This is the first thing I've ever posted on and I'm sorry this is the first impression that I'm giving, as this is a pretty bad poem.
It's a poem about Doomsday, an episode of Doctor Who. I hope, though, that the poem might at least be a bit enjoyable. Maybe you can laugh at it.
Thanks for reading, whoever you are.
Oh, and I don't have any rights or anything... All to the BBC, etc. The lines in quotes are quotes from the show itself.


'Bring me back!'
Slamming hands against the wall.
'Bring me back!'
Cries choke the words as you call.

Sobbing, weeping – behind that wall in pain.
She can't come back, someone must explain.
'Let me back,' you sob, voice broken.
I've closed the bridge, the words must be spoken.

'No!' you cry when you discover.
Towards the wall I walk, a lone lover.
But you stand there behind this wall.
I speak nothing, nothing at all.

I gently raise my hand and rest it down,
Where yours would be with that wall down.
I slowly press my ear to the wall and listen for you,
To hear you one last time, then start anew.

You press your ear against the wall like me,
You know I'm there, standing with eyes glistening.
I hear your cry- let my hand slip down to my side.
I'm sorry, Rose. In this world you've died.

I walk away, slowly and without tears.
I always hurt them after I make them dear.
The Doctor, breaking all the hearts.
Waiting till the new adventure starts.

So much time passed in grief,
Never truly turned a new leaf.
I can say goodbye; Rose, listen now.
The dream I've sent will tell you how.

Listen to the voice and it will take you there.
I'll be waiting in a cold beach's air.
A hologram, but still there to speak my last words.
And to marvel at Rose, defender of the world.

Tiny little gap in the universe, just about to close.
That's what's keeping my projection here, Rose.
Takes so much power- a supernova's life.
'I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye.'

'We've only got two minutes to speak.'
You tell me of your life, how it drones on every week.
'Am I ever going to see you again?' You finally break.
'You can't.' This is my mess, my mistake.

'I love you.'
'Quite right. And I suppose it's my last chance to say…'
'Rose Tyler-'I love you.
Before I can say it, I leave Bad Wolf Bay.

I love you; I've said it.
If only you had heard.

Thanks to Sake-kunXx for the suggestion of changing

'I can say goodbye; Rose, listen now.
The dream'll tell you how.'

as the second line was definitely too short for the rhythm to remain steady.