The Teen Titans Obsession Chat Room Story- Ch 2

A/N: I didn't except to do another but whatever, still a LA assignment.

(This story is based off a total obsession I have with the Teen Titans TV show. I own nothing in this except the idea)

Once he finally got back to the tower that defied everything your teachers told you he was expecting a warm welcome but instead found them doing their everyday stuff. "Hey what's up with this" he asked with anger clear on his face

"Well friend Gar, this is so normal that we stopped welcoming you." Said Kori


"We find no need to. We know you will come back because you always do." Replied Kori calmly

So with that everyone went back to doing their normal things…again; except for Garfield who went around grumbling about how no one cared about his well-being and mumbling things.

Now you may wonder what they were doing and it was quite simple, Dick was always obsessing over crime, Kori was painting her nails green, Raven was reading some dark, gothic book by Edgar Allen Poe (probably her favorite poem: The Raven), and Victor was working on the T-car.

All of that was changed when a familiar "RAWR"… I mean "Weeoo, weeoo" sound (Just like a police car!) came from the ceiling and the whole house-tower-thingy was bathed in a red glow. "Titans, trouble!" yelled their leader "It's Slade!"

"Oh noes!" Thought the author "Not Slade! He's Robin/Nightwing's worst enemy!"

And the author was right of course because she was the one typing it out on her computer... right now. And with that the Titans rushed out of their T and to the underwater tunnel thing where they can drive their car/motorcycle/moped to the town. The second they got off their vehicle of choice Slade appeared in front of them very conveniently

"Hello Titans…" said Slade in a very mysterious voice

"Titans Go!" Yelled none other then Nightwing

"You can't stop me Robin" Slade taunted

Nightwing cringed, Slade was the only villain they had never caught and just when they thought he was dead he came back stronger then ever. And that was why he was the only villain who could call Nightwing "Robin" without fear of the only thing worse then jail… COMMUNITY SERVICE! "No Slade you will be defeated!"

But all in all Slade was right so he won, causing everyone to mope. That is, everyone except Gar who was thrown out the windows again for trying to scare Raven into shock (Which he did) then throw her out the window—Which is when she woke up and through him out the window… again. So there they were, moping and staring at the Garfield swimming slowly back to the tower to start more trouble, but those stories are for another day.