graced her face.

"Take care of her, Nathan. She's my baby." Her father said sternly.

"Of course, Mr. James. I would never hurt her. Thank you." He replied, taking Haley's hand and walking with her back to the top of the altar, after she had hugged her father.

She handed her bouquet to Brooke on the way past as she climbed the remaining steps and stood with her near husband in front of the priest as he motioned for everyone to sit down. Nathan held Haley's hands in his, as they swung them slightly in front of themselves. He smiled, noticing she was wearing that Cracker Jack's bracelet he gave her when he first started tutoring her. She was also wearing that diamond necklace he'd bought her for their anniversary, even though they were still only dating.

"Friends and loved ones," The priest began. "We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. We will witness a commitment between Nathan and Haley to love one another, unconditionally and endlessly. Today, Nathan and Haley, claim their love to the world with these words. Nathan and Haley, there are many things I could say to the two of you today, but instead, I choose to listen to the words you have for each other. Haley," He gestured for her to begin.

"Nathan, it's been said that there's one word that will free us from the weight and the pain of life. And that word is love. And I believe that. That doesn't mean that it hasn't been hard, or that it won't be. It just means that I found stillness and bravery in myself with you. You make me brave. Before I met you, my world revolved around my gymnastics. And I liked it that way. I didn't think that it would change so quickly. When you first started tutoring me, I thought you were nothing but an arrogant, self-centered jerk that only cared about himself and winning the gold. And then you proved me wrong. You changed, or at least changed the way you were around me. And I fell for you; hard and fast.

"It scared me to death at the prospect of love, because I was never supposed to have a boyfriend. I was always told that it was a bad thing to like boys, because they'd only distract from my career. But you didn't. You helped me to get better, and I can honestly say I wouldn't have been World champion if it wasn't for you. And I wouldn't be training again if it wasn't for you, because you make it possible for me to try. You make it possible for me to push myself to all the limits again, and I couldn't love you more for it. And most of all, you gave me Isabella.

"You gave me our daughter; our beautiful, kind and smart daughter, who amazes me every day. Her personality is all you. And I know that having her was the hardest time for us, but we got through it. And all I can hope is that she grows up to be just like her father. I love you so much, Nathan, and I will love you until the end of time. This I vow today." She finished, tearing up a little.

"Nathan," The priest gestured for Nathan to begin talking.

"Haley, when you told me you loved me, I told you how much I loved you too and how I would always protect you. And then we got caught making out in the locker room." He laughed. "So we went back to your house and we tried convincing them that we didn't want to hide it and that we loved each other. And everyone doubted us. They tried to pretend they were happy but I don't think they understood the love we had for each other. Because if they did, they never would've doubted us. So I wanted to marry you, in front of our world, and be a real family with you and our daughter. Before I met you, I thought I had everything I needed to be happy. I didn't have anything else to compare it too. And then when I started tutoring you, everything changed. I wanted to make you mine. And I knew it would be hard with the sneaking around, but I wanted to be with you.

"I realized very quickly that my old life was no longer capable of making me happy. I had to have you to make me happy. And then when we were on our first date, I was a total ass. And I knew that, but that's just how I was. I knew you were different though. Kissing you for the first time was a total spur of the moment thing, but I never regretted it for a moment. When you told me you were pregnant, I was so scared for myself that I didn't realize how scared you must've been. I could still have a career, and we both knew whatever happened you probably wouldn't be able to have a career. But I guess you proved everyone wrong, huh?

"When we got back from London, and you were in all that pain, I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything about it. I just wanted to take it all away from you, and I couldn't. I was so terrified for you and our baby; I thought I'd lost you both when you collapsed. And when they told me they had to get the baby out, I didn't know what to think. You weren't due for a few more weeks and I was terrified I'd lose one or both of you. Thankfully, I didn't. Because if I did, we wouldn't be standing here today. And I'm thankful every day that I have you and Isabella, you're my whole world now, Hales. And when I look into your eyes today, my love for you only grows. It's even stronger now. And my love will never waver. This I vow to you today. Always and forever; I promised." He finished with a smile as the tears fell down Haley's cheeks one by one. She wiped them away quickly, before turning to the minister.

