I See You

Hey everybody. This is my first Brittany and Santana fan fiction. I would really love some positive feedback as I'm a little nervous how everyone will take it. It's a bit different from some Brittana fics It's also an AU fic. :D Please, read and enjoy.


What had started off as a perfectly good day had turned out quite disastrous all in all! Santana Lopez had never been one for babies or kids or teenagers so she had never really grasped why she had ever gone into the profession of teaching. She had good days where the teenagers of McKinley High (the school she taught at) were easy to handle, maybe even pleasant. Then she had bad days where the teens were vile and the drama teacher, Rachel-big-mouth-Berry was difficult to avoid and even more difficult to handle. Today hadn't just been a bad day! It had been a terrible one and for all her restraint, Santana hadn't been able to handle it. So when the school bell rang at 3:00pm that Wednesday afternoon Santana had all but darted from the classroom, beating even her students to the door.

She wasn't sure what had compelled her to come to the park when all she really wanted was to go home and hide under the comfort of her bed. She guessed the lake was pretty with its gleaming surface and the ducks that waded through it were cool too, quacking happily. It was warm and bright, the sun high in the sky, a light breeze whispering through the trees, the long grasses swaying back and fore.

The gentle tune of an ice-cream truck tinkled through the air like a siren calling to a sailor. Santana searched for it, craving something sweet and cold that could perhaps curb that aching she was feeling.

The sound of her phone buzzing in her back pocket distracted her momentarily. Taking it out, she pressed the answer button and brought it to her ear, "hello."

"Hey there beautiful lady!" A suave manly voice crooned down the line. It was Puck, her best friend in the whole wide world.

"Hi." She said softly.

"What's up? You don't sound too happy." He asked, genuine concern in his voice. Puck was an interesting character, often keen to charm people with his good looks and wicked personality but he was also loyal and kind-hearted when he wanted to be. He was married to a seemingly innocent young woman, Quinn, who in Santana's opinion was not as innocent as she appeared to be.

"You'd be the same if you had to deal with thousands of hormonal teenagers five days a week." Santana snorted. Where was that damn ice-cream truck?

"That's your problem dumb ass, 'great! Sarcastic Puck was here to play, "that's why I became a mechanic, because usually it limits my time around bratty little twirps who only care about texting and their next lay."

Santana laughed, "you just described yourself."

"Oh ha ha, 'he said in an offended tone of voice though the Latina could almost see him smiling, "you were the same once."

It was true. A natural beauty with lustrous locks of dark hair, tanned skin, bold aniridia eyes and a slender figure, Santana had always been one to attract the attention of men but all of them, no matter how rich or good-looking, were out of luck for Santana Lopez preferred the company of her own sex.

Smiling, she decided to change the subject, "so, what do you want?"

"Well Quinn's been bugging me all weekend. She wants you to come over for dinner on Sunday." Puck told her.

She rounded a corner and the welcoming sight of a bright pink ice-cream truck was parked under a protective canopy of trees. She hurried over and stood waiting in line, "hmm, do you know what we're having?"

"Not sure."

"Is Quinn there now?" Santana asked.

"She's still at work. Puck replied, sounding confused. The line started to move forward and she smiled impatiently. She was going to have the biggest vanilla scoop in the history of all ice-creams with sprinkles and chocolate sauce!

"Just ask if we can have meatloaf. That's the only way you're going to get me to come over." Santana said because the greatest thing in the world was Quinn Puckerman's meatloaf.

"I'll ask." Puck chuckled.

"Good." Santana said, "I'm gonna head off now."

"Sure sweet cheeks. We'll see you Sunday then."

"Yeah. Alright. Bye." The Latina said.


She shoved her phone back into her pocket and continued to wait. There were only two people ahead of her now. The sun was beating down hard on the back of her neck, its heat blistering. Perhaps a slow stroll around the lake would satiate her weariness. She could eat her ice cream as she went and forget about work; perhaps contemplate faking sick so she wouldn't have to go in tomorrow. It was definitely worth considering.

