Well, here it is folks! The sequel to Of Faith And Sin. I'm very pleased with how the first came out and I'm very excited to see how this one shapes up. Please read the original if you haven't and R&R both. Woo hoo!

It was New Years before Rupert was permitted to leave the hospital and still three months beyond before he completed his physical therapy and was fully recovered from his injuries from his fight with Gorgolek. By the time he made his way back home to his flat Buffy's pregnancy was showing. He still couldn't believe it was real but he thanked every god in the heavens anyway for his good fortune.

She all but moved into his flat after he was released from the hospital and helped take care of him through his recovery. She was only three months from delivery now and he saw the telltale bump underneath her blouse when he looked at her. Needless to say Joyce didn't approve of the match, or of her daughter moving in with her Watcher but she knew she couldn't stop her. Nor was Joyce thrilled about the prospect of becoming a grandmother from her nineteen year old daughter especially at the hands of someone more than twice her age. It was the main crux of their relationship and it strained Buffy when she thought about home.

The Scoobies were more willing to come around to their plight though it took longer for it to happen. Willow accepted it first and was there to support her best friend through morning sickness and pregnancy pains. Xander was the last to accept it but now referred to himself almost exclusively as "Uncle Xander" in reference to the baby. That made Buffy feel somewhat normal with her mother heading the campaign against their relationship.

Still, in the night when they made love Rupert Giles showered his lover's body with kisses and caresses and listened to the heart beating in her belly. He spoke to the unborn child and told it of the wonders of the world and how happy he was. He promised to show it the best things in this life and swore it would never be loved more by any two people for as long as it lived. Buffy tolerated all of this with gentle patience. After all, it was the pure joy of a man experiencing something he was convinced he'd never have.

The silvered moonlight poured over them in their bedroom and he shifted in bed. He couldn't sleep. He turned and studied his perfect Slayer lying by his side. Her milky skin seemed to glisten against the white sheets. Her blond hair shone like a halo over her head and he was struck again by how truly magnificent she was. He loved how her cheeks swelled cutely down her her seemly neck and then to the smooth curvature of her shoulders. She was naked and the swell of her breasts beneath the blanket left him breathless. He brushed a kiss over her cheek and she made a sleepy sound, turning away from him to face the bedroom door. It had taken her three months to get used to sleeping in a bed with someone else. It had taken him the same amount of time to convince himself that all of this was real.

"Darling, are you awake?" he asked softly, his voice carrying in the silent room. Her lack of answer was answer enough.

He simply wasn't tired and couldn't stomach the idea of lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. He slipped from beneath the bedclothes and wrapped a robe around his naked body. There were perks to having a pregnant girlfriend. One of which was an extended sexual appetite. He was pleased to note Buffy showed the same voracity in all things and not just her duty. A smirk crossed his lips as he made his way downstairs. A cup of warm Darjeeling and Keats…maybe Shelley. Yes, that would put him right again.

He put the water in the kettle and set it on the stove. He leaned against the back counter of his small kitchen and looked out the window cutout into the living room. The windows to the front of the complex lay beyond at the opposite side of the room. From where he was he had a very pretty view of the complex fountain. As the kettle began to sing he felt something else that was foreign to him in the room beyond. It was like a nagging itch. He knew it was there and just couldn't reach it.

He took the kettle from the heat and came around the corner of the kitchen into the living room proper. He wasn't expecting what he found. A very familiar brown demon was standing in front of him. By the stony look of his skin and the familiar horns jutting from his head Rupert had no doubt who it was. His tea cup shook against its saucer. He finally found voice a moment later.


"Son of Chaos."

"You're dead. Buffy killed you. You can't be real."

"Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't be real, my child. You of all people should know that death is not always the end of the essence. Do you wish me to leave?"

"No." the other was quick to admit. "I was rather sorry I had to kill you."

"Yes, I know. I was sorry to try to kill you as well. I almost did, didn't I?"

"Well, that bloody Furlon of yours didn't seem to help much."

"Regrettable loss there, as well."

"Why are you here?"

"To warn you, Rupert Giles."

"Warn me?"


"Alright, I'm listening."

"If that Slayer of yours keeps carrying this child she will die."

The Watcher blinked. That wasn't what he expected to hear. Dire threats of Earthly doom, maybe. Apocalypse. A severe tongue lashing at the very least. Not this. Certainly not this. His jade eyes glanced upstairs to where his lover slept peacefully curled up in what he'd come to consider their bed and blanched a paler shade of white. As an already pale Britishman it was a hard feat. He looked back to Gorgolek.

"Are you being cryptic with me?"

"Have I ever found need for crypticism, Rupert Giles?"


"I assure you, I have no desire to start now. I have spoken simply what I mean to say and nothing more."

"How will she die?"

"That is not given to me to tell. It is a loss, though. She is a very rare example of mortal beauty."

"I will keep her alive."

"Of course you will try."

"Why have you warned me?"

"I have my own reasons, Son of Chaos, but you can content yourself by knowing I liked having you as my child."

"Will I see you again?"

"I think not."



"Goodbye, Gorgolek."

"Wake up, Rupert Giles."

"Hm?" his head shook a little but his eyes didn't quite open yet.

"I said wake up, Giles!" Buffy's voice was insistent and a bit higher pitched than normal. That was her worried tone. He knew it well. Immediately his eyes flew open and he took in the sight of his sunlight drenched bedroom with the rumpled blond by his side, looking at him with a mask of concern. She was sitting over him. Her hand was on his shoulder and he assumed she'd been shaking him. With a groan of protest from his lethargic body he sat up.

"What is it, dearest?" he asked her.

"You were talking in your sleep!" she answered. "You were dreaming."

"Surely there's nothing wrong with a dream." He replied slowly, remembering the dream in vivid detail and every word spoken echoed in his mind. "It's not like it was another woman."

"You said I was going to die."

"What?" he turned to her, eyes sharply focused. "What did you say?"

"You said if I keep the baby I'll die."

"It was only a dream, darling. Pay it no mind."

"I suppose." She didn't sound very sure.

"Honestly, it was only a dream. You'll be perfectly safe." I hope…. He added mentally.

"Alright." Her dubious expression faded and she moved to kiss him softly. He gave into the kiss and pretended everything was alright though he wasn't at all convinced. "Gorgolek, you bastard." He mentally admonished. "What the hell is this all about?"

He never received an answer.