"Haley and Nathan, you came here today to exchange those vows. Nathan, do you take Haley to be that wedded wife? To have and to hold; from this day forward: for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; as long as you both shall live?" The priest asked.

"I do." He replied.

"Haley, do you take Nathan to be that wedded husband? To have and to hold; from this day forward: for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; as long as you both shall live?" he repeated.

"I do." She replied, trying to stop herself from crying any more.

"The rings, please?" the priest asked as Brooke and Julian passed the rings to the couple in front of them.

"Haley, this ring symbolizes my desire for you to be my wife from this day forward." Nathan stated, placing the ring on her finger.

"Nathan, this ring symbolizes my desire for you to be my husband from this day forward." Haley stated, sliding the ring onto his finger.

"If anyone can show just cause why this couple should not be joined together, speak now." The priest commanded, as the guests stayed silent. "In that case, by the power vested in me, by the state of North Carolina, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

"Can I kiss my wife now?" Nathan asked with a smile.

"You better." Haley replied, moving forward with her now husband to place a kiss on his lips. She leaned up on the balls of her feet, trying to stretch herself high enough to kiss him. As she did, he bent his head slightly so he could reach her, as their lips met for the first time as husband and wife. The fireworks and the butterflies they both felt in their first kiss had returned, and both pulled apart after a minute or so breathless.

"Wow." She giggled. "I love you, so much."

"I love you, too." He replied, placing a sweet, chaste kiss on her lips.

"I go now?" Isabella asked sweetly, looking up at her grandmother.

"Yes, baby." Nathan replied, hearing his daughter's question. "Come here."

And Isabella needed no further instructions before she jumped down from where she was sitting and ran straight for her parents. Nathan bent down as she reached them and picked her up, balancing her on his hip between her parents.

"Mommy! Daddy!" She exclaimed.

"Hey, Princess." Nathan spoke to her, placing a kiss on her head.

"Princess, daddy?" She asked.

"Of course you are. You're my little princess." He replied with a smile.

"Me princess mommy!" She giggled looking over at her mom.

"You sure are." She smiled at her little girl. The trio had almost forgotten the guests in front of them, but soon realized their presence. The little girl in between them both was put down and sent back to her Nanny Deb while they entwined hands and walked down the aisle together for the first time as husband and wife. Everyone stood and applauded the newly-weds, before they were out of sight and heading towards a room at the back of the hotel that overlooked the gardens.

As they walked sideways into the room allocated, they flung open the doors with their sides, never breaking contact with each other. They'd started kissing about half way to the door, and refused to break contact since then. They pulled apart for air after a minute or two, and were breathless when doing so. Haley had settled on winding her arms around her now husbands waist after holding every part of him when they were kissing, trying to find a place to keep her arms. He smiled and placed his hands on her arms, stroking them up and down while he spoke to her.

"I missed you last night. I was worried about you." He tells her. The two had spent the night apart as traditional on the night before a wedding. Nathan was reluctant at first, but Haley was insistent that they do things the right way, which included the no-sex tradition. After Isabella was born, the two had agreed that since Haley was working towards getting her career back, they couldn't risk another pregnancy ruining it for her. They were still only twenty, and already had a two year old daughter to look after, which was hard enough for them, without having to look after another baby. They would wait until after they were settled with less demanding careers for more kids. They both agreed it was for the better, since it was the only foolproof way of making sure she didn't get pregnant.

"I missed you, too." She said, gripping his arms as he wound them around her waist. She looked at him seriously for a moment before quickly adding on to her previous statement. "But you're still in trouble! How much did this ring cost?" She exclaimed, lifting her hand with her diamond engagement ring, now joined with her diamond wedding ring. Nathan had really gone all out for their wedding, and he didn't want his girl to have anything less than the best. Her new ring was a diamond platinum ring, with three diamonds in the center, representing their past, present and future together.

"None of your business." He smirked, placing another kiss on her lips.

"Well what if something comes up? Something unexpected. I mean, this is all so…" She rambled holding onto his tux jacket.

