It's a snow day again so yup, I'm continuing this. This is the last chapter though, I think this is a pretty solid ending. So guess what? I've got tickets to see Spring Awakening on tour! But I'm not telling you where you crazy stalkers! Anyways, here ya' go. Lyrics: I Believe from Spring Awakening. Thanks and enjoy.

'I believe, I believe, I believe

Oh I believe –

All will be forgiven…'

"Finn, you haven't been out of your house in God knows how long, and now…now your taking a train to New York City to see some musical just because-"

"Quinn!" He yelled, stopping her mid-rant. "You can't stop me Quinn, I'm going! I'm going and no one can stop me! Now, if you'd like, you can come with me. I have an extra ticket, and-"

"Finn," she shook her head. "You're chasing a dream. You're chasing a dream, and this is going to be your wake up call. You're going to leave in tears, Finn, no matter how the show ends."

"Quinnie, I honestly don't care."

Then he walked out for their house,

Closed the door,

And just drove.

Finally, he had made it to the Columbus station.

"Ticket please," said the man in the blue uniform.

Ticket, ticket…where was his ticket? Sitting on the counter at Quinn and Noah's, that's where.

"Um…" he stammered, unsure what to do. He couldn't go back now…but he had to get on that train to Grand Central.

"Oh, he's with me," said a voice – just one girl, but two tickets. "Here's his ticket."

"That's your ticket?" The man asked.

"That's my ticket!" He nodded, and the girl smirked at him. They walked onto the train with the other passengers.

He had no idea who she was.

Yet…he knew exactly who she was.

"Now, who can I thank?"

"The name's Lauren."

"Lauren…?" he paused, waiting for a last name, but she just shook her head.

"To you?" She said as a question. "It's just Lauren. Now, what about you, not-so-strange-stranger? You got a name? A title? A label?"

"The name's Finn," he said, putting his hand out.

"Do I get the last name or are we on a first name basis only?" She shook his hand, almost letting a small laugh escape her pretty, pink lip-glossed lips.

"To you?" He said as a question. "It's just Finn."

"Touché, Finn," She said, brushing some of her long, amber hair out of her face. "So…what's your story Finn?"


"Yeah, yeah," she nodded, blinking her pretty green eyes. "You know what I mean. Everyone comin' to the best city in the world has a story. Everyone has a reason to leave wherever, get out of their small towns and dead ends and get themselves to the best place in the world. So…story?"

"It's…" he shook his head. "It's a long, long story…"

"Well, you're in luck Finn," she smiled; she smiled and it killed him. "It's a long train ride and I'm all ears."

"No…no, no," he shook his head again. "Now that's not fair, I just told you my name, so it's your turn."

"Okay," she said, that little grin still managing to burn him inside and out. "But my story's not so long."

"So what is your story then, not-so-strange-stranger?"

"I didn't wanna waste in Jackson."

He told her everything…

Letting his life become a book.

An open book,

Just for her to read.

Just for her to read.

Then, the train stopped.

And…for the first time…

In such a long time...

He was happy.




With her.




It was


"So Finn," she said, grabbing her purse before stepping off the train with him. "You're headed to the Eugene O'Neil Theater, right? I'll get you there if you want."


"Yeah. You could say I've been here before."

She helped him,


And fixed his hair.

In that order.

Then, she hailed a cab,

And got him in it.

"But…what about you?" he asked, getting in the taxi.

"I know my way around," she said, a hand on her hips. "Nice to met ya' Just Finn. I hope…I hope you find what you're looking for."

Before he could respond,

The cab drove away…

And she

Was a spot

In the distance.

'I believe, I believe, I believe

Oh I believe –

There is love in Heaven…'

He looked at the playbill,

And his stomach clenched.

Wendla Bergmann…Rachel Berry

Melchior Gabor…Jesse St. James

Moritz Stiefel…John Gallagher Jr.

Ilse Neumann…Lauren Pritchard

Just Lauren.

Well, he thought. She sure didn't waste in Jackson.

The curtain went up,

The curtain went down

And with it

Went his heart.

"Hey!" A voice came as he got up to leave. He hoped it was her…but it was Just Lauren. Well, actually, it was Ilse Neumann, since she was still in that dress. "Did ya' like the show?"

"Like it, I loved it!" He smiled, hiding all the pain behind him.

"Well, c'mon then!" She put her hand out, and he took it – her perfect hand in his.

"Where are we going?"


And his heart


Hurt more

Then when

He saw her


She was standing there,

Her back to them.

He taps her on the shoulder,

And her whole expression changes.



Then they sat down

In two chairs nearby.

One with her name

The other read 'Jesse St. James'.

She said it'd be okay for him to sit there,

That Jesse wouldn't mind,

But he knew he would.

They don't get the chance to speak

Before they kissed.

A Beautiful




"I love you," he says when they pull apart. "I've never stopped loving you."

"I love you too," she says in all honesty. "But Finn, look at us. Look at this." She closes her eyes as she starts to cry. "Finn, this is my life. This is my life, here, and that is yours, over there. They aren't together; they aren't one life. I'm sorry," she takes a deep breath. "One day you'll find someone and forget about me…but I'll never forget about you. I'll love you forever, Finn, but-"

"M-maybe…maybe one day…?" He asks, only one of the many questions on his mind making it out of his mouth.

"Maybe one day," she says.

"But…not today?" He asks.

"But not today."

She stands up

And fixes his hair.

"Your girl is lovely hubbell."

"I don't get it."

"And you never did."

'Peace and joy be with them,

Harmony and wisdom!

Peace and joy be with them,

Harmony and wisdom!

I believe, I believe, I believe

Oh I believe!'