"One vanilla scoop please, no sauce, extra sprinkles." The woman in front of her said. Santana couldn't see her face but she had fine locks of long blonde hair and her voice was rather soft and melancholy.

"Coming right up Brit." The truck driver said cheerfully, turning to retrieve her ice-cream. Santana's stomach rumbled unpleasantly. She was starting to get hungry. She had nothing to worry about however, the young man returned only a few seconds later with his customer's ice-cream, "here you go."

"Thanks." The blonde said turning.

It happened out of nowhere. One second, Santana was standing in line, waiting, and the next; she was on the floor, covered in ice-cream and beneath the weight of someone else.

"Brittany, are you alright?" The stupid girl must've just walked right into her.

Pushing herself up, she watched as the blonde, who had been the culprit, struggle to get off the ground. With the assistance of the ice-cream boy, who had just suddenly appeared by her side, she managed it.

"I'm so embarrassed." Santana heard the young woman, Brittany, murmur.

"It's not your fault." The boy said comfortingly.

This angered the Latina, "not her fault, 'she spat angrily, pulling herself up. She was literally covered in ice-cream, her best work-shirt full of sprinkles and cream, "it's totally her fault.' She stormed over to the blonde, intent on wreaking havoc, "Are you fucking blind or something?"

Any kind of reply died on Brittany's lips instantaneously and Santana was mystified for a moment.

"Well...um...actually..." Looking down, she noticed for the first time, a thin, long white cane clenched in the blonde's left hand. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she noted that Brittany didn't quite meet her gaze and it wasn't because she was trying to avoid confrontation.

"Oh." Was all Santana could manage to say.

"I'm sorry, 'Brittany whimpered, "did I hurt you?"

"Are you finished with your bitch fit now?" The ice-cream boy said darkly, not giving Santana time to answer. He had a consoling arm around the blind girls shoulder, he was incensed and Santana couldn't really blame him.

"I'm sorry, 'she said, shaking her head, "I didn't realise."

"Yeah, well think before you speak next time." He growled before turning to Brittany, "are you alright? Are you hurt in any way?"

The young woman smiled softly but it didn't quite reach her eyes. It was only when Santana looked at her closer did she notice how attractive she was. She was tall, taller than her anyway with an incredible figure. Her blonde hair was long, filled with light and her face was friendly with the most beautiful ultramarine eyes she had ever encountered in her life. This woman was the personification of sunshine!

"I think I'll just head off home." She said gently.

"Sure Britt. Do you want me to walk you? I can get someone to cover my shift."

"No, no. I'll manage." Brittany laughed.

Santana was too lost for words to try and say anything. She watched as the blonde walked away, her movements slow as she tapped the white stick on the ground, warning her of on-coming dangers.

When Brittany was at a good distance, Santana turned back to the ice-cream boy to plead her case, "I didn't know she was blind."

He laughed, "even if she wasn't, did it mean you were entitled to shout and scream the way you did."

Santana blushed, ashamed of herself, "I had a bad day. Sue me."

"Yeah, well, Brittany is a sweetheart who doesn't deserve that kind of crap, 'he was already climbing back into his truck. Sticking his head through the open window, he observed Santana with a look that indicated deep loathing, "so, what will be?"

"Nothing, 'she said, shaking her head, "my appetites gone. Hey, what was her name again?"

"Brittany Pierce. She's here every day. 2:30pm til 4:00pm usually."

Santana smiled, taking in the details with rapture. She turned back to gaze at the faint outline that was the young blind woman. She could apologise properly tomorrow if ice-cream boy was right about Brittany visiting the park. Setting off for home, she contemplated what had happened. She was covered in sauce and cream and her elbows were grazed from the way she had fallen. She was clearly in a daze, her back aching, her heart pounding. What had started off as a perfectly good day had turned out quite disastrous all in all! Maybe tomorrow would be better!

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