"Long overdue." He finished for her. "Look, if something comes up, we'll deal with it then. But not today. Today's your day." She smiled as she listened to him quash her fears and reached up to place a short, sweet kiss on his lips. She pulled back slightly when he started talking. "Now what do you say we hang out here so I can kiss you for a couple of hours, huh?" He asks as she moves closer to his lips again.

"Sounds perfect." She whispered her reply onto his lips as she captured his with her own, smiling brighter than ever.

About an hour later, after delaying their entrance to their reception as long as they could, the newlyweds eventually decided it was time to attend their own reception. All the guests were already waiting for them, but the bride and groom were always a bit later than everyone else anyway. They entwined their fingers as they walked through the hotel, heading to the elegant ballroom they'd rented for the reception. Once they arrived, their arrival was announced by the DJ.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and join me in welcoming Nathan and Haley, husband and wife." He said over the microphone he held in his hand, as the couple walked into the hall hand in hand, greeted with heartwarming smiles and applause as they entered. "And now for their first dance."

The couple walked to the middle of the floor, standing in position to begin their first dance as husband and wife. Haley and Nathan had agreed they wanted their song to be one that meant something, and it took them a while to figure it out. After much scouring, and listening to songs on repeat for hours, they finally narrowed it down to two songs for their first dance. Nathan had the final pick and had told Haley he would surprise her on the day. They smiled as the music started to play, and started their dance.

Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?
Would you run, and never look back?
Would you cry, if you saw me crying?
And would you save my soul, tonight?

Would you tremble, if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh? Oh please tell me this
Now would you die, for the one you love?
Hold me in your arms, tonight

"I was hoping you'd pick this one." She whispered, leaning up to place a sweet, chaste kiss on his lips before resting her head on his chest and swaying gently with him to the music.

I can be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever

You can take my breath away.

Would you swear that you'll always be mine?
Or would you lie? Would you run and hide?
Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?
I don't care you're here, tonight

I can be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

Oh, I just wanna hold you
I just wanna hold you, oh yeah
Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?
Well I don't care you're here, tonight

I can be your hero, baby
I can kiss away the pain, oh yeah
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

I can be your hero, I can kiss away the pain
(I can be your hero, baby)
And I will stand by you, forever
You can take my breath away
You can take my breath away
An' I can be your hero

The two were so lost in each other; they hadn't noticed the song end. Haley looked up and looked her new husband in the eyes, seeing and portraying nothing but love for one another, before she pressed her lips to his softly, almost not at all, and stroked his cheek with her thumb.

"I love you." She whispered to him.

"I love you, too." he replied with a smile. "That's why I married you."

He leans down and covers her lips with his own, closing his eyes and watching the fireworks explode inside him. The sparks and the fireworks they got when they first kissed had never truly left, but now they were married, they seemed to be a lot stronger, and they felt the sparks fly between them whenever they kissed.

"You look so beautiful. Just like an angel. My angel." He smiled.

"I like the sound of that."

They were eventually brought out of their moment as they realised there were crowds around them still, as they clapped the couple and smiled warmly.

They milled around for a while after that, thanking people for their well wishes and congratulations as they gave them out, before excusing themselves to spend some time with their daughter. Nathan had yet to spend any proper quality time with Isabella since he left her yesterday morning, and Haley was so busy preparing everything for the wedding and making sure everything was perfect she'd barely had time for anything else.

They were sitting at the top table in the ballroom, Nathan and Haley in the middle, with a highchair slightly between them for Isabella. While Brooke, Julian, Haley's parents, and Nathan's parents sat at a table to their left and the bridesmaids and groomsmen were seated at a table to the right.

Isabella was currently residing on the table in front of them, with her back to the rest of the guests so she could see both her parents at the same time. Nathan and Haley watched their daughter as she sat on the table and . When she questioned where they were before, they subtly told her that they had things to do and that's why she had to go with Nanny Deb. She bought the excuse and was placed back into her highchair as dinner was served.

The dinner went down peacefully and elegantly, just as Haley had hoped. Guests were chatting with each other whilst enjoying their food; and the now married couple was too caught up in the hype and the excitement of the day to notice much else. They started to pay attention when the speeches began.

As expected, Julian and Brooke made their respective speeches as best man and maid of honor, before Haley's father stood up to begin his speech.

"As the ex-president of the Parents board at Hillview, I guess it's no surprise that I'm used to making speeches. But this one is different. My little girl, my youngest child has finally flown the nest and got married. I guess it's no surprise that when I found out about Haley's relationship with Nathan, it wasn't under the best circumstances. And I wasn't best impressed, either. Because Haley was the one that always followed the rules. She was the good girl of the family. And I guess my reaction to it happened the way it did because I was shocked that my perfect little angel, my daughter, had been breaking the one major rule we ever had for all that time. I'd watched Haley do gymnastics since she was three years old, and when she told me she was pregnant, I was shocked and upset. She'd lost everything she worked for, for fourteen years I watched her work towards that dream, I supported her in doing so, but she still lost it.

"And I didn't ever think she'd get it back. But as I stand here today, I can honestly say I was wrong. Watching my little girl get married today really brought it upon me that she's all grown up now. She doesn't need me anymore. She can still have her dream, and she can still have a family. Haley does a wonderful job of balancing training for her career and spending time with her family, and I hope to continue to watch her do so until the day I die. Haley, sweetie, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you found Nathan, he's good for you. And I'm sure I told you already, but you really do look beautiful. So to sum up, don't ever give up on your dream, you proved us all wrong and I have no doubt you'll continue to do so. I'm so proud of you, angel. I love you so much. Take care of her, Nathan. Thank you, everyone." He finished, tearing up a little as he spoke to his daughter and her new husband. The reality was starting to sink in that his little girl didn't need him anymore; she had a husband and a daughter of her own to support her and look after her. Haley stood up as her father finished talking, tears running freely down her face as she embraced her father tightly and he returned the gesture. "I love you, princess." He whispered to her, placing a kiss on her cheek before they both sat down again.

The speeches finished up with a toast from Brooke to the happy couple, before it was announced that the posed wedding photographs would now be taken. Everyone involved in the wedding party stepped outside into the hotels lavish gardens once more for the photographs to be taken.

Haley was first up, with multiple pictures; full-length and close up of the bride alone were taken. Brooke then stepped into the picture with her, as pictures of the bride and the maid of honor were taken. Brooke was naturally photogenic, and smiled like a celebrity for the camera. Next, Quinn, Charlie and Peyton joined the two girls for pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids, dressed in all purple, with purple wild flowers in hand. The girls stay put while Haley moved out of the picture, and Nathan replaced her for a picture of the groom with the bridesmaids.

Next, Haley stood in the middle of her mother and father for her picture with her parents. They were shortly joined Quinn, Taylor, Vivian, Matt, Conor and Aiden as they had their family picture. Nathan joined them afterwards, before going through the same process with his parents, before joining the two families together and snapping them all together.

They eventually got through the rest of the photos, which included bride & groom with entire wedding party, bride & groom with flower girl, groom with parent's, groom with best man, groom with groomsmen and bride with groomsmen. By the end of it all, it was time for Nathan and Haley's photos of just them together, which turned out to be a lot different than they expected. They did as they were told and looked in certain ways and smiled at certain times, but they also were just together. Precious moments between the two and with their daughter while they changed camera and set up the next shot were caught; they turned out to be some of the best photos.

After the pictures were finished being taken, everyone headed back inside to continue with the reception. Haley and Nathan had cut the cake before dinner, and whilst the photographs were being taken, the kitchen staff finished cutting the rest of the cake for the guests, placing a piece for each person on each table. The open dance floor continued for another hour, before the DJ announced it was time for the mother/son and father/daughter dances.

Time passed all too quickly for the pair, and before they knew it they were heading off to the limo outside the venue, taking them to the airport. They were heading to Barbados for two weeks, as it was a top destination for honeymooners. They were still young, and needed time to themselves for their honeymoon, but with a young child, it was pretty much impossible. It's not that they didn't trust anyone to look after their daughter, they'd trust her godparents and grandparents and aunts and uncles with their lives, but Isabella was only young, and they couldn't leave her alone. Plus she was still very clingy to her father, and hated being anywhere but with him. There was no way she'd let them leave for a week without her.

When they reached the end of the crowd of people, they caught sight of their daughter, resting her head on Brooke's shoulder. As soon as she caught sight of her parents, she lifted her head and raised her arms to her father. He took her from Brooke with a smile and set her on his hip.

"Home, daddy?" She asked as she looked up at him hopefully.

"No, princess. We're going on holiday to the beach for a while." He tried to explain to her as best he could.

"No, daddy!" She shouted, beginning to cry.

"Oh Izzy, baby don't cry." Haley soothed, taking her from her father and bouncing her slightly.

"Mommy!" She cried.

"It's alright, baby. Shhh, come on it's okay." She says, rubbing her back as she cries louder.

"No! Mommy and daddy!" She cried more, clinging onto her mother.

"Izzy, baby, please calm down." Nathan tried, standing behind Haley and looking at their daughter, wiping her tears. "Come on, calm down princess." he soothes.

"Daddy!" She cries, putting her arms out to her father

"I've got you princess." He replies as Haley passes her over and stands beside them. She rests her head on his shoulder as her tears slowly subside and he rubs her back gently. "Now, what's the matter? We're going on holiday, baby. You should be happy." He explains to her, bouncing her on his hip. "Now come on sweetie, that's enough fussing. Good girl." He praises as she starts to calm herself down. "You're just tired, aren't you? Yeah you are." He concludes, stroking her light brown hair.

She squirms her way around to the front of her father so she can see both of her parents. She nods in response to her father's question. She leans up and places a kiss on her father's cheek, and repeating the process with her mother as she came closer, before resting her head on her father's shoulder and closing her eyes. Nathan continues stroking the back of her head as she falls asleep on his shoulder, before smiling over at Haley.

"She's worn herself out, bless her. Come on, we need to get going." He states, opening the car door and placing Isabella in the back in her car seat gently, hoping not to wake her.

"Alright then, let's go. Bye everyone, thank you for coming." She smiled and waved to her guests as she climbed into the car, wearing a more comfortable outfit than her wedding dress. She'd changed before they walked through the crowd of people into a 'going away dress' as Brooke described it. It was a simple white dress, cut off a few inches above her knees, with spaghetti straps holding it up. It had three brass buttons in the middle of the bodice, keeping with the simplicity of the dress but giving it some detail. "I can't believe we're finally married." She grinned, placing a soft, chaste kiss on her new husband's lips, to which he returned, before sitting back in her seat waiting for him to start the car.

"Are you happy?" He asks her, despite the fact he already knows the answer.

She joins her hand with his free one, looks to the young girl in the back seat of the car and looks back to him once more before she speaks, "I'm more than happy. I'm perfect. I'm married to the man of my dreams, we have a beautiful daughter, and I'm getting my dream back. And this is only the beginning of forever."

Five years later

Five years on, Nathan and Haley were going stronger than ever. They'd finished college around three years ago, and last year Nathan achieved his dream of winning Olympic gold in Rio at the 2016 Olympics. Haley hadn't done that badly either, since she'd been working harder than ever to get herself into shape, she'd managed to petition onto the national team again, and had gotten her dream of going to the Olympics. She too had done exceptionally well, and despite the public's lack of faith in Haley's comeback, she proved them all wrong when she stood on the top of the podium in Rio last year as she was awarded her all-around gold medal.

After her win in Rio, Haley decided that she'd had her chance to live her dream; she'd lived it, and now was the time to give it up. She'd worked harder than anyone to get her dream back, and she'd loved the time that she had it back for, but she wanted a less crazy lifestyle, and now she was done with college she wanted to focus on helping the younger girls at the gym to achieve their dream, like she had lived hers.

Tom had been coaching at Hillview for nearly twenty-five years, and he'd decided now that he'd taught Haley how to cope with it all, and she'd gained her college major in sports education that it was time to give it up. Haley had taken over from him as a full-time coach at the gym she'd once trained, and she couldn't be happier with her life, her job and her family.

Isabella was now seven years old, and following in her mother and father's footsteps, she was one of the girls Haley trained at the gym. At first she was unsure of putting her daughter into a gymnastics programme, she herself knew how gruelling it could be for young girls, and she didn't want to expose her daughter to that kind of pressure. But when Isabella turned three, her party trick of the day was showing everyone how good she was at doing the splits, and that was the first sign for Haley and Nathan. As she grew older, she watched her mother train frequently and often tried to copy her complex flips across the gym, and that was when they knew putting her into gymnastics was a good idea.

Isabella loved it, just as her mom had at her age. She was one of the best in her class at school, and was definitely a star in her gymnastics class. Unlike her mother, Isabella had no aversion to the colour pink; in fact it was her favourite colour. She'd certainly had to beg her mother to let her paint her room that colour, but she'd gotten her own way in the end, and pretty much all of her leotards were pink. Her favourite was her pink leotard with the large gold heart on the right side, and her favourite competition leotard was also pink, with full sleeves, and black and white swirls across the top. Isabella competed like all the other girls, but she liked going to school and she loved her friends at school and the gym, and for that reason she didn't want to go elite. Gymnastics for her was just a hobby in her spare time.

Haley and Nathan had been married for five years now, and they fell in love more and more every day. With more settled careers now, Haley working as a full-time coach at the gym and Nathan was manager of the gym, working with his wife to keep the gym in control. He dealt with the budgets and the banquets, the flights to and from meets, meetings, pre-meet send offs, the lot. He worked in close alliance with his wife; the two of them together had become a dream team. It was like nothing could stop them, they went from strength to strength in both their work and their relationship.

Just under a year ago, about three weeks after winning the all-around gold and flying home to Tree Hill, Haley had discovered she was pregnant with their second child. At this point, she'd already made her decision to quit gymnastics for good, and the news of her pregnancy only reinforced her decision. As last time, she told Nathan immediately and they were overjoyed with the news.

The doctors had told the couple that due to the undiagnosed low blood pressure during Haley's last pregnancy that they'd like to see her more often, and the pair agreed. The doctors had also told them to expect the worst case scenario with this pregnancy as a placental abruption in a previous pregnancy leads to a higher chance of it happening again, however nine months later, Haley was perfectly healthy and gave birth to their second child, another girl, Skyler Nicole Scott.

After taking one look at Skyler, they knew she was all Nathan. She looked exactly like her father, and Nathan couldn't be happier with another girl. Skyler was around eight months months old now, and just like her sister was a complete daddy's girl. She cried when he put her down, and insisted that she slept in his arms. He carried her everywhere because he couldn't stand to put her down and have her cry for him. Nobody was surprised when around a month ago she came out with her first word, 'dada'. That's all she said when she wanted his attention, she screamed for him and he'd be there.

The four of them were the perfect family, and they couldn't be happier with their lives.

Brooke and Peyton had left gymnastics around the same time as Haley had, and they were still as successful as before.

Brooke went into the fashion industry and designed leotards for training and competition, a common thing for retired gymnasts to go into. She designed them, had them made and then sold them to whoever wanted them, online and in her store. She also designed the leotards for the gym at which she had once trained herself, after getting the seal of approval from Haley, Nathan and the parent's board to change the design. All the girls loved the new design, and adored wearing it to competition.

And that wasn't all, she and Julian became engaged during senior year at college, and had married at a huge, lavish ceremony as everybody knew they would around two years later. She'd hoped to have children of her own someday, as she loved Isabella and Skyler more than anything. But she knew she was going to wait a while, as she was doing exceptionally well in her career and wanted a year or so more before she had her first child.

Peyton had continued on her internship in California at the record label, before eventually deciding the job wasn't for her anymore and coming home to Tree Hill to start up her own small-time record label. She knew how the big labels worked first hand and she vowed to never end up like that, she wanted everyone who worked there and recorded there to feel like a family. And that it was.

Peyton and Lucas had eloped sometime around three years ago, with only Haley, Nathan, Isabella, Brooke, Julian and Lucas' mother as witnesses. They hadn't wanted a huge ceremony, it wasn't their style. Peyton was now expecting their first child, and was due in around three months.

And while all of the girls had the lives they'd always dreamed about, happy with their careers and families, they knew it wasn't over yet.

In fact, this was just the beginning of forever for them